Forgotten Lights

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Asteroid 19: Mihawk showdown



Forgotten Lights
Mission Type:


Timeline (Actual):

August, 2010 - Present

Timeline (Story):







Vast Empire Imperial Navy


Squadrons Involved

153rd Rhegent's Reign



After the 153rd Rhegent's Reign and Tuk'ata squadrons faced off, at the Asteroid 19 facility, the Naval High Command decided that the 153rd was the best choice to send to a small moon, which has(until recently) been quiet. The moon is currently sending an unknown signal. So now the 153rd, who has barely enough time to rest after A-19, is being sent out on an mission, with little intel.

Mission Brief[edit]

A moon exactly 2 hours away from Abrea, has began sending a signal that Navy High Command (NHC) has picked up. Worried about what or who ever might be sending the signal, the NHC has decided to send the 153rd Rhegent's Reign Squadron to find the source of that signal. 153rd is to land on an Unknown Moon designated 6Y22E, make their way towards the source. Due to the unknown factor in the situation, the 153rd is to proceed as if the signal is an enemy one.

Mission Objectives[edit]

The 153rd is to determine the source of the anomalous signal and its reason for being active.

Mission Synopsis[edit]

NHC has ordered the 153rd Rhegent's Reign Squadron to travel to a moon designated 6Y22E, it was quiet, until it recently began emitting an Unknown Signal. The initial plan was to fly in and see just exactly where the source is, and if it poses a threat to Abrea, and the Vast Imperial Navy, but due to an atmospheric storm which is blocking the signal, the 153rd is forced to land and proceed on foot. Currently the 153rd has landed on the planet as is regrouping to head towards the signals source. The team has made their way through the jungle and found a sign that gave them directions to a NR base. As they made their way to the base, Thane Maroy, and Zizi; found a downed imperial ship, after securing the area, and searching the ship. Thane and Ruwe have head towards a lookout point, where they can watch over their team. All is quiet until Ruwe hears movement. Ruwe takes out a NR mercenary, then Arthur follows suit at another location, Thane, puts a sniper round through the comm tech, and all hell breaks lose, after some intense fighting most of rhegent's is captured by NR forces. Tinker, Maroy, Arthur, and Deepsix, are being held at the NR base, and are formulating a plan, while Thane, Ruwe, Hark, and Zark, move up towards, the base in an attempt to save their friends. Arthur busts everyone out, Maroy and Tinker, opened the doors of the base, and took out the anti-air turrets. Thane and his group, are making their way towards Arthur and his.

Mission Outcome[edit]