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Cadie 'Tinker' Reese
Military Information



Warrant Officer 2nd Class




153rd Rhegent's Reign


Javelin Wing


VSDDead Gun

Task Force:







Vast Empire

Physical Description


Skin color:







Light Green


a small scar above her lip, from a bar fight.



Biographical Information

Nar Shadda






Basic, Huttese

  • Parents Clark and Meg Reese
  • Brother Andru Reese
Fighting Style:

Brawler from a wealth of bar fights

So life's a bitch. What do you want to do, cry about it?


Cadie 'Tinker' Reese is a talented mechanic, pilot, and good with building computers. She has faced tragedy in her young adult life, loosing her parents when she was fifteen. Cadie spent the year after her parents disappearance living in Nar Shadda Cantinas. She took up smoking, drinking and gambling. This behavior got her in a far share of trouble, and many fights. Her brother was eighteen when their parents disappeared. He tried to look after Cadie as best he could but she was angry and ungrateful which finally pushed him away. She hasn't seen him since her sixteenth birthday. She was convinced by one of the few people she would listen to, to join the Navy to attempt to pull herself together after her parents deaths.

Cadie graduated from the Naval academy and was placed in Viper Squadron. During her time in Viper Squadron she eventually became XO and worked closely with Ibram and Cali. On her last mission with Viper, the squadron was being used by the VEI and Lieutenant Gray (whom Cadie hated with a passion she never knew she had). Cadie finally had enough and requested a transfer.

Cadie has now returned to the Navy to find Viper closed and has been placed in the 153rd Squadron, "Rhegent's Reign", which is under the command of her former squadronmate, Cali.

Current Status[edit]

  • Cadie is currently the Squadron Executive Officer in Rhegent's Reign Squadron.
  • Pirate Privateer serving as Captain Ron's underthing aboard the Fortunado

Notable Skills[edit]

Tinker is skilled with Mechanics. She can fix anything, and when it comes to ships, she could easily take one apart and put it back together again. She has skill repairing computers, but this is more in the hardware section rather than slicing.

Most wouldn't consider it a skill but Tinker is quite skilled at drinking and can drink most under the table. It has served to get her a few credits in the past but lately just gets her in trouble with her Squadron Commander.

Tinker is a skilled sabacc player and is always up for a game, especially if there's credits involved.

As a side project she built her own R2 Droid to keep her company which she named 'Junkie'. He has Orange panels rather than the traditional blue. He can have quite the attitude, probably picked up some of that from Cadie during the building process.



Physically Tinker is small but by no means weak. Tink has an athletic body and is rarely found sitting still. She has deep red hair and light green eyes. Her face is pale and covered with freckles. Even during her breaks you can find her either getting into trouble or taking apart and fixing something. She prefers to work alone and can be rather bitchy when made to work with others not on her own terms.


Cadie can come off has dry witted and harsh to most people. She is very capable of holding her liquor and not a terrible scabacc player either.

Emotionally Tink is somewhat fragile. She jokes and masks her emotions well but can zone out easily, becoming obsessed with her parents disappearance. Her youthful appearance tends to illicit a playful response from people which goes along perfectly with how she wants to be perceived by others.

Cadie is trying to control her more rebellious side.

She knows she shouldn't always turn to drinking when she has a problem, but this is something she continues to struggle with.

She still can be quite cocky with new people.


Early Life[edit]

Nar Shadda, Cadie's childhood home.
Cadie Reese, or Tinker as she is known by almost everyone, is a young mechanic from Nar Shadda. Her parents worked as traders for a respectable shipping company based out of the planet. Although she was born on Nar Shadda, she was rarely there as a child. Her parents were frequently traveling around the galaxy making pick-ups and deliveries. They did not even have a home, preferring to make their ship – the Wandering Star - their home. Tink learned to pilot space ships during these runs, when her parents would let her take a turn.

Tink doesn't know much about her parents background. They rarely mention their life before coming to Nar Shadda and their employment at the Bailey Shipping Company. But her parents did love to tell her about her nickname, Tinker.

From a very small age she tinkered with anything and everything. She was known to take apart any toy that her parents gave her, and she would put them back together with great precision. As she got older her “toys” became droids, ship parts, and computers. Her father commented one day, while Cadie sat hunched over a pile of parts that used to be a motivator, that she looked like a little Tinker. The name just seemed to fit and it stuck.

When Tink was fifteen, her parents took a job that proved to be their last. Tink, who usually went with them, had to stay at the spaceport and assist one of their good friends, KJ, with some ship repairs that had started to back up. Although the mission seemed simple and her parents were expected back in two or three standard days, they never returned. Tink remained with KJ for a year, and continued to work as a mechanic at the spaceport, but she became restless. Her family had been her world and she didn't even know what happened to them. With them gone she started to turn to nightclubs and reckless behavior.

Cadie walking through the forest on Tadath.
One of the pilots that came through the spaceport was from Tadath and a former member of the Vast Empire. He was impressed by Tinker and suggested that she consider joining herself. KJ encouraged the decision hoping it would get her mind off of her parents, and keep her out of trouble. Since Tink loved starships, flying and repairing them, so she decided to go.

Bailey Shipping Company[edit]

Bailey was Cadie's grandmother's name. Her grandfather named the company he started after her and attempted to keep it as a small family business. They feel on hard times though and before Cadie was even born the company had to be sold off to a larger corporation. They kept the rights to one ship, 'The Wandering Star', and the family still called the company the BSC regardless of the corporation's actual name.

Although they became more like freelancers for the corporation, Cadie's parents would often take on personal jobs between their assigned ones. That way they could make a decent wage since the corporation gave them barely enough to cover the cost of fuel.

The Wandering Star[edit]

Her parents ship, Corellian Light Freighter, its whereabouts are currently unknown. Cadie suspects that her brother is out searching for the Wandering Star, but she has no evidence to support that theory. The thought of the missing freighter and her missing parents is a sensitive subject for Cadie and she doesn't like to talk about it with anyone.

Later Life[edit]

Cadie completed her first mission with the well known Viper Squadron. The mission was a failure due to the leaking of information by one of the members of her squadron and her friend Flyboy. Flyboy admitted to what he had done and was prosecuted by the Naval High Command. He was charged with treason and executed. Cadie took the treason and execution hard, drinking herself into a stupor. The only thing that has kept her going was Ibram promoting her to Flight Leader of Viper Flight 2. Given her new responsibility to the squadron, Cadie has made it a point to step up and do her best. She passed her Senior Aviator's Exam with 100% and was promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class.

Soon after the events surrounding a very annoying VENI agent, Lieutenant Gray, Cadie knew she needed a break from the life of a pilot. It bothered her to leave Ibram but she knew her temper and what was best. She served on board a VE space station working as a mechanic for the engineering corps for several months. When she heard rumors of a large scale Naval engagement which led to the closing of Viper Squadron she immediately requested a transfer back to the Starfighter Corps.

She was placed as XO of Rhegent's Reign squadron under Cali'reharan her former fellow FL in Viper. Cali remembered Tink's rebellious nature though and has imposed some strict rules for her XO. Tinker needs to stop drinking, and scale back her abrasiveness with other pilots, especially those that are in charge.

The Osk Company[edit]

A pirates life for me

Cadie grew restless under the scrupulous eye of her squadron commander and needed an outlet. He had a leave coming up and had hear tales of the Osk Company in the bars on Abrae and decided it was time for an adventure. She has arrived on Osk 91 and is waiting to see what happens next, oh and trying very hard to stay out of trouble.

"The Angry Drake"

CRF-156T Fast Courier "The Angry Drake"

In addition to a sleeker design and larger weapons armament, the ship is one of the fastest in the galaxy, rivaling other supposed fasted ships in the galaxy in pure sublight speed and zipping through hyperspace at a considerable clip. The ship boasts a pair of military-grade proton torpedo launchers, as well as a set of lasers that would cause any attacker to flinch.

Service History[edit]


Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
CRWSFC.JPG Crewman March 3, 2009 March 3, 2009 Joined the Vast Empire Navy
LCRWSFC.JPG Leading Crewman March 3, 2009 April 6, 2009 Passed the Aviator's Examination
SCRWSFC.JPG Senior Crewman April 6, 2009 May 21, 2009 Inspiring dedication to the squadron
PO2SFC.JPG Petty Officer 2nd Class May 21, 2009 May 23, 2009 Dedication to Viper Squadron
PO1SFC.JPG Petty Officer 1st Class May 23, 2009 Passed SAE with a score of 100%
CPOSFC.JPG Chief Petty Officer June 27, 2010 awesomeness
WO2SFC.JPG Warrant Officer 2nd Class July 11, 2010 current Rank adjustment


Naval Positions[edit]

Position Start Until Reason
Trainee March 3, 2009 March 3, 2009 Joined the Vast Empire
Flight Member March 3, 2009 May 21, 2009 Graduated the VENA placed in Viper Squadron
Flight Leader May 21, 2009 Dedication to Viper Squadron
Squadron Executive Officer Feb 2010 Current Returned and Placed in Rhegent's Reign Squadron

Awards and Certifications[edit]


Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason
MC1rib.gif [MC:1] Merits Cross 1st Class June 28, 2009 "being indispensable to her SC"

Certification Exams[edit]

Certification Exams
Symbol Exam Exam Name Date Passed Score Received
http://images.imperialnetwork.com/data/aepass2.gif (=A=) Aviator's Exam March 3, 2009 pass-
http://images.imperialnetwork.com/data/sadis1.gif (=*SAE*=) Senior Aviator's Exam May 23, 2009 100%

Story Participation[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Viper: Operation Indigo [1] March 7, 2009  ? Squadron Story 14
A Night at Sea (Imperial Ball. Open to All) [[2]] March 28, 2009  ? StoryNET 3
Viper Squadron: Shades of Grey [3] May 27, 2009  ? Squadron Story 14
I Don't Want to Talk About It (Mal/Tinker)[4] May 26, 2009  ? StoryNET 1
Off Duty [5] June 20, 2009  ? StoryNET 1
Race of the Inebriated (Tinker and Scral) [6] June 29, 2009  ? StoryNET 3
Past, Present, and Future (Mira, Ibram and Tinker) [7] July 10, 2009  ? StoryNET 3
Viper Squadron Warm-Up Exercises [8] July 18, 2009  ? Squadron Story 1
153rd Rhegent's Reign: Over Victory[9] March 7, 2010  ? Squadron Story 7
May the Wicked Never Know Rest (Osk Prospectives)[10] May 20, 2010  ? Osk Application 2
Dead Men Tell no Lies(Osk)[11] July 22, 2010  ? Osk Story 2
Total: 51