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Than Sion
Military Information

Kaph 1




Elite Squadron Commander




Kaph Squadron


Phoenix Wing





Biographical Information








Skin Color





150 lbs

Hair Color

Sandy blond

Eye Color


Personal Information

Current Status[edit]

Notable Skills[edit]

He is mostly known for his high fighter combat skills. He is also very mechanically advanced, being able to construct and fix many things. He hasn’t really had to put those skills into practice since his first mission though. He has gained some ground combat skills with the twin E-11, but not much else beyond that.

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Than Sion has sandy blonde hair, brown eyes, and pale skin.


When he started his Naval career he took everything too seriously. He was always nervious and uncertant about himself. But as his skills increased he began to gain confidence and loosen up a bit. He developed a sense of humor and stopped feeling awkward around the more expirenced pilots. Even though he is now a veatern pilot himself, he has not lost his humble nature and still calls Willtconq sir even though he knows that Will doesn’t care for formalities.

Events have conspired that have challenged his morals and his self confidence. It began with the distruction of an unarmed medical convoy, this didn’t sit well with him. He constantly has the same bad dream about the event. Kal no longer being his wingman and his permotion to Flight Leader have caused additional stress. He doesn’t let the stress show in public. It may be only a matter of time before it becomes to much to bear…


First of all, it is important to note that Than before Sion is a first name. Not to be mixed up with the word, as in I am taller than him.

The story is some what of a sad one. Than Sion was born on Kazaar to a couple of farmers. He grew up learning the ethics of hard work and discipline. Because of his loving family he learned manners, a multiple of skills needed for every day life, and when he became a teenager, how to be a gentleman. He also couldn't lie, at least not easily.

He lived a happy child hood until that tragic day. It was a morning like every other morning. Than Sion went out to do his chores and when he came back he noticed two speeders in the drive way. He came closer to see what was going on. His parents were talking to a group of Rebel soldiers. The Rebels were attempting to get his parents to join the Rebellion, but his parents insisted on remaining neutral. The Rebels kept on trying until the leader got mad and told them they would be classified as Imperials if they didn't join. He also mentioned they killed Imperials. His father said that you can't just force people to join you. The leader pulled out his blaster pistol. The next thing he remembers is his parents lying on the ground and the rebels just walking away.

For the next three years, Than Sion worked to save up money to get off Kazaar so he could join the Imperial Naval Academy. In less than a second, he went from being neutral to becoming a die hard pro Imperial. He wanted to show justice to the Rebels, justice for what they did to his parents.

The academy was a complete lifestyle change for Than Sion. It was going from a kind, loving farm life to a cold, precise military way of life. Sion took the transition well, excelling in his classes and in simulator combat. This was mostly fueled by his need to avenge his parents’ deaths. He graduated as Senior Crewman and was placed into Kaph Squadron.

Like all new recruits, he was given a short leave home. He returned to Kazaar and stayed with the Zalians who were family friends. During his stay he went to his old home where his parents had been killed. He re vowed that he would make the New Republic pay for their crimes. The vacation went sour when he was IDed by New Republic agents and captured. He was rescued by a mysterious person who went by Shadow. Shadow got Sion to the roof, which was a landing pad, where they hijacked an enemy shuttle. They made a narrow escape back to Imperial space.

His first combat mission was to the ice planet of Bokura V. It was a mission to steal metal ore from the supposedly New Republic forces that was carried out by Kaph and Aegis. Things didn’t go too bad until the point where Sion was shot down by an X-Wing and had to crash land his TIE. He helped out ground side by taking control of a turret and shooting down enemy fighters. He ended up hijacking an enemy shuttle for the second time to jump into hyperspace with the other pilots and the freighters filled with ore. The group ended up jumping into an ambush. Sion made it to the command ship where he exchanged the shuttle for an Interceptor which he used to cause the enemy more damage. The top priority of the freighters forced the Imperials to abandon the disabled Phalanx which was later captured by “NR” forces.

A follow up mission was launched to recapture the Phalanx from the cold grip of the NR. The squadron was issued Preybirds because they contained ion cannons while still holding fighter status. In the course of the mission Than Sion discovered that his astromech was in fact an incarnation of an ancient Sith droid that had been sent out to find a weapon of great power. Eventually he tried to make Than Sion his slave by controlling his life support. Quick thinking by Sion allowed him to eject from his fighter and call his buddies in to disable it. He never did figure out what happened to the droid since then. He was picked up by enemy forces, detained, and questioned aboard the Phalanx. An attack on the ship gave Than Sion the distraction he needed to escape. After a few exchanges of fire with guards on board, he was able to get into an escape pod and eject from the ship. He was then picked up by friendly forces where he got back into the battle with the new designation of Kaph 6. The mission was unsuccessful for the Phalanx was able to escape. They were able to capture the enemy ship Whirlpool during the battle. Sion was promoted to Petty Officer 1st after the battle.

Only days later, all of Phoenix Wing was called to a briefing. This is where Sion leaned that the enemy he had been fighting for his first two missions was not the New Republic but the Reugrand Sovereignty, a third party political group. The mission was a full out assault on the RS’s capital of Rameis VII. It was during this mission that Sion meets Skylla for the first time. They showed good chemistry in the few cases where they worked together in the battle. It is also the mission where Kal and Sion become known as the deadly duo. They had such good team work that it was almost like they could read each other’s minds. A heavily modified Corellian Corvette and a Squadron of skilled pilots defected to the Imperial side during the course of the battle. The battle ended with evacuation of RS forces, after massive damage, and the rise of a dictator within the RS. The RS data base had been captured by VEN forces who used the info on it for their war effort. Than Sion was promoted to Chief Petty Officer after the battle.

Kaph’s next mission was an attack on an enemy convoy of medical supplies and weapons and other targets in the relative area. They were assigned to the Dreadnaught Dark Shadow which took the place of an enemy ship that had been neutralized. They pretended to be part of the convoy until an attack was initiated by fellow VEN forces. They then launched their own attack on the convoy up close and personal. During the battle, Than Sion helped destroy the unarmed medical convoy. This didn’t sit well with him and he has been having bad dreams about the situation ever since. The mission was an over all success, causing great damage to the New Republic forces in the area. Than Sion was double promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer after the battle for such a display of excellence in battle. Not long after the battle, Kaph was pronounced Elite.

Skylla had heard Than Sion scream after one of the dreams. She confronted him about it and Sion eventually told here what was up. Then it was Skylla’s turn, she told Sion about here past as a member of a gang. They had an understanding right there and then that ended up becoming love.

Will called Kaph in for a briefing one day that ended up being an announcement of a squadron vacation. They came under attack by unidentified personal after they boarded the ship that was going to take them to Imous III. This was resolved and the vacation went on as planned. Things went well for the first few days. Than Sion found out that he had been promoted to Warrant Officer 2nd Class and 2nd Flight Leader. It first gave him great joy but then he felt sad that Kal was no longer his wingman. The deadly duo was no more. The two couples, Skylla and Sion and Crystal and Cyleaf, did their own thing and the single members of Kaph did theirs. Will and Demonic had a second agenda to deliver supplies to a political pressure group on the planet. Sion ended up smack mouthing himself into a jet race with some seedy characters that he won. Eventually this led Sion, Goltred and Cyleaf on a hike through the jungle, map complements of their new “friends.” This ended in Goltred getting shot and Will and Demonic’s mission going down the crapper. The two groups meet up to escape from what ended up being NR forces. The jet guys were among the new threat. They made a narrow escape back to town where they made a plan of escape. They used the supplies that ended up being weapons for a planned assault on Imous’ NR HQ. They weren’t far into the mission when they were contacted by VE storm troopers making an assault on the planet. They were put on a transport back to VE space immediately.

Service History[edit]


Ranks Start Until Reason for Promotion
Leading Crewman N/A N/A N/A
Senior Crewman N/A February 1, 2006 N/A
Petty Officer, 2nd Class February 1, 2006 April 7, 2006 N/A
Petty Officer, 1st Class April 7, 2006 June 20, 2006 N/A
Chief Petty Officer June 20, 2006 June 26, 2006 Passing the =SA=
Master Chief Petty Officer June 26, 2006 August 27, 2006 Finishing 2nd Overall amongst pilots in the ESC
Warrant Officer Second Class August 27, 2006 December 12, 2006 Strong consistent activity, reporting, and meeting attendance
Warrant Officer First Class December 12, 2006 February 14, 2007 Continued service and flight leader excellence
Chief Warrant Officer February 14, 2007 April 29, 2007 Continued service and passing MAE
Ensign April 29, 2007 Present Doing well on exams and stepping up as the temporary SC of Kaph.


Joined Vast Empire Navy - September 13, 2005
Positions Start Until Reason for Change
Kaph Squadron - Flight Member - Kaph 2 N/A April 7, 2006 N/A
Kaph Squadron - Flight Member - Kaph 6 April 7, 2006 June 26, 2006 N/A
Kaph Squadron - Elite Flight Member - Kaph 6 June 26, 2006 August 27, 2006 Kaph winning the 2006 ESC
Kaph Squadron - Elite Flight Leader - Kaph 5 August 27, 2006 February 16, 2007 Strong activity, reporting, and meeting attendance
Kaph Squadron - Elite Executive Officer - Kaph 5 February 16, 2007 May 5, 2007 Passing MAE
Kaph Squadron - Elite Squadron Commander - Kaph 1 May 5, 2007 October 12, 2007 Former Commander, Willtconq, stepped down
Kaph Squadron - Retired - N/A October 12, 2007 February 27, 2008 Resigned
Phoenix Wing - Adjutant - Advisor February 27, 2008 March 6, 2008 Returned to Navy
Kaph Squadron - Squadron Commander - Kaph 1 March 6, 2008 Present Kaph Reopened


Award Date Full Award Name Reason for Award
=A= N/A Aviator's Award Passed Aviator's Exam
=SA= June 20, 2006 Senior Aviator's Award Passed Senior Aviator's Exam
[MC1] June 26, 2006 Merit Cross, 1st Class Great posting and leading Kaph through through hard times during the wing story
[VC:B] June 26, 2006 Victory Cross, Blue Trim Being the Top Creator in the 2006 ESC
[LoM] June 26, 2006 Legion of Merit Finishing 2nd overall amongst pilots in the 2006 ESC
[SWC] June 30, 2006 Silver Writing Commendation For making 50 career story posts
=TE= October 8, 2006 Technical Exam Passed the Technical Exam
[CBV] December 13, 2006 Cross of Bravery Continued service
[VC:S] February 14, 2007 Victory Cross, Silver Trim Continued service and passing the MAE.
=MA= February 14, 2007 Master Aviator's Exam Passed the Master Aviator's Exam.
[GWC] June 3, 2007 Gold Writing Commendation For making 100 career story posts
[CBV] June 3, 2007 Cross of Bravery(X2) For getting second in the Wiki Competition.
[MC2] June 24, 2007 Merit Cross, 2nd Class For getting third in Wiki for the 07 ESC part 1.
[LSM] August 3, 2007 Long Service Medal For being around for almost two years

Story Participation[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Pre-tally Unknown  ? Various 111
Cloaked Reunion May 19, 2007  ? Wing (Phoenix) 8
Betrayal on Misoo: Kaph June 10, 2007  ? Competition (2007 Summer Navy Competition) 13
Than's SNC Personal Story June 10, 2007  ? Competition/Personal (2007 Summer Navy Competition) 3
Reverse Engineering July 6, 2007  ? Squadron (Kaph) 24
Chapter 8.5: Phase II - Hast Shipyards September 3, 2007  ? Chapter 8.5 5
Total: 164

Pilot Rating/Proficiency[edit]

Overal Pilot Rating: Pilot

Pilot Proficiencies


Proficiency Rating
Reconnaissance Pilot
Escort Novice
Infiltration Novice


Proficiency Rating
Space Bombardier Trainee
Ground Support Novice


Proficiency Rating
Dogfight Ace
Elemental Veteran

Weapons Proficiencies

Proficiency Rating
Small arms Moderate Proficiency
Heavy Weaponry Inept
Explosives Inept
Melee Trainee
Hand to hand Trainee

Leadership Skills

Proficiency Rating
Authority Limited
Tactical Skills Limited
Strategic Skills Inept
Diplomatic Skill Tactless
Decisiveness Waivering
Inspiration Somewhat Inspiring