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Tohar Xinn
Military Information



Leading Crewman


Flight Leader






101st Blade


ISD-II Adjudicator





  • New Republic
  • Vast Empire
Physical Description


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Rebel Alliance emblem

Biographical Information


Birth Date:

12 BBY






Flight School Attendant


Flight School


Only child, parents unknown


"Don't believe the governments."

Naval Certifications
First Certification
Second Certification
Third Certification
Fourth Certification
Ship Captaincy Certification
Ancillary Skills

Tohar "Xanin" Xinn is a new recruit in the Vast Empire navy. Barely scraping in an application he previously was one of the New Republic's better pilot but deserted them after they left him for dead with an Imperial Star Destroyer. He hopes to settle into his new home, without being disturbed or asked of his past.

Current Status[edit]

Notable Skills[edit]

Native Skills[edit]

  • A good pilot

Speciality Skills[edit]

  • TBD



Xanin is quite tall, but not very muscular. He doesn’t bear any scars, and is quite average under most angles, except he bears a tattoo resembling the Rebel Alliance emblem. He has short brown hair and green-to-grey eyes.


Xanin is a relatively calm persona, usually keeping to himself. Given the chance he will avoid unnecessary talk and say only what he think is important, making him seem shy but also cold. However he is able to bond with people he spent a long time with, and if he does form such a bond with a person he will open up to them. However it would take more than just few missions to form such a bond. He is also not very open about his past with the New Republic as he is afraid that he could be kicked out of the Vast Empire if he’s too verbal about it. He does not possess any extra ordinary skills. He can be sometimes seen chewing on something (be it chewing gum, actual gum, piece of wire), as he used to smoke when he was part of the New Republic. He also has a tendency to distrust the tactics used by the higher ups, and is also questioning towards signs of devotion to the organisation he’s currently in.


Xanin childhood could be described to be one of the more average for a pilot. He was born on a freighter in 12 BBY. He grown up and learned the piloting craft and the principles of life on the same freighter, from his mother and father. He never had any friends, and as his father was strict he grown to be a strong and obedient, but also a very solitary man, though longing for a proper other-than-family relationship.

When he was reaching his teenage years he wished to become a fighter pilot. As his parents worked for an independent delivery company and they tried not to get involved in the Galactic Civil War he grown to not mind either of the galactic powers. When he came of age he decided to join either faction, be it the newly reformed New Republic, one of the major Imperial factions or a random space mercenary group. As expected his parents disliked the choice of him going off to more dangerous places in the galaxy but respected it nonetheless. At the age of 17 he decided to join the NR and his prents they gave him a large amount of credits that they saved for him, prior to dropping him off one of the NR recruiting worlds. Xanin, instead of spending all of the money, hid most of it away, saving it for a black hour or if he got bored of serving in the New Republic

It seemed that the new government welcomed pilots with open hands. He wasn’t sure why, but he considered that the mortality rate was high. He still continued with his choice and after a few months he became a full-fledged pilot in the New Republic. Soon later he got his tattoo, which resembled the original Rebel Alliance’s emblem as he respected their ideals. His desire to meet new people was fulfilled. He slowly became more and more of a social person.

After 3 years of loyal service to the New Republic something unexpected happened. Xanin was slowly growing wary of the New Republic’s tactics, sending lighter and more useless fighters to defending convoys. Soon after the New Republic started doing this more often, presumably to save resources, he was assigned to a freighter which making regular trips through the Sarka sector. One day they were attacked by an Imperial Star Destroyer. Immediately all of the space forces, including Xanin’s squadron, stationed on the freighter were released to combat the Star Destroyer. But all of the forces on the ship fell victim to the NR’s tactic. The A-Wings that they all received for this assignment were ill-suited to battle a much larger amount of TIE fighters, let alone an Imperial Star Destroyer. Xanin finally understood that the New Republic was slowly losing this war and they were mindlessly sending troops to their death. He then decided that he would rather have himself saved then go down with the sinking ship. He tried to convince some of his comrades but every single one of them refused and warned that they would shoot him down, were he to desert his post. Instead of letting that happen Xanin changed his course into a more filled asteroid field, praying to the Force that he was lucky and skilled enough to survive it. As expected none of the other New Republicans followed him and instead flew towards their doom. Xanin, not wanting to hear his comrades get killed, turned off his ComLink, sealing his own fate as a deserter. The moment he cleared the asteroid field he jumped to lightspeed.

For a whole galactic year Xanin was wondering around the galaxy, mostly living off the money that his parents gave to him but also taking random shipment assignments that were backed by neither the New Republic nor the Thrawn’s Empire. After years of service he deserted and distrusted the organisation that sent him to his death, but he was sure that the New Republic wasn’t aware of it. He was also certain that his parents weren’t informed of the Battle of Sarka as they used to evade the galactic governments. But after a new year has passed and the galaxy entered the 11th year of the new era, Xanin once again longed service in a proper organisation. He knew that neither the Thrawn’s Empire nor the New Republic would accept him and so he looked towards the smaller Imperial factions, especially the ones he was never sent to fight. He found one such faction, named the Vast Empire. He’ve seen that they have a Navy Departament and became interested. He knew that the only way he wouldn’t seem like a spy is if he has told the entire truth. And so he flew to one of the recruiting worlds of the VEN, wishing to sign up. His application was not an easy one, the recruiters distrusting him and barely believing his story. After a month of wait time, presumably spent by the VEN on background checks he was accepted into the Vast Empire’s Navy’s Academy.

He only wondered whether his time here is going to be different than his time in the New Republic.



  • DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol

Survival items[edit]

  • 3 x Survival Rations
  • 2 x Mertine I anti-radiation treatment

Wearable items[edit]

  • Imperial Pilot's Flight Suit
  • Imperial Boxer Shorts


  • 3-Mal Personal Comlink

Impericare Benefits[edit]

Impericare Cuisine[edit]

  • Survival Rations

Impericare Dental Care[edit]

  • Impericare Dental Basic

Impericare Health Care[edit]

  • Impericare PPO

Impericare Housing[edit]

  • Barracks

Impericare Vision Care[edit]

  • Impericare Vision Basic

Service History[edit]


Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
CRWSFC.JPG Crewman 26 November 2012 26 November 2012 Joined the VE
LCRWSFC.JPG Leading Crewman 26 November 2012 Current Graduated from Flight School


Position Start Until Reason
Navtrainee.png 26 November 2012 26 November 2012 Joined the VE
Flightmember.png 26 November 2012 30 November 2012 Finished Flight School
Flightleader.png 30 November 2012 Current Joined Strill Squadron


Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason
QWrib.gif N/A N/A N/A N/A

Mission Log[edit]

Imperial Academy[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
N/A N/A  ? N/A .
Total: 0