Tuk'ata Squadron

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Tuk'ata Squadron
General Information
Official Designation:

26th TIE Interceptor Squadron


"Loyal Beyond Death."

Wing Assignment:

Javelin Wing

Task Force Assignment:

Task Force Besh

Fleet Assignment:

1st Vast Imperial Fleet

Ship Assignment:

ISD-II Halcyon Warrior


12x TIE Interceptor



Current Roster
On its own, the Tuk'ata is deadly. It has razor-sharp teeth and claws, and a cunning, keen mind. However, none of these things are the Tuk'ata's greatest asset. It is their capability to hunt as a pack and work as a team that makes them truly dangerous. Tuk'ata packs are capable of complex strategies and communication far above most predators, and it isn't for nothing that they were assigned to guard the tombs of some of the most powerful beings in the galaxy. You will become like the Tuk'ata - you will hone your reflexes to a razor-edge, and harden your resolve. You will learn complex manoeuvres and tactics, so that together you can outwit your opponents. Through teamwork, Tuk'ata will become the most effective fighter squadron in the galaxy! We may be strong alone, but together, we are invincible! Loyal Beyond Death!

—Sam Dunn, briefing new Tuk'ata recruits

Squadron Description[edit]


Squadron Profile[edit]

Only recently re-activated from a long period of de-activation, Tuk'ata Squadron has a lot to prove - and they plan to work hard to do so. They emphasize teamwork and hard training, formulating complex strategies and practicing at them until they can enact them at any time. Tuk'ata members are given advanced tactical training in flight-level formations and manoeuvres, and Flight Leaders are given training at strategies at Squadron level, meaning that should a commander be killed in battle, someone will be able to take their place with minimum loss of combat effectiveness. Though they use TIE Interceptors, the squadron is planning to qualify with more advanced equipment.

The Squadron has a rigorous training regimen that ensures pilots are properly prepared for the dangers and trials of combat, and are able to perform as many types of missions as possible. Because of that, Tuk'ata Squadron has a 'signature' Ancillary Skill and a 'signature' Certification, and it is heavily encouraged that members pursue these skills before any others, in order to ensure that the high standard and versatile mission profile of Tuk'ata Squadron is kept.
Signature Skill: Advanced Starfighter Manoeuvres
Signature Cert: Top Gun

Squadron History[edit]

After the catastrophic Lehon mission, Phoenix Wing was closed down, along with all of its squadrons, and Javelin Wing was opened in its place, complete with new squadrons under the leadership of the old SCs. Tuk'ata was one of the new squadrons that opened and Hunter-Morrell was placed as the Squadron Commander. As each of the Tuk'ata Flight Members dealt with their grief for their lost friends and wingmates and their reassignments, the lives of everybody outside of the Wing goes on, untouched.

Born once again from the ashes of a mission that resulted in disaster for the Vast Empire, Tuk'ata was re-activated in the wake of the climatic Battle of Belgaroth, a three-way naval battle between the Vast Empire, the New Republic and Grand Admiral Thrawn's Imperial Remnant. As part of a fleet-wide rebirth program, Tuk'ata was re-activated, and placed under the command of the unconventional pilot Sam Dunn, a man known for his innovative strategies and unkempt appearance.

Dunn decided from the beginning that the new and improved Tuk'ata would emphasize teamwork and co-ordination above all else, defeating the numerically superior New Republic and technically superior Imperial Remnant by using superior tactics and superior training. As a result, he selected candidates from the academy and from the mauled survivors of the older squadrons that were known for their abilities as a team-player and a quick learner, choosing co-operative pilots over ones with raw talent.

The new squadron spent countless hours in the simulators to drill themselves to perfection, right up until the return of the Imperial Dominion in an attack on the Navy's Vectra system, in the VEN mission Out of the Invisible. They performed excellently under pressure, but suffered several destroyed fighters and a few members lost.

After this mission, Warrant Officer 2nd Class Wager was appointed as the Commanding Officer and Chief Petty Officer Kathryn Kerdi was assigned as the Executive Officer, while Tuk'ata went back to the simulators, winding down after such a chaotic assignment. Soon thereafter, Tuk'ata was involved in a bar fight that saw the commanding officer, Wager, put into a coma with little hope of coming out. Ryn took temporary command with Chief Petty Officer Demetrius Aita as her second until such a time that Naval High Command saw fit to appoint a replacement. Simultaneously, Tuk'ata squadron -- along with the whole of Javelin Wing -- were moved to the Halcyon Warrior. A shakedown run after the battle of Abrae saw Tuk'ata engage a Tartan Patrol Cruiser, commanded by the Imperial Dominion's Lieutenant Okyr Vrail, where they found their fighters to be far from perfect.

Shortly after the shakedown run, Tuk'ata was temporarily reassigned to the VSD Brilliant, under the now official command of Squadron Commander SCPO Hades.

Squadron Status[edit]

Current Status[edit]

Tuk'ata Squadron is currently Active with 3 Flights operational. Tuk'ata is part of Javelin Wing, stationed aboard the ISD Halcyon Warrior, with Task Force Besh of the 1st Vast Imperial Fleet. It is led by Squadron Commander Senior Chief Petty Officer Demetrius Aita.

Tuk'ata is currently employing Flight Elements to improve pilot relationships and skill. Elements are pairs of fighters (teams of two wingmen), and the NHC would like to see more use of these relationships, both in-story and on a meta-level. In story, your closest relationship - whether a positive or a negative one - is probably going to be your wingman, so you should explore those relationships as you write together. Out of character, stressing the 3 position of each flight as an "Element Leader" gives more opportunities for you all to experiment with authority in relationships, and with leadership.


Tuk’ata Squadron was granted 12 Imperial TIE Interceptors upon re-activation, with the standard Vast Empire upgrade package, which consists of a Novaldex Shield Generator (the same model used on the TIE Avenger) and a pair of M-g-2 General Purpose Warhead Launchers, which replace the two hull-mounted laser cannons. This upgrade package increases versatility and survivability, but the shields and weapons systems do provide a considerable drain on the fighter's generator, and do slow down the craft significantly. Tuk’ata pilots are trained to have these systems powered down when not in use.

Tuk’ata Squadron's Interceptors are unique amongst the Vast Empire due to the installation of an emergency 'panic button', which will, when activated, instantly divert the entire power generator's output to the shields for a limited time, a last-resort safety option that, although drastically reducing the generator's lifespan, has been known to save the lives of the pilots in situations that would otherwise be fatal. These modifications were made by the Squadron's former leader personally, based off a personal re-wiring that saved his life during Operation Snatch & Grab.

Tuk’ata Squadron Roster[edit]

Squadron ID Line[edit]

[Position][Rank]/[Name][Fighter]/S:26 Tuk'ata/W:58 Javelin/ISD-II Halcyon Warrior/TF:A/1FL/SFC/VEN/VE 
Aurek Besh Cresh
(A-1) Squadroncommander.png Demetrius 'Hades' Aita (B-1) Flightleader.png Chief Petty Officer Joamer (FL) (C-1) Flightleader.png Master Chief Petty Officer Maroy (FL)
(A-2) Flightmember.png Petty Officer 1st Class DarianRogue (B-2) Flightmember.png Senior Crewman Mynock (C-2) Flightmember.png Petty Officer 2nd Class Fae
(A-3) Flightmember.png TBD (B-3) Flightmember.png Justy Ueki Tyler (C-3) Flightleader.png Leading Crewman Shadow
(A-4) Flightmember.png TBD (B-4) Flightmember.png Tony Vincent (C-4) Flightmember.png Crewman Torchleaf

Personnel Data Files[edit]

Name: Demetrius 'Hades' Aita Position: Aurek 1 - Squadron Commander
Appearance: Human, 5'11 and 85kgs, muscular, brown haired with green eyes. A scar runs from his left brown to his left cheekbone
Personality: Hades was extremely cunning and quick witted, usually having a sense for danger.. however, he often found himself getting into it due to his love for adventure, and his thrill seeking tendencies. He was moody at times, being polite and cold with barely a minute between the attitudes, sometimes alienating his own friends. He had a tendency to be 'grumpy' in the mornings, resulting in a bad mood perpetually throughout the days of the week. He hated drugs, including deathsticks, and made a foolish habit of stealing people's deathsticks and flushing them down the 'fresher. He often spoke sharply to others, as his mind followed its train of thought, at times offending people by his accurate insight.

Name: DarianRogue
Position: Aurek 2 - Flight Member
Appearance: Human, 5'10", 172 lbs (half-and-half fat and muscle), dark black oval-eyelidded eyes, straight black hair, hooked nose, tan skin.
Personality: To say Darian Rogue is, was, or will be a bully is a complete and total lie. He is a friendly man that can be trusted and counted on. However, just because he is nice doesn't mean he is not strict, and he plans to be just that when and if he becomes a higher ranking officer in the Navy. And of course, he will fight the enemy, as he is only nice around those he likes. Around others he is very calm and collected, and loves to engage in social activity when possible. However, he has no sense of humor when it comes to unnecessary jokes that make no sense. Lastly, he is selfless, and will sacrifice his life to save another, which will sometimes lead to too much bravery.

Name: TBD
Position: Aurek 3 - Flight Member

Name: TBD
Position: Aurek 4 - Flight Member

Name: Joamer
Position: Besh 1 - Flight Leader
Personality: .

Name: Tracen "Mynock" Klitopm (Joamer's NPC)
Position: Besh 2 - Flight Member
Appearance: Tracen is a small, somewhat scrawny blond-haired human from Lotaith. He has hazel eyes and a few small scars.
Personality: Tracen is very quiet and shy, almost never speaking unless spoken to. He has trouble fitting in and has a hard time socializing. The only times he really comes alive are when he is caring for a patient. He is the squadron's designated medic. His callsign comes from his frenzied speed when trying to save a patient and his habit of exhausting anyone unwise enough to volunteer to help him.

Name: Justy Ueki Tyler
Position: Besh 3 - Flight Member
Appearance: Justy is a human male of average height, average weight...just about average everything, in fact. His brown hair is cut just at military regulation, as he gets it cut as rarely as he can get away with. His posture is horrible, and he always appears to be 'lazing' around. He seems allergic to military discipline. He has a very expressive face, and it is very easy to tell what he is feeling.
Personality: Justy is quite literally the epitome of laziness. He's never done a hard day's work in his life, and he doesn't plan on starting anytime soon. He's laid-back, relaxed, and completely unwilling to do anything more than the bare minimum. His intelligence, decent looks and charm even mean he doesn't have to work hard at finding women, though he seems to think committing to a relationship is too much like effort. He hasn't bothered to make any real friends, and if there's anything more to his personality than his sheer laziness and irresponsibility, no-one's seen it yet.

Having flown with Tony Vincent for years now, the two have developed a close friendship, and their good-natured bantering serves as a source of humour for their squadron.

Name: TBD Tony Vincent Position: Besh 4 - Flight Member
Appearance: Tony Vincent is a slightly short human male, distinctive for his 'mohawk' hairstyle and his impressive collection of scars. He looks a lot like a two-bit street ganger, and for quite a few years that is exactly what he was. The polar opposite of his wingmate, he has an amazing poker face, and is almost impossible to read.
Personality: Tony is a bit of a free spirit, and were it not for Illyria (his Imperial girlfriend), he would likely have signed up with the New Republic instead of the Empire. He appreciates that the Vast Empire is nowhere near as oppressive as its predecessor, and is grateful for this. He has a caustic, sarcastic sense of humour and is intelligent, despite the fact he lacks any real education other than his VE training. He has trouble with understanding the idea of obeying for obedience's sake, and with understanding why laws exist, but he is trying his best to be a good soldier. For her sake.
He is friendly and outgoing, and is able to make friends wherever he goes. He doesn't have much time for overly serious people, however. His is also an artist in the cockpit, able to pull crazy stunts at the drop of a hat. He's eccentric, but he's a reliable pilot who is loyal to his Squadron, and does his best to make sure they don't get themselves killed. Amusingly, he seems to fly better when intoxicated. Having flown with Captain Tyler for years now, the two have developed a close friendship, and their good-natured bantering serves as a source of humour for their squadron.

Name: Maroy
Position: Cresh 1 - Flight Leader
Appearance: Maroy is a tall, thin Twi'lek with vivid green skin and purple-blue eyes. She is rarely seen out of uniform.
Personality: Maroy shows a no-nonsense attitude while on-duty, distancing herself from the majority of the squadron even during more relaxed occasions. Once she's part of a conversation, though, she is very friendly and sympathetic. She won't hesitate to stand up for her fellow pilots and friends. She is currently going through a phase of depression.

Name: Lunei "Fae" Taneg (Maroy's NPC)
Position: Cresh 2 - Flight Member
Appearance: Lunei is shorter than most pilots and isn't very strong. She sports light blond hair cut to near-regulation length and deep green eyes that betray her intellect. She's almost always wearing standard-issue something or other, depending on the situation.
Personality: Lunei hasn't had much experience with death, and tries to always have a positive outlook on things. She puts others ahead of herself, staying out of their way most of the time and only getting involved if she thinks they need help. She can be a bit sassy at times, though, and isn't afraid to mock someone if they look down on her.

Name: Vash-Ta-Nar, "Shadow" (Maroy's NPC)
Position: Cresh 3 - Flight Member
Appearance: Vash is a tall, young Cerean, so he sports a custom TIE pilot's helmet designed to fit his binary brains. He wears a loose jumpsuit when not on duty, and has no hair anywhere except a tuft of brown atop his head.
Personality: Vash is a logical thinker, analyzing situations and projecting probabilities. He frequently updates the squadron on the odds of an engagement, and thoroughly dislikes the impulsive behavior that most of the squadron exhibits.

Name: Jak "Torchleaf" Harkiss (Maroy's NPC)
Position: Cresh 4 - Flight Member
Appearance: Jak is a mid-height, strong human with tanned skin and a habit of wearing black trenchcoats at every opportunity.
Personality: Jak is a brash, impulsive pilot and showoff. He often flirts with other pilots, regardless of gender or species, and particularly tries to impress Lunei. He will go to ridiculous lengths to prove his abilities in a fight, either on the ground or in space.

Squadron Archive[edit]

Chronological List of Missions[edit]

  • Under Squadron Commander Hunter Morrell
    • The Beginning -February 23rd, 2010 to April 5th, 2010
    • Scheduled Maintenance -April 13th, 2010 to June 10, 2010
  • Under Squadron Commander Drac
    • Up Close & Personal -June 10, 2010 to July 22nd, 2010
    • Asteroid 19: Mihawk Showdown -July 14, 2010 to Present
      • Continued to run after Drac's departure from Tuk'ata
  • Under Squadron Commander Stormz
    • Tuk'ata Squadron : Supplying the Army -August 18th, 2010 to September 25, 2010
  • Under Squadron Commander Zhar Bacredi
    • Tuk'ata Squadron : Operation Bulwark -September 25 2010 to 2010
  • Under Squadron Commander Sayree Kazhos
    • Into the Invisible -March 1, 2012 to June 28, 2012
  • Under Squadron Commander Wager
      • A story of awesomeness
  • Under Acting Squadron Commander Ryn
      • Of Men and Warriors
  • Under Squadron Commander Hades
      • Counterpunch: Pestilence

Squadron Awards[edit]

Membership History[edit]

Squadron Commanders[edit]

Name Start Until Tenure (Days)
Hunter-Morrell February 22, 2010 June 06, 2010 104 Days
Drac June 06, 2010 August 17, 2010 72 Days
Stormz August 17, 2010 September 22, 2010 35 Days
Bacredi September 22, 2010 October 25, 2010 33 Days
Dunny February 05, 2012 March 2012 30 Days
Sayree Kazhos March 2012 June 2012 120 days
Wager June 2012 July 2012 (unknown)
Hades September 2012 Present

Notable Alumni[edit]

  • ESNSFC.GIFEnsign Hunter Morrell
    • Tuk'ata's founding squadron commander, Hunter is currently serving the Vast Empire in the Osk Company.
  • CPTSFC.gifCaptain Drac
    • Tuk'ata's second Squadron Commander. He currently serves as the Chief of Naval Warfare for the Vast Empire Navy.