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Zhar H. W. Bacredi*
October 26, 2010 — March 20, 2011
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July 30, 2010 — October 23, 2010
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January 14, 2009 — June 12, 2009
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October 27, 2008 — January 14, 2009
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October 22, 2008 — October 27, 2008
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December 18, 2009 — January 20, 2010
Squad Leader
October 4, 2009 — November 2, 2009
Squad Leader
June 22, 2009 — October 4, 2009
Squad Leader
Zhar Hoover Wilson Bacredi
Also known as
Vice Commodore
167 lbs
University of Denon, Architecture
War College of Cepany, Intel.
University of Tadath, Logistics
Political Party
Conservative Party
* Zhar's formal name under the House of Lords Act of 9 ABY is the Lord Mountbatten or the Lord Asquith
"Bacredi" redirects here, for other members of the Bacredi family, see Bacredi (disambiguation).

Zhar Bacredi is cocky, arrogant, self-centered, superficial, one-way, impatient, incorruptible, and egotistical man. Bacredi is a Vice Commodore in the Vast Empire Navy. He is the former Director of Intelligence, Naval Training Officer, squadron commander of Tuk'ata Squadron, captain of the Daring, and Fleet Commander of the 7th Vast Imperial Fleet. Bacredi joined up with the Vast Empire at age thirty, and was immediately cast into the Vast Empire Naval Intelligence. After a tragic accident in the VENI, Bacredi transferred to the Army and then to the Starfighter Corps. Passing through Kaph, Viper, Nazgul, Bulwark, and the 67th Squadrons, Bacredi then went through the VENA all the way up to Naval Training Officer, and then he went over to become Director of Imperial Intelligence.

Bacredi started out on Taris, but he soon moved to Lianna to live and study at the Royal University of Lianna where he majored in International Service with a minor in Finance. He started working for the Exchequer as a debt analyst, and moved up in position until he became section chief. He left many ties in Lianna to become the newly created Vast Empire’s analyst for long term debt bonds, but he soon was given a desk job at the VENI. He went through the proper training regimens and became a field agent in the VENI, then the army, and a navy pilot. He has always preferred being a bureaucrat to being a fighter, however, and this shows through his less militaristic positions later on in his career in the Vast Empire.

Zhar is current retired from the Vast Empire and he makes home on Lianna. His family is deeply rooted in Lianna politics, and he is the former Chancellor of the Exchequer. He holds the purely ceremonial title of the Duke of Windsor and is styled as the Lord Mountbatten; Bacredi also has an official residence—Windsor Manor—which is maintained by the Kingdom of Lianna.

Current Status[edit]


Brion Bacredi

Brion Bacredi was born to Jacob and Janis Bacredi in 64 BBY on Schleswig, a colony planet of the Kingdom of Lianna. Jacob Bacredi was a minor Lord in the Liannan Peerage, holding the title of Baron Schleswig; at the time of Brion’s birth, Jacob was the Minister for Schleswig, while also holding the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Liannan Armed Forces. Janis Bacredi was the Imperial Prosecutor for Taris, a position that was established after the Lianna-Tarisien Conflict that resulted in Taris being stripped of its independence and placed into the Liannan colonial empire. Due to the relative distance between Schleswig and Taris, Brion and Janis unofficially separated in 49 BBY. Brion enlisted in the Liannan Navy after attending the Schleswig Defence Institute in 41 BBY, and by 32 BBY he had attained the rank of Captain in the Naval Intelligence Core.

Upon his father’s death, Brion inherited his titles, which had since been increased to the Viscount Schleswig and the Marquis de Holstein, and he quickly retired from the military in order to sit in the Liannan House of Lords. Once Brion had ascended into the Lordship, he took on his fathers most recent post as the ranking member on the Naval Oversight Committee, which eventually turned into his role as First Lord of the Admiralty. By the end of Brion’s life he had become the Duke of Windsor, along with a majority owner of shipping and manufacturing conglomerate the Ellis-Leyland Group. During the outbreak of the Second Tarisien War, Brion led all diplomatic efforts with the Tarisiens. After the war, Brion was placed on Taris as the representative to the King of Lianna, styled as the Lord Paramount of Tarisien Peace. A lifelong alcoholic, Brion struggled maintaining his health after the birth of his first son, Zhar. Brion died shortly before the Battle of Yavin, passing away in the family’s Tarisien penthouse of a reported heart attack.

Nemo Bacredi was born on Churchill, a satellite planet of the Kingdom of Lianna, in 62 BBY to the Lord Tom Whitehall and Clementine Whitehall. During her adolescent years a distant great-aunt passed away, leaving Nemo her title as Dame Whitehall. Nemo’s family had developed a monopoly on the shipping lanes between Churchill and Lianna, and Tom Whitehall was a key investor in the Ellis-Leyland Group immediately after the Bacredis purchased the company. After Nemo attended primary academy, Tom Whitehall was appointed as Warden of the Trident by the Parliament of Lianna, effectively making him the governor of the fifteen planets that made up the Trident System. Prior to Tom’s appointment, Clementine and him divorced and Nemo moved to Lianna with her mother. It was at this time that Nemo first came across Brion Bacredi; within ten years, they would be married with Brion in the Naval Intelligence Core and Nemo serving as a backbencher in the House of Lords.


Taris and Lianna[edit]

Zhar Hoover Wilson Bacredi was born on Taris at Blenheim Manor, to Brion and Nemo Bacredi. Both of his parents were Tarisien politicians and active in the leadership of Taris. Brion was a Life Peer in the Tarisien Parliament, and he helped broker a peace with the Kingdom of Lianna during the 70 Days War. The peace ended after 3 years, and Taris was invaded by the Kingdom of Lianna with little casualties. Parliament disbanded, and Brion and Nemo went into seclusion—Zhar went with them. He left home at 12 to go to the Antion-Exeter Academy of Taris, a boarding school. He was not a fan of the seclusion that he felt at the boarding school and after he graduated at age 18, he despised his parents for sending him there. Passing the Liannan pre-university tests, Bacredi was given a choice of five schools based on his test scores: the University of Lianna, Nature Institute of Felucia, Cadinth University, the Royal University of Lianna and the Royal Academy of Architecture. Zhar opted for the Royal University of Lianna and a major in International Service.


Zhar was hell bent on being a diplomat, yet coming from a colony and not a full-fledged member state of the Kingdom of Lianna worked against his dream. As he arrived in Lianna City, he stayed a full night at the High Commissioner of Taris’ building, and the next day applied for citizenship in the Kingdom of Lianna. His parents, attempting to revive their relationship with Zhar, paid for an apartment in the heart of the city and also for the university. The school was nothing like Zhar had imagined—in a bad way—yet he stuck with it. After his first year in school he took a semester abroad, at the Lianna colony of Rhodesia; he worked for the High Commissioner of Rhodesia and after a semester went back to Lianna with a passing grade in the field.

In Zhar’s fourth semester at RUL they began to offer a minor in Finance to go with a major in International Service. He did not want to work for his parents for the rest of his life and after he spent a semester on Rhodesia he realized that he would never really get off the ground. He wasn’t treated with respect when he told people where he came from, and his citizenship process was stalled in the Citizenship Ministry. He was one of the first students at the RUL to major in International Service and minor in Finance. He began to intern at the Foreign Ministry, and a month after he started his internship he became an official resident of the Kingdom of Lianna. Tuition, health care and lessened taxes were given to every citizen and Bacredi cashed in on it; this saw him cut another cord in his connection with his parents.

His third and fourth year at the university were uneventful. Zhar continued to serve in the Foreign Ministry under three different foreign ministers: the Duke of Brunswick (who later became the Chancellor of Lianna), the Duke of Imbrigulia (who later became the Chancellor of the Exchequer), and the Countess of Schleswig-Holstein Minor (who later became the Speaker of the House of Commons). He served in Brunswick’s campaign for the chancellorship and was offered a position under Imbrigulia’s ministry. He passed on the offer due to the low pay and prestige in the position and graduated on time with high marks on all of his tests. By the time of his graduation, Brunswick and his cabinet—which included Imbrigulia—had been voted down in the House of Commons and replaced by the Gabriel Ministry.

Blenheim Neighbourhood, were Bacredi enlisted at the University.

After university Bacredi applied for a job at the Finance Ministry and went through an arduous interview process. Four interviews later Bacredi held the position of analyst for long term debt bonds. The job was exceptionally boring, but Bacredi kept with it and began to work his way up the chain. By the time he was 29 he had risen to become an analyst for foreign prospects, with heavy emphasis on the region of space which would eventually become the Vast Empire. By this time Bacredi had not contacted his parents in 5 years. Almost immediately after the stock market crash of 2 BBY Bacredi got a visit from his parents to his Lianna City townhouse. Bacredi immediately recognized them when he opened the door, but both of them looked aged and weather-beaten. They simply told Zhar that they were now on assignment with the Rebel Alliance. Zhar laughed in their face, how could they help in the fight against the greatest military power ever known to the galaxy? Both of them lost their lives two years later during the Battle of Endor.

After the creation of the Vast Empire, Bacredi was approached by officials from the empire in regards to its long term debt yields. He left the government of Lianna at 32 to join the Vast Empire Department of Finance, which would eventually be merged with the Executive Branch of the Vast Empire (under Grand Moff Kadann). Bacredi’s position was soon made redundant, and as he prepared to leave Cepany for Lianna the Vast Imperial Intelligence chief at the time offered Bacredi a civilian post. Bacredi accepted, but his obligations soon became much more than civilian oversight.

Vast Empire Naval Intelligence[edit]

A faded image of Bacredi while a member of naval intelligence. Notice the naval uniform which signified naval intelligence at the time.

Zhar was originally a financial analyst for the VENI, however he soon began to be given more and more security clearances and eventually became the Section Chief of Vectra for the VENI. He had no field experience, and this was a huge knock against him—how could he rule over agents who risked their lives when he had no idea what it felt like? He requested a transfer to the field...which was denied. He had no training, so he stayed on as section chief but soon left it for the VENI academy, where he spent a year and a half training with his partner-to-be: Alec Treveli.

Bacredi was with two other agents for his first mission—their names were Bacardi and Treveli. Bacardi was the lesser of the group, and Treveli was the higher ranked member. Treveli and Bacardi's objectives were to infiltrate and destroy a ship-building plant that was producing a large amount of starfighters for the New Republic. Bacredi would fly a Gozanti-Class Cruiser—christened VI-039, as Vast Intelligence, Pennant Number 39. He would drop and pick up the two agents. They started out fine, getting through with six kills (2 that were credited to Bacardi and 4 for Treveli), and making it to the gas chambers. They would destroy the gas chambers which would set off a chain explosion. Once in the gas chambers, two New Republic Intelligence Operatives that were reporting to their command about the station's progress became involved—they were given the task of finding and killing them. Once in the gas chambers, a firefight started out between the two, Treveli and Bacardi having silenced pistols and flash. Treveli killed one of the agents, and as he went back for cover a New Republic Intelligence agent shot and killed Treveli. Bacardi shot and killed the agent.

No time for mourning, Bacardi placed the explosives on the gas tanks and ran out for cover. He made it two miles in ten minutes, he was being followed by two speeders. Bacredi pulled in with VI-039 and swooped over, using the ship's droids to fire at the speeders. The speeders were destroyed and Bacredi quickly landed, picking up Bacardi. They both immediately landed back onto the intelligence star destroyer—Nemesis. Bacredi and Bacardi then got another member to their team, John Way. Way and Bacardi move, along with their newly christened pilot / support gunner, Bacredi. They were part of Operation: Life Saver, where eighteen agents (including Bacredi, Way, and Bacardi) infiltrated a plant using silenced weapons. The plant was destroyed as well (it was a twin to the last one), with eight agents lost, however.

After Operation: Life Saver was finished, ten agents remained. Andar and Bacredi were among them. Their friends—Agents Griffith, Social, and Peterson, Private, Sergeant, and Sergeant First Class respectively, were among the dead. Bacredi moved back to the VI-039 and then set off hyperspace for the Nemesis' coordinates. Zhar then set down his combat suit and requested a political stance in the VENI. A political stance within the VENI is practically just moving around and continuously being asked to look at other positions. Bacredi was a “navy cop in a city of 5,000 [a Star Destroyer]”. Bacredi was able to keep his aim, and his leg, all in operable order during this time.

After Life Saver, Bacredi was placed aboard Star Destroyer Judicator. Immediately problems arose with his Commanding Officers regarding a turn of tides (commander becoming a traitor), which led Bacredi and his fellow agents to stop a mutiny from happening. This never happened, as the other agents were either killed or joined sides of the CO, Bacredi hid in the ships hanger bay (inside a ship) for two days. Eventually he was able to hit the thrusters and got out of the Judicator, a few days later he reached NHC and told them of the situation. They then sent a task force to intercept the ship, the ship was never heard from again.

He then transferred from Vast Empire Naval Intelligence Judicator Intel Branch (the branch of investigation for Judicator) to 3rd Flotilla Intelligence and Logistics Commander. Due to the fact that the Flotilla was on the Defensive Side, he did not have many jobs. Eventually getting kicked off the job by higher ranked and more respected officers, Bacredi headed straight towards Army Initiation Command.

Division Transfer[edit]

Zhar Bacredi's first duty was to clean out his desk on the VEI Branch Station, his second was to leave. He took the Imperial Shuttle Shaff to Tadath, in the Sian System. Tadath is the capitol of the Vast Empire Army and the base of operations for them as well. As the ship landed in Sianat, Bacredi recieved his first orders onto a datapad. His orders were as follows: "Take Ground-Transport Shuttle to the Tadath Magistracy Headquarters, in Sianat. From there on, you will work as Magister Kelsor's Personal Guard—a position that the army took very lightly and was mainly a joke. This position also doubled as an aide and he reported to the Tadath Army Headquarters about Kelsor's activity. Kelsor eventually lost the election and Bacredi was misplaced, he eventually listed up with the Vast Empire Intelligence again and was placed as the Special Agent in Charge of the Praexus Branch.
Four rooms and the basement were rented out in this apartment building as the VEI Base of Operations.

Zhar Bacredi's 'team' was made up of other backwashed men from the Navy and the VEI. The team was composed of Zhar, as the Special Agent in Charge. Gordon Carmichael, who caused a huge accident on the Star Destroyer that he was Starfighter Director of. That was caused when the racks shifted under his command and 7 starfighters crashed immediately. Killing the pilots and many workers in the hangar. The third agent was James H. Flynn, he is a Special Agent, he lost a lead on the planet Tadath which eventually lead to a terrorist attack on the planet of Taris. And finally, the communications officer, Thomas Finnegan. Thomas Finnegan shot and killed seven civilians while chasing a terrorist through a crowded shopping mall. The terrorist was hit with the civilians, however, but one of the civilians was the son of a local Magistrate. The Magistrate condemned the actions and went straight to High Colonel Harper (the Army Intelligence Chief) and had Finnegan moved to another location.

The base that Bacredi and his 'team' were placed in was a four room rental building, while they rented out the basement as well. The first room was where they ate, played cards, and cooked. It was considered a full apartment, however, but the bed was moved out of one room to fit in a table for dining. The second is considered the armoury and the intelligence sect., it has an entire wall covered by paintings. Under the paintings, safes are filled with rifles and ammunition. Computers are on another wall, and if someone enters the room, they go back to looking at porn and VEBay listings. The third room is where the three agents that aren't the Special Agent in Charge sleep, it is three rooms that has a bunk in each. And the fourth is Bacredi's bedroom (which is just one room), a bathroom, and the escape stairwell.

The basement houses a LAVr QH-7 Chariot Command Speeder and a Q-6100 Landspeeder, both barely used. The team barely ever got any leads, however, and the station was only created for the backwashed Vast Empire Intelligence agents. The luxury apartments around them began to fill up and they began to add more and more security to the rooms. The agents began to get more and more paranoid, more and more arrogant, and more and more sick of each other's cooking. Eventually, all the agents began to go to the range every day, and Carmichael (who is the son of a wealthy heir) bought the group a small building that was underground outside of the city. That housed the transport the VEI had assigned them (before that, it was housed at a small starport) and it was a Gallofree Medium Transport.

Bacredi (left), Carmichael (center), and Finnegan (right). The remaining agents.

The team finally got a decent assignment. RAIDERS Squad had just entered the planet, and it was the Vast Empire Intelligence's job to watch them. Zhar led the search in their Q-6100 Landspeeder, and they set off. But soon enough, Joamer Reistlin came across one agent, and that agent (Flynn) was forced to stun Joamer. Joamer was stunned for 2 minutes and the team had to prepare for a possible deathmatch against the squad in case they reacted the wrong way. This happened, and Jaenna Caldwin—the SL of RAIDERS—began to question. Bacredi responded with an iron will of the 'VEI is superior', etc etc. They started to go back to the landspeeder, but a rocket was fired from a few blocks down and it impacted on the speeder, killing agent Flynn.

Everyone's wits were tested as they began to fire back, Corporal Caldwin and Agent Carmichael started with the burst of fire while Finnegan raised his sniper to check if anyone was left. The shooter—who was most likely related to the Rain Man in a way—had left. The group didn't realize this, however, and kept on shooting. The shooter had moved around and up a stairwell onto a roof, keeping a constant vision on the Vast Empire Intelligence and Stormtrooper Corps squad. They eventually had to get out into the open as civilians began to wonder what was happening and moved out into the street, Finnegan had to stun one of them before they saw anything. They all ran into a back alleyway and Caldwin and Havock were able to hotwire two speeders.

The agents slipped away when they had a chance after Bacredi called in for the small amount of reserve agents on the planet. Three agents and two pilots came to the call, and two agents by the name of Pogger and James took the GR-75 up in the air. The rest of them stayed on the planet to wait for Bacredi, Carmichael, and Finnegan. They set off in the LAAT/I that had been modified, they were near the location that Bacredi first met RAIDERS when they detonated the facility. At the same time, a missile was aimed towards the LAAT/I (modified), everyone held on for dear life. When the missile hit, Finnegan and the pilots where immediately killed. The backup agent that wasn't on the GR-75 died moments later, and Carmichael went out of the transport spinning and hit the ground, killing him. Bacredi held onto the bunk and jumped out of the transport, calling for help.

Zhar was picked up by RAIDERS Squad just before the enemy ran over his location. He had planted a few sonar-mines that the soldiers walked over, killing two. Bacredi was about to be overrun before he made a run for it, making sure that he wasn't being followed, he ditched his gear. RAIDERS' shuttle then found him and destroyed seven soldiers following him, the last soldier was shot by Bacredi. RAIDERS Squad dodged fire, and landed by Bacredi. Private Walcroft was able to add covering fire with Gunnery Sergeant Joamer, taking out three more tangos. Bacredi then loaded up into the transport, and everyone else did as well. They then set immediate target to Tadath—the headquarters of the Vast Empire Army / Vast Empire Stormtrooper Corps (a counterpart of the army, but still under their jurisdiction). When they got to the planet, Bacredi requested transfer from Vast Empire Intelligence, Army Branch into Vast Empire Stromtrooper Corps — he then joined RAIDERS Squad.

Bacredi, as a RAIDER.
Bacredi with his silenced M66.

Bacredi—along with all of RAIDERS Squad—was ready for when Thrawn attacked. Almost all of the Vast Empire knew that it was about time, as there had been many warnings about Thrawn attacking them. Their first target was Tadath, and RAIDERS met up with the rest of the Stormtrooper Corps and the Vast Empire Army to help out. RAIDERS moved with Iron Horse Squad to move to a Sentinel landing platform, they then hijacked a landing craft and moved out from there. They convinced one of Thrawn's Star Destroyers that it was a friendly craft. From there, RAIDERS, 5 Marine Squads and 1 Special Forces Squad moved to destroy the shield generators. Bacredi moved with a fire team led by Corporal Katash along with all members of RAIDERS Squad.

Bacredi brought his M1 "Tyrant" Chaingun, and a silenced modified Tropov—his weapons of choice. They started out by disabling the shield generator, as the marines held the hangar. Bacredi quickly attempted to pass by a multitude of squads, which they did, they proceeded to the shield generator bunk rooms. There were three rooms to the shield generator—Bunks - Hallway - Generator. Bacredi and the rest of the team he was part of and when the door first opened (A special operations fire team was accompanying them, and had been at the door before them). Bacredi used his spraying fire technique...which really isn't a technique, and began to mow down anything in his path. RAIDERS had completed the first room. They moved onto the hallway, taking down a few more guards—then they finally entered the generator room. Bacredi—after RAIDERS popped open a doorway with explosives—set charges onto the first generator. He blew it with full force, explosions racked RAIDERS.

After that, RAIDERS reeked more and more havoc onto the now waning star destroyer, they headed to the escape pods. Bacredi learned how to fly the escape pods in basic training for the navy, in a one day course, and was therefore chosen by RAIDERS to fly it down to the planet. He did so, and with little opposition, they hit Tadath and the squad was picked up by the local patrols. They were moved towards Fort Sexton and immediately began to suit up for the impending attack on the Fort to capture Army High Command. Bacredi went with Karash—one of the squads medics—and they both began to hold off the first waves. The Noghiri then arrived, and everything went to hell. They got support from the recruits and began to barrage them with waves of machine-gun fire and many other things. None of them died, however, but it forced their retreat. Bacredi and Havock were tasked with flying a LAAT/i (with RAIDERS inside it) to the enemy base. They had all been disguised as some of the enemies "honor guards".

The honor guards infiltrated the base and where eventually caught by two Noghiri—which almost led to a showdown, but RAIDERS put their weapons down. They were eventually rescued by Ghost Squad, which cost all of Ghost's men their lives—adding more casualties to this suffering battle. Bacredi and the rest of RAIDERS were rescued and went back to Fort Sexton where the battle eventually ended in a Vast Empire victory. After this, RAIDERS went on another mission which ended in a badly damaged simulator, Bacredi packed up his bags and went towards Wraith Squad—where his new friend, Ron, was Squad Leader. Bacredi took up arms with Wraith Squad, taking their new weapons and training in their technique.

Serving another tour with Wraith Squad, he quickly excelled in Heavy Weapons but was never fully qualified for Heavy Weapons. Wraith was quickly deployed to the Arkanian Conflict with all of WildCard Platoon. Arkania represented a problem for the Vast Empire and they were attempting to conquer it for their own means and to help the civilians. Wraith Squad, along with Oppressor Squad and Crater Squad, were deployed to the Arkanian city of Kanti. Crater Squad was half decimated on arrival to Kanti and they quickly made up for it with tact. Wraith Squad was separated and Bacredi and two Oppressor Troopers hid in a building after killing its two inhabitants. A gunfight ensued after an elevator into the building opened, revealing Wraith Squad and two of the hired guns after them.

He was suggested to the Heavy Weapons Specialist specialty by a former friend in the corps (and an instructor at the academy)—John G. Gorge. John G. Gorge was demoted, however, and then decided that he also needed to take the class. Bacredi, Gorge, and James all took the class together—and were all on the same teams in most of the drills. After Bacredi had what was considered enough of the army he was transferred to the navy.

The Navy[edit]

Sign here... and here... initials here... insurance number here... final signature here.

Bacredi, at the low point of his flying career went to the Imperial Initiation Academy at Vectra, were he was helped by some of the smartest officers in the Vectra Academy. He passed the Aviator's Exam with flying colors, and was hooked into Grey Squadron as Grey 7. He met his soon-to-be great friend, Duun Khan here at the Squadron and he continues to be friends with him today, thought a little more distant than usual Unfortunately most members of Grey Squadron were killed except for Duun Khan, and Zhar Bacredi during a battle. This caused Bacredi to request transfer to a different squadron, and soon after Grey Squadron was disbanded. Bacredi was given the choice of three squadrons: Devil Squadron, Twilight Squadron, and Kaph Squadron. Bacredi chose Kaph Squadron because they were much less staffed and Bacredi would help beat them back into shape.

Bacredi joined up with Kaph Squadron after he went through the Aviator's Exam with a high percentile and passed through Grey Squadron, and was put in the position of Kaph 2, the leader's wingman. Bacredi was immediately shipped off to the mSSD Atrus on the shuttle Thunder. After he settled in to his quarters, he headed off for Atticus IV, his assignment. Atticus IV was Bacredi's first assignment with Kaph Squadron, Bacredi—along with some members of Kaph Squadron—did simulators there, and pulled multiple pranks on their squadmates. He first arrived aboard the Lambda-Class Shuttle Tagge. Once there he recived his droid TC-5K8, and is also were he upgraded the droid. Atticus was a place for pranks, and was also where Bacredi met Stormz—who was Bacredi’s Vice Training Officer and former Chief of Staff, and Bacredi is currently Stormz's TXO. Stormz and him continue to be friends.

During Operation: Iron Sweep, Bacredi fought with Kaph Squadron. When Bacredi boarded the Lobo with the other members of Kaph, he expected this to be an easy run against some spice smugglers. He was mistaken when the task-force led by the Lobo and the Serenity, both Dreadnoughts arrived in the Yetton System. Once the shuttle Tyranny arrived down on the moon it was shot down on its take off. Bacredi had three (3) confirmed kills. During the battle, Bacredi moved around with many members of Twilight, Devil, and Crimson Squadrons. He performed many battle maneuvers, such as Attack Run 2—Attack Run 2 was performed by many other members. It involved each fighter moving in an attack line, every time they reached the target they’d fire and turn. Every turn would be the opposite of the one that went before them, and it was performed excellently. And after Bacredi transferred to Viper Squadron, Bacredi wrote a fourteen page briefing on the battle.

Bacredi flew the Scimitar in Viper.

Bacredi joined Viper Squadron as a Senior Crewman, four days later he was given the rank of Petty Officer Second Class. The same day, Bacredi took a small trip to the Raegent System and did the Senior Aviator’s Exam. Bacredi got one promotion and was then a Petty Officer First Class. But Bacredi met Sicario here, and they would continue to be friends. As they boarded the Suspense for Operation: Uprising, Bacredi would of considered this mission a little close to home. The Epsilon System had long been valued by the Bacredi family as a base of operations for their ships, and it had been taken over by rebellious civilians. Bacredi was also put into a Scimitar-Class Assault Fighter, where they would soon bomb the shit out of the planet. Bacredi was shot down before he had a chance to work anything out, though. And was soon picked up and taken out for medical support. He then moved to Nazgul to become a Flight Leader.

Bacredi moved to Nazgul Squadron under the request of Geordi Atrasin. Bacredi participated in the Battle of Roku Tan, were he showed excellence in his fighter techniques. During the Battle of Roku Tan and the other smaller skirmishes in the battle, Bacredi flew with his wingmates and friends. As Nazgul Squadron helped secure the defence line, Bacredi helped guide pilots into the right positions. After Roku Tan, Nazgul had received new toys—they went out to play with them. When a distress signal was received from Medical Frigate Amana, Bacredi and the rest of the squadron responded. Bacredi sported two kills during this battle. He was later promoted out of Nazgul.

After being quickly hustled out of Nazgul Squadron (with a promotion to Warrant Officer, Second Class), Bacredi was placed as the executive officer of Bulwark Squadron. The squadron was placed aboard ISD Propitious Thunder. When they entered their first battle with the rest of Wing Seventeen (Phalanx Wing), the Squadron Commander of Bulwark Squadron, James Doll, was killed in action. This caused Bacredi to take over Bulwark Squadron, after the battle (which had come out in their favor), Bacredi lead Bulwark Squadron onto a few more missions—Operation: Hoopahollics, where they went onto a bombing run. Operation: Usurping, where they went on a scouting mission. And Operation: Flinn, where they didn’t really do anything—before being promoted out of Bulwark Squadron. Bulwark Squadron was later disbanded under defence cuts, something that Bacredi had tried to fight. But he proved to be another outspoken critic of the Vast Empire Navy.

Bacredi was slowly promoted out of Bulwark Squadron to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer. He was placed in the Offensive Fleet under the 67th Fighter Squadron, nicknamed "Ice" Squadron. He was also given the position of Ice 1-1, he was the Squadron Commander for awhile and eventually befriended his old friends in Phoenix Wing. He fought alongside Phoenix Wing in a battle were Lancer-Class Frigate Perpetual and Carrack-Class Cruiser Alliance fought. After the battle, Bacredi was taken aboard the Perpetual and moved to the communications room. Phoenix Wing was long gone and had gone back to base. He received a message in the communications room labeling him as C-3PX2's replacement for the Naval Training Officer Position.

After High Admiral Japheth ended the message, Bacredi requested that the Perpetual and the Alliance be moved into the Vast Empire Naval Academy's jurisdiction. They were made test ships and academy ships, they would also go to the call of duty when the academy came under attack.

Under great consideration from the Naval High Command, you are hereby given command
of the Vast Empire Naval Academy due to C-3PX2's retirement.

—High Admiral Japheth Cappadocious.

After three months as a Technical Assistant to the Executive Officer of the academy, Bacredi was promoted to an operator and placed aboard a Training Frigate. Bacredi helped train many of the navy's pilots today (in Phoenix Wing) and many of those people that he trained know him still. As the training frigate was decommissioned and shot down for training, Bacredi was promoted out of the recruit everyday process to Trainer Level Two. After he began to work on new training processes for the academy. Due to a few conflicts in the academy, he was promoted to Lead Operator (currently, the name of Lead Operator was changed to “Chief of Staff”), replacing Stormz. After that 5 day tenure, Bacredi replaced Ibram Tyrol as Training Executive Officer, due to confidential reasons.

Bacredi's TXO, Lieutenant "Stormz".

As almost all of the members of the academy (except for the recruits) were away at the academy, Bacredi left Lieutenant Krazanr in charge and headed off to the ball. After the ball was over, Bacredi moved the location of the VENA Staff offices to Reach II and gave Lieutenant Krazanr a large amount of authority. Bacredi began to research the scores of the Senior Aviator's Exam, and soon realized that pilots were receiving 100 pecents too easily. Bacredi told the security department to look into a "cheating factor" that might be involved, and Bacredi then was practically obliged to change the Senior Aviator's Exam 100 percentile to 1 promotion. This has caused some ruckus over that, and many people have complained. But Bacredi has stayed adamant about keeping it at one promotion. The reasons are still the same—people still get 100’s, and they might be cheating.

As Bacredi sat down with Captain Vox and High Admiral Japheth Cappadocious, and a few other advisors for the monthly briefing with the Naval High Command, he thought of ideas that he had scribbled onto his hand on the ride over. He had thought about the Fleet Officer Candidate Exam, F.O.C.E. It was apparent that the officers were just able to take it whenever they wanted to: Bacredi wanted to change that. He brought it up with Lieutenant Commander Hargraves, Advisor to the NCC and he told him to bring it up with Vox. Captain Vox, High Admiral Japheth Cappadocious, Lieutenant Commander Hargraves, Ensign Ibram Tyrol, and Bacredi all agreed that it was better to do that. Also, many people aren’t even legible for the F.O.C.E. at this time.

In the next meeting with the Naval High Command, he requested more ships to be used as training vessels. Bacredi was given the Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser Serenity (which Bacredi had served with), and Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser Admiral Doreth, both mothballed. With this, Bacredi started using them as training vessels. The two ships were soon to be scrapped, and that is why Bacredi took them. During this time, they were also being repaired by Naval Techs in training. Also, it is used in many drills that are being created by the Naval Academy Direct Staff, even though most of those drills have failed. They make up the current “Reach Response Team”, a team of ships dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of the system.

The 4.3 million acre plot of land that Bacredi moved the Vast Empire Naval Academy headquarters to became useful to Bacredi. The Naval Marine Training Center had come under fire on Charblyis XV, and the marines had to be relocated. While a training center was being set up, Bacredi offered part of the VENA center. The Marine Training Commander accepted, and Bacredi began to help set up a massive training center. Soon enough, Marine Training Drills began to go on schedule again. And under a small defence cut, the Marine Center became permanently on Reach II. The Marine Training Commander is also currently located on Sheffield Island.

Soon enough, though, Bacredi's Chief of Staff and Training Executive Officer Krazanr retired from all of his positions within the Vast Empire. To fill this position for a short while (until a replacement was to be found) was Gordon Carmichael. Gordon Carmichael was Bacredi's former Commissioner of the Second Academy, and was a likable man. As Lieutenant Krazanr returned to the Vast Empire Navy, Bacredi offered him the position as Training Executive Officer, again. Gordon Carmichael, who already knew this would happen, returned to being the Commissioner of the Second Academy. To spread out the ranks, Bacredi made the Training Executive Officer the Training Executive Officer—no longer the Chief of Staff. Instead, he put the Chief of Staff as an average position, and he began to take applications to fill out his staff.

After that small sting of retirement by Krazanr, Bacredi decided to double up on his work load. Krazanr and Bacredi both remembered the Razor Training Course, and they both started to work on ways to either end it or use it. When they both chose to end it, they sent it to archives and they finished that project up. The Razor Training Course, which had only been done by a few crewmen, was over. After this, however, they both started to look at it again, as did students. When students asked for it to be put back into service, they both denied. Bacredi also had the aging HoloNet feed (that he had originally designed), replaced. Also, for a short stint, Bacredi signed Hunter Morrell on as a temporary adviser to the Chief of Staff. Morrell—who did a good job while a temporary advisor—was invited to stay as a Trainer, Level Two. At this time, Bacredi signed on Rorran Gorma as the new Chief of Staff, and Rutian as another Trainer, Level Two.

Bacredi submitting his resignation to High Admiral Japheth. Notice his grayed hair, and the fact that there is an empty bottle of alcohol next to him.

An addition to the positions of the academy was the Chief of Staff—a position that is operated currently by the incumbent Rorran Gorma. The position was formerly Lead Operator—a position that was last held by Lieutenant Krazanr—but was abandoned as the Vast Empire Naval Academy went through a revamp. After Bacredi looked it over, he decided he needed someone to control his staff, and Gorma was chosen for this. And for a new start, the position was renamed from “Lead Operator” to “Chief of Staff”, sometimes called “Platform Saratoga Chief of Staff”. The Chief of Staff has many different assignments from the former Lead Operator position. For starters, they have more staff to manage and less operations. Also, they have a much different environment to teach in.

The Director of the Legal Office of Raegent II, Bob M. Carter, was elected with a landslide victory of Director of the Legal Office of Raegent II Runner-up, Jim Flint. When this happened, Carter—a man that had once passed through the Naval Academy on Charblyis IX—was able to retrieve some funds for the Naval Academy. This was later brought up during a Congressional Meeting by Director of State of Raegent II, Steven Rikes. Steven Rikes, a long time anti-war man who held a position above Carter, took close to seven million Imperial Credits away from the Naval Academy. Governor Paraq—the Governor—decided to end this, and he settled with Carter. Rikes resigned quickly after, and he was replaced by Bob Carter. Bacredi gave his thanks to Carter by signing a large donation to his next fundraiser.

Heavily criticized for the fact that he hadn't changed anything in the academy's ways in the main training process, Bacredi faced heated criticism and small approval ratings. Bacredi thought it would be best for the Vast Empire if he resigned, and he did, requesting a transfer to the reserves. Bacredi also resigned from the Director of the Office of Academics of Raegent.


Bacredi returned to Lianna after leaving the Vast Empire’s naval training department. He wanted nothing more than to see the other side of the galaxy, and Lianna represented that for him. In his years away his family had some conquest on Lianna: his uncle, Don Bacredi, had become Speaker of the House of Commons, cousin Cole Strathclyde had become the Leader of the Loyal Opposition, uncle Hans Heathrow had been granted the title of Duke of York and a cabinet position, cousin Norm Bacredi had been elected as Governor of Lancaster, and second-cousin George Bacredi was given the title of Marquis of Wellington. It was only natural for Bacredi to venture into politics, and he ran for the by-election in the 15th district of Northessex. He handily won the election after he declared his allegiance to the Conservative and Unionist Party, and he entered the House of Commons two days later.

The Secretary of State for Northessex—a large grouping of Lianna states—resigned to become Shadow Minister of Transportation. Bacredi was immediately chosen for this position by the Chancellor, and he was confirmed by the full House of Commons the day after. The secretary position was rather bland, as his division only covered half of two continents and the population was not prone to do anything entirely stupid. Bacredi was put on eight week notice due to the fact that three other senators were vying for his position. Bacredi also had ambitions for a senate run as well. He immediately resigned to focus on his campaign, and opened up a campaign committee and the samne time for the elections to come in the next two years.
The Prince of Fife.
Bacredi, when approached by the Chairman of the Board for BacCo, was taken aback by his appearance. The chairman had hated Bacredi, but he still needed his help. The chairman asked that if Bacredi resigned from his relatively bland post as Secretary of State for Northessex, he would be making 2 million credits a day and chairman of the board. Bacredi hopped on board immediately and sent in his letter for resignation, which was subsequently denied.

After Bacredi's uneventful term ended and Chancellor Crawford approached Bacredi to serve as the Ambassador to the Vast Empire from the UKP, he chose not to run for re-election and instead was inaugurated as Ambassador. Bacredi started by moving all of his items out of his congressional office and into his new office at the Foreign Ministry of the King's palace. Bacredi was granted a full home in the Royal Rotunda (a 2.3 million acre plot of land that is full of foreign dignitaries and royals, along with some government officials) and accepted the offer from the Prince of Fife, the King's second son. Three months later, Bacredi was chosen by the Foreign Minister to be part of a five man team that would help negotiate a peace process between three UKP systems and Lianna, which had been warring with Lianna constantly.

Zhar began the uneventful process of working directly for the Royal Family and the Foreign Ministry. At this time, Bacredi took a pay cut along with 90% of all of Lianna's politicians. Zhar went from 225,000 credits to 150,000 credits, and still retained a small pension fund in case he retired. The Prince of Fife began the process at the same time of fighting corruption within the House of Lords—the governing body of the Royal Family—and enlisted Bacredi to help. Bacredi and the Prince removed 23 Lords from the House, almost all of them of the Cross-benching Party.

Bacredi retired from the Lianna political scene after an offer by Stormz, Bacredi's successor, to become his Training Executive Officer after Hunter Morrell was dismissed. Bacredi immediately accepted.

Return to the Navy[edit]

Abrae, home of the Vast Empire Navy and Naval Academy.

Five years after Bacredi had left the Vast Empire Navy, he returned, signing on as the Naval Training Executive Officer, the Executive Officer of Raptor Squadron, and a Naval Logistics Coordinator for the Logistics Department. He was demoted four ranks, however, to Warrant Officer, 2nd Class, for returning to the navy after such a long period of time and not giving the government his tax money, which were dismissed after his demotion. His combined salary and pension from the VEI and VEA gave him a salary of 125,000 ICs per month, which allowed him to purchase a 2 bedroom apartment in the government quarter of Abrae. His apartment building had a Lamba-Class Shuttle on the covered roof—due to the fact that Abrae is a moon, and uninhabitable—for when Bacredi needed to speed to the academy.

Bacredi was placed in charge of the VENA Abrae Building Sites by the NTO himself, and soon watched from his apartment as a double transit line connected to the brand new "Fal Training Center", which subsequently lead to "Kraznar Hall". At this time, Bacredi received word that his brother, James, had become an Earl, therefore granting James the ability to sit in the Chamber of Earls. James passed this ability onto Bacredi, who was soon granted life peerage. Bacredi's second uncle, Hans Heathrow, was soon placed as Minister for Business and Trade and prompted Chancellor Crawford to give Zhar a seat in the House of Lords. Bacredi was soon placed as Lord for Sheffield Island, and thus attended House of Lords meetings via hologram. Zhar served as the House of Lord's liaison to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and also served as the Chief of Staff for Hans Heathrow, until a cabinet reshuffle. His full title was Lord Zhar Bacredi, Baron of New Wales and Sheffield, in which he was a member of the House of Suffolk (in which the now defunct House of Bacredi was a member), and was made a honorary member of the Order of the Kingdom of Lianna. After his lordship was granted his family's previous titles, Bacredi paid for and was granted a new constituency of Kirkcaldy and New Wales. Kirkcaldy County and New Wales County were both merged for this to happen.

At the same time as Bacredi's placement, his distant cousin, Donald "Don" Bacardi was placed as the Commander of Training for the Army.

As Bacredi attempted to get away from joke positions like the logistics coordinator and the training executive officer, both of which were not highly regarded, he re-enlisted into the Starfighter Corps as a pilot in Tuk'ata Squadron, and a month later he became the squadron commander on the recommendation of Jaden, the wing commander. Bacredi hated that Tuk'ata represented the reincarnation of his old squadron, Nazgul, and that Javelin Wing represented the reincarnation of Phoenix Wing. Amacuse soon resigned to take on a desk job at the naval office, and Bacredi was inclined to kill delta flight and place those pilots elsewhere. Zhar's first mission with Tuk'ata was Operation: Bulwark, which was just a more pumped up version of Operation: Iron Sweep. The Yetton System had been lost—again—and Task Force Bulwark was sent to take it back.

Kenneth Cooper, Lord of Nortwick.
Jon Craig, Leader of the House of Lords.

Zhar Bacredi was contacted by two senior lords, Lord Kenneth Cooper, Baron of Nortwick and Lord President Jon Craig, Duke of Somerset, to form a "Liberal Democratic Party" to serve as a healthy alternative to the Conservative and Liberal parties. Bacredi accepted the offer, but Craig backed out of the deal after the name was changed to the Liberal Unionist Party and there were not enough Lords or Senators that supported it, and the only place that the Liberal Unionists gained traction was the House of Commons, where 120 Liberal representatives and 329 Conservative representatives went under the Liberal Unionist banner. Bacredi, who had just been given leave time after Bulwark, didn't have the energy to fight for the dying party, and immediately contacted Cooper, asking him about the situation. Cooper had made an official deal with the Conservative Party, where they would move their position more to the center and change their name to the Conservative and Unionist Party—which John Crawford immediately accepted, wanting to have the 329 Conservative representatives back on his side.

Tuk'ata's long recovery from Operation Bulwark gave Bacredi time to head back to Lianna, where he sat in his first ever session of the House of Lords. The house's Conservative bench was broken into two sections: the Conservatives and the Unionists. Bacredi sat with the Unionists, and among the Unionists was Bacredi's cousin, Hans Heathrow. The leader of the Unionists was Lord Dick Burban of Nottinghamshire, Baron of Kentfold Twine, who was the former Leader of the Opposition in the Senate. The Conservatives had actually gained 93 out of the 120 Liberal representatives from the house after the Liberal Unionist Party ceased to exist and the part moved to the center. John Crawford crafted his 10 BBY budget plan around the idea of shifting more to the center, mainly to attract votes but to also show the traditionalist conservatives that they didn't control the party single handily.

As soon as the leader of the Conservative Lords was tossed out by the party after extramarital affairs were revealed, Hans Heathrow campaigned to become the leader of the House of Lords—something that he was quickly punched out of doing. Lord Cooper and Lord Craig, both trying to get the party to move even more to the center, both campaigned under the banner of centrism. Lord Craig, who was also Lord President of the Executive Council, won the one-sided contest, and he then appointed Lord Heathrow and Lord Cooper as his two main whips. Heathrow's position as Minister of Business and Trade stayed the same in Crawford's cabinet reshuffle, which knocked two other Lords and four Earls out of junior cabinet positions.

Lord Craig took a bid for the leadership of the Conservative and Unionist Party, something he greatly emphasized in his first speech as Leader of the House of Lords. Bacredi was still not due back to Tuk'ata for another four weeks, and he decided to endorse Craig for his bid for the Conservative and Unionist Party leadership. The leader at the time, David Strathclyde, had to resign due to term limits, and therefore it opened the hole for a new leader. Craig ended up losing the election after representatives and senators felt that if a lord was the leader of the party, it would seem to promote elitism. Instead, Dorn Yorin, a member of the Unionist section of the senate won the leadership position. After Heathrow became Minister of Defence, Zhar was given the option to pay 5,000,000 Crossuins to be given the title of Duke. He did, and he was able to choose his dukedom, in which he chose Windsor. He was given the subsidary titles of Marquis of Salisbury, the Earl of Oxford and Asquith, and the Baron of St. John.

Tuk'ata soon closed down due to dismal numbers in the navy, and Arturus retired soon after that due to personal problems. As Bacredi was the former NTO, he was chosen as Director of Imperial Intelligence.

Imperial Intelligence[edit]

Bacredi with his first Deputy Director of Intelligence.

As per the unspoken rule, Bacredi's files were withdrawn from public databases and his homes on Tadath and Abrae were put under shell names, and he was immediately given a brand new apartment for public use on Abrae as well. Bacredi had worked with his predecessor, Arturus, in the former special-unit sect of the VEN—Reaper. Bacredi's official title (outside of the naval command sect) was Secretary-General of Abrae Defence, while his un-official title (inside the naval command sect) was the Director of Imperial Intelligence. The Deputy Director of Imperial Intelligence, official known as the Deputy Secretary-General of Abrae Defence, became Bacredi's first confidant in the VII.

Bacredi's first actual request from the NHC was to create a small, highly capable unit of agents that would be able to insert themselves into enemy territory and extract themselves, leaving behind rubble of the enemy camp. However, NHC also authorized that the group could take extreme casualties and be replenished. Bacredi immediately gathered the Intelligence Council, and requested that each department head give one or two names each for a prospective agent or agents. Bacredi set a deadline of thirty days for the council to pool together at least 30 agents, with 30 more on reserve, and then 10 days after that to get a training facility set up on the remote system of Yetton or Epsilon. He immediately asked Admiral Darkhawk, who was the admiral of the 7th Fleet, which holds the VII garrison, to send scout ships to both those systems to begin setting up training facilities.

Bacredi with his second Deputy Director.

Bacredi was able to secure over 120 agents in the VEI for training, and Admiral Darkhawk had secured locations for training facilities in Yetton and Epsilon. He moved 60 agents to Epsilon and 60 more to Yetton, where they would go through rigorous testing to determine the lucky 60, and then the better 30. He achieved enough funding to build stations on the surface of Yetton and two stations on Epsilon, all of which were built in ten days. The Deputy Director was soon replaced after a mission on the planet of Rhyloth went horribly wrong, and was replaced by a ice cold feminine version of Bacredi, but much better looking and having much more prowess in the art of killing.

When the next shakeup of the navy occurred, the Duke was given the position of head of the Seventh Vast Imperial Fleet, and took command of the Daring and the seventh fleet, whose command center is on Tekeos and are stationed in between Tekeos and Epsilon. Bacredi took on new command staff, was promoted to Captain, and received 300 million credits worth of funding to build a state of the art command station in space and commander center on the ground for the colony of Cromwell, which is very near Tekeos and put under the seventh fleets purview. While on Abrae attending a meeting of senior naval officers, most of them were poisoned, leading to Bacredi taking a hold of the VEI and all of their assets. He moved to the Epsilon System along with most of his fleet.

In Epsilon, Bacredi positioned a small force to intercept the Pioneer—a ship carrying a large supply of bacta—and the group of ships with it when it dropped out of hyperspace due to engine problems. After the ships dropped out of hyperspace for repairs, Bacredi and the Pioneer were ambushed by a NR force, and at the same time the Dead Gun dropped into the system. Bacredi got a transmission from Line Captain Khaar, the Chief of Naval Warfare at the time.

As ranking member of the High Council and ranking member of the Navy present here I am taking command of the Seventh Fleet and I ORDER you to stand down. It’s quite obvious that the Wookiee and that ass Atrasin have no idea what they are doing. I’m taking command at this moment and will soon relieve them as well. This is no time for short-time fools to be in control of a Navy I love so dear. I cannot stand by and watch as their incompetence and duplicity cloud the vision of the VEHC and open us to attack. These members of the New Republic are here to assist me. They will take half of the bacta shipment that we have here and in return they will join us as we move to Abrae to take back our Navy.

—Jaden Khaar

Khaar had betrayed the Vast Empire and had conspired with the New Republic forces that were in system. He was then taken out by his XO, who placed him in the bridge.



Zhar Bacredi.
Bacredi's attire.

Zhar Bacredi is a tall human male—measuring 6'—with an average build of 176 LBs. His hair is a dark brown and his face is white, sometimes tanned from his constant inhabitance of Dantooine, Lianna, and Denon. His eyes are green and his teeth are sparkling white. His attire is constantly mixed with suits, button downs, v-necks, flight suits, and armor. His suits are brown, grey, black, and blue, occasionally with pinstripes. He used to always wear suits around, but he has recently given it up for a more relaxed appearance. Light blue with white stripes, white with an undershirt, blue, or black are the button-down shits that Bacredi wears to match all of hit suits. When he is outside of his suits we'd wear a loose white button down with the top two buttons undone. His ties are a wide array of colors, spanning form green with black stripes to blue, pink, and red with a family crest in the middle.

Bacredi could barely beat a 90-pound ten year old in an arm wrestling match—that is how weak he is. He does not have the muse to constantly work out like he used to, and therefore he has pushed himself back to working out two days a week after his doctor said it would keep his health at a healthy level. Zhar is nowhere near as strong as he used to be back in the army and navy, and is therefore rather embarrassed to see his former friends in the Navy and Army. Also, the hindering effects of drugs and alcohol took their toll on Bacredi's appearance, making him look tired and depressed at times.


  • Cocky—Zhar Bacredi was brought up in a life of luxury, but was never given too much due to the fact that his parents wanted him to stay modest and not have a balloon head. Zhar, in his later life, decided that with the money he earned and inherited, he would like to buy businesses, ships, and homes all across the galaxy. Zhar began to have a sense of self pride that eventually turned into him being the cocky bastard that he is today. He is so proud of what he has done for himself (or what his parents have done) that he would let other people down just to make himself feel better, and constantly brag about what he has.
  • Arrogant—When asked what is more important to the galaxy, a cure for a common disease or Zhar Bacredi, Zhar would always choose himself. He feels that because of everything he has done in life, with the military and BacCo, he should be rewarded with constant praise from other humans. He seems to have developed a god-like sort of view of himself, but has not gone as far as to find himself to own some sort of prince-title which he never inherited.
  • Self-centered—Zhar, trying to break the habit of being self-centered, decided to donate 10 million credits the following day to a charity. He never did. Instead, he bought the Devonshire and the Somerset. His self-centered trait is one of the most dis-likable traits about him. Zhar always wants to talk about what he has at the dinner table, and will always start conversations by bragging about what he owns.
  • Superficial—Lets put it this way, if you try to hint something to Zhar Bacredi, he will never get it. Ever. He can never comprehend what is extremely obvious, always to the ire of the ones that are around him.
  • One-way—Zhar always enacts the "my way or the highway" scheme of things. He will never accept any other opinions other than his own. If some one tries to suggest something that is arguably better, he will never hear it. Even if he knows the idea is better than his own, he would use his own idea to spite the suggester.
  • Impatient—impatient is not even a word to describe how annoyed Zhar gets when things are not done quickly. He likes things to be done quickly and quietly, not be drawn out for a huge debate. He wishes all governments to have as little bureaucracy as possible, and has always worked to lower taxes and the amount of people in goverment.
  • Incorruptible—the only reason Zhar has never thought about taking a bribe was because he already had enough money to begin with. No one ever approached him to attempt to blackmail him because he is not a party goer, and women have absolutely no interest in the stink of a man that Bacredi is.

Views & Skills[edit]

  • Women Serving in the Military—Bacredi, before joining the army, had a strong feeling of hatred towards the women that tried to join the armed forces. But, when Bacredi joined the army, all of this changed—when he joined RAIDERS Squad, both his SL and ASL were women, and they fought like any other man on the battlefield. They won Bacredi's respect on and off of the battlefield.
  • Large Military—Bacredi supports a large military of both naval vessels and ground forces. Though, it does not reflect his history as Naval Training Officer because he was not able to pull the numbers in to make the par. When he joined the Vast Empire Intelligence, he began stating his opinions of a large armed forces and the need to be less slack on some of the planets. He later left the Vast Empire Intelligence.
  • Different Races Serving in the Military—Bacredi despises other races that can not speak Galactic Basic that want to serve in the military, with an exception to Wookiees and Aqualish. He does not feel that their service in the military is needed, as the humans and other "sentient" lifeforms could most likely control all of the military. However, many aliens that do not speak Galactic Basic has moved up in ranks and positions. Outside of the military he is fine with them, and his only reason for despising them in the military is the fact that relaying orders is close to impossible.
  • Education on Vast Empire Planets—"The only way to expand is to expand our intelligence."—Zhar Bacredi. Bacredi—as Chief of Staff of the Vast Empire Naval Academy, Deputy Naval Training Officer, and Naval Training Officer—made the navy's routine harder. Yet, few recruits pulled in—showing that his "everyone should be educated" doctrine did not always work and frustrated many men.
  • The Economy—Bacredi, at the University of Tadath, studied the economy under a few professors. Bacredi had begun to learn that the economy affects the money that he so rightfully clings onto, and that he needs to use the stock markets and the economy to keep the money high—or else he would lose a large amount of hard earned cash. Zhar feels that if the economy fails, the entire active military will fail and eventually push into the New Repulbic's or Thrawn's requests.
  • Politics—Bacredi has been interested in politics since age one. He ran for Lieutenant Mayor (Deputy Mayor in many areas of Lianna) of St. Faol, with his brother, James Bacredi at his side as running mate for Mayor. They lost, however, and it set Bacredi off from that track. He feels that the politicians will keep the worlds together while either the economy and military fail. The Lianna Government Politics is something that Bacredi is very interested in, as he is related to a incumbent Representative and an incumbent Mayor of Lianna. While the family has previously had another representative, a Governor, a Lieutenant Governor, a Minister of the Treasury, and a Parliament Member.
  • The New Republic and Thrawn—The New Republic, as viewed by Bacredi, is a democracy that failed. Even though James Bacredi—Bacredi's brother—works for an independent New Republic Government (Lianna) as a mayor, Bacredi feels that the New Republic failed as it began to conquest into other worlds (Coruscant, Mon Calamari, etc) and attempted to take over many other worlds. Thrawn is Bacredi's dream of an Imperial Government.
  • The Vast Empire's 'Expansion Method'—Bacredi believes that the method the Vast Empire is using to expand themselves is going quickly and efficiently. He has never raised any complaints about it with anyone. He would, however, wish they would cut off the supply lines to Coruscant—the New Republic's capitol—and then build up their naval and ground forces to invade.
  • These Damn Remotes!...Technology—Bacredi loves technology—he lives around it. He thinks that the Vast Empire Engineering Corps should be renewed and be full of engineers that would help all of the armed forces of the Vast Empire created a new and more improved technological advance of the Vast Empire. He practically thinks that some technology nowadays is a little too out of reach and shouldn't of been made.
  • Blaster Rifles or Projectile?—Bacredi prefers projectile rifles in most situations, his pistol of choice is a projectile. But, in some close combat situations, Zhar prefers a blaster rifle at his side due to the large amount of repeating cells that could be renewed using technology from the Vast Empire. Sometimes a projectile would run out of ammo too quickly for his liking.
  • Currency—This is tied in with Bacredi's 'Economy Views'—he has invested his 60,000,000 (sixty million) Imperial Credits Currency to 80,000,000 (eighty million)—Bacredi's net worth has not been found out yet—into the overly stable Vast Empire Imperial Credit. Though, Bacredi has invested 1,000,000 Imperial Crecdits into the New Republic Credit, which is about 2,000,000 New Republic Credits.
  • Vast Empire Navy & Army—Bacredi is a former member of the navy and used to like it very much, this all changed when the officers turned on each other. Bacredi resigned after a heated argument with many of the naval members, therefore, he believes the navy is full of many strong, smart people but they are a little over their own heads at times. While, the army has many people, and Bacredi couldn't possibly meet all of them. He merely stays with RAIDERS Squad, some of WildCard Platoon, and a few other men from other squads. They have an annual poker night.
  • Starfighter Designs Nowadays...—Bacredi is by far the most invested person of RAIDERS Squad in the new TIE-Class models. He particularly likes the Scimitar Class Assault Bomber (which isn't a TIE due to the fact that it doesn't have dual engines, but it technically is still considered part of the line). At the academy, he trained with X-Wings, A-Wings, TIE Starfighters, TIE Starfighter Bombers, and TIE Starfighter Interceptors.
  • Modern Architecture—Bacredi loves the architercture of Lianna—a world with approximately 6 billion people inhabiting it. Other architecture isn't his favorite, such as the architecture of Duro and Tatooine. He also loves the architecture of Denon and studied at the University of Denonfor a Bachelor's Degree in architecture after he flunked after the Law Wing of the University of Denon.
  • Fashion—Bacredi keeps up with the latest fashion of suits, though he isn't fond of this new type of 'one piece' suit, wher you don't have a shirt, a jacket, or pants. Instead, you have a jacket tied into the shirt that is tied into the pants (you get into it via buttons). Though, he believes that the fashion is taking a right turn after the cheesy Alderaniaan style finally faded from existence.
  • Family Values...Wait What's That?—Bacredi doesn't even KNOW what the words 'family values' are. When asked by a friend what they were, he responded by saying "690 million Imperial Credits"—a remark at his family's net worth. He doesn't spend time with his Brother—James—or his sister. He especially hates his brother-in-law, Eric Driscoll, who is Lisa's husband and whom Bacredi and Tyr denounced.
  • Owls—Everyone is fond of owls.
  • Bacredi Family Shipping Corporation—The Bacredi Family Shipping Corporation (commonly abbreviated 'BacCo) was founded by Bacredi's father—Brion. Brion used his inheritance to make the shipping corporation large, but after his death, it went into Zhar's hands. Zhar—who had no major interest in such—gave the wings to Tyr Bacredi and then took on the role of Vice Executive. He believes that BacCo is full of corrupt officials and needs to be purged.
  • Dantooine & Raegent Political Parties—Bacredi is a proud supporter of the Conservative Government of Dantooine Party (labeled as Conservative) and gives regular campaign donations to the governor of the planet and the mayors of many of the cities. While Bacredi was on Raegent, he gave the Imperial Part of Raegent a large campaign donation. This was taken as an act to help add 'Imperialism' to the planet, something that many people have been trying to do for years. Raegent's House and Senate all are full of the Imperial Party's representatives and senators, while there are many other party's vying for power.
  • His Own Starships—Bacredi likes to keep his starships up-to-date, full of new weaponry and sensors, etcetera. He loves the fact that his starships were given to him by his father, and they still hold a lasting legacy of him on all of the ships. However, he views some of the crewmen on some of the ships as incompetent and daft, and they should be released. But as doing so would probably make most of the ships inoperable due to the amount of crewmen it takes to keep one ship in space at a time, and would be too risky.
  • RAIDERS Squad—Bacredi's cousin, Andar 'Gaz' Bacardi (Bacardi-Bacredi families are closely related) was the ASL of RAIDERS Squad. Though, it was just coincidence that Bacredi and his team of Vast Empire Intelligence spooks (the team ws codenamed 'Dorn') met up with RAIDERS Squad that fine day. Bacredi—after almost blowing the heads off of RAIDERS Squad, and them blowing the heads off of Dorn Team, realized that it was time to leave the Vast Empire Intelligence. He left the agency and asked for a transfer into RAIDERS Squad, and they accepted him with open arms. He believes that the combat ability of RAIDERS Squad is above par, and they can outmaneuver any other squad.
  • Vast Empire Intelligence—Bacredi is a large supporter of the intelligence sect of the Vast Empire, as he used to be a part of it. He believes that they are able to supply intelligence for the Vast Empire to move forward in their plans for expansion.
  • Lianna—Lianna, in Bacredi's opinion, is one of the few Systems that recognizes a good form of government. Bacredi supports the empire of the Vast Empire because it is necessary to win the war effort, and he supports the constitutional monarchy of Lianna because it gives the people a voice yet lets the men who know what they are doing work in peace. Bacredi is the Duke of Windsor, a territory on Lianna.
  • Wraith Squad—Wraith Squad was Bacredi's last squad in the vast empire, and he was under Ron and Anival Velasquez, where they served in many campaigns together. Bacredi's favorite part of Wraith Squad was their utter devotion to the Vast Empire and how they handled tough situations.
  • The Pen is Mightier than the Sword—That famous quote is scratched onto one of Bacredi's desk drawers, etched in by its previous owner. Bacredi likes to follow that rule of thumb for all he can do, and he tries to settle almost all matter diplomatically. As he doesn't have a License to Search, Seizure and Detaining, like he did in the Vast Empire Intelligence, he attempts to settle almost all matters with money and words. But, if the pen bursts, then the use of the sword becomes much, much easier.
  • Bilingual—Bacredi thinks that knowing more than one language is extremely important. Bacredi is fluent in Basic (obviously) and is fluent in Huttese and knows droidspeak as well (though he can't speak it...no one but droids can). He is not the smartest person with languages but he can still get around.

Family Ships[edit]

(ranked in order of acquiring)

Bacredi himself has no ships, but his family does. They all use the ships together, and Zhar is a huge user of them.


Captain Say reporting the two RS Bombers.
  • Captain of the Watch: James Say, a local of Denon, was born thirty two years ago. He had a early invitation to the Naval Life, serving at the local ship port. When he met up with Zhar Bacredi at an early age (twenty five), they both have kept contact since. But three years ago when Zhar Bacredi decided he wanted to start up a small trading flotilla, he went to James Say first—and Say became the Captain of the Watch for the Devonshire. He is the second in command of the Devonshire, a straight shot with a pistol, and an adequate fighter pilot. He almost always resides in the bridge, he loves the sound the ship makes. He even had his quarters be moved near the bridge for a quick response time. He carries a Mynock Q33 and sometimes a Borning High Power.
  • Head of Security:
    Charles Robinson is the Head of Security for the Devonshire, he currently commands all security operations within the Devonshire. A strong willed man from the Epsilon System, Charles Robinson was recruited by Zhar Bacredi to join the Devonshire a few years back. Since then, Robinson has hand picked every member of the security staff for the CMF Devonshire and has also helped the members of the Aegis Weapons and Targeting System. Robinson is good friends with Bill Tanner, Geoffrey Roebuck, Zhar Bacredi, and many other members of this small trading flotilla. Robinson's weapon of choice (like most other members of his security staff) is the Mynock Q33, the Mynock Q33 is considered a "small belly" gun but makes up for such with accuracy and the ability to easily attach a silencer. He sometimes leaves the ship to go get supplies or head up a bounty in his free time, nothing but that.
  • Head of Starfighter Control: Gregory Milan is a Caucasian human male from Hecter VI. He was recruited by Geoffrey Roebuck after a few terrorist attacks at Hecter VI, which caused Milan to want revenge for these attacks (which had claimed the lives of his family). He didn't find such revenge in the trading flotilla, though. However, he did find adventure and a change of friendship with all the crew. Milan dislikes Bacredi, thinking him as one of the "arrogant men from the west". Bacredi doesn't mind, though, and thinks that Milan is a competent man. Milan directs almost all starfighter activity in the Devonshire, allowing ships to enter and leave.
  • Head of A.W.T.S.:
    A side computer in the AWTS room.
    The Aegis Weapon and Targeting System isn't just a computer, it is thirty-seven computers (all with several monitors) in the hull of the Devonshire. The burden of the Aegis Weapon and Targeting System control center falls under the hands of Gregory Fall Brown, a man of fourty-three. He was born on Coruscant fourty-three years ago to two unlawful parents that later got themselves killed after not paying bounties (this was at the age of 19 for Brown). Brown then began to smuggle and learn more and more about technology, he eventually befriended Geoffrey Roebuck who recruited him into the trading flotilla. After a year or two of experience aboard the ship, he became the AWTS Director. His stress levels are high every day, and with that, he takes multiple medications, and knows multiple languages. He also knows how to re-code the AWTS Coordinate Satellite from scratch... which took him years to figure out. But doing such a thing would take him months.

The RAF Devonshire is one of the five capital ships in use by Zhar Bacredi. It is a Bothan Assault Frigate. The Devonshire is part of a small trading flotilla that runs around Vast Empire Space and make port in the Epsilon System.

  • Girangofold Ter58: The Girangofold Ter58 high-output ion turbine engines are incredibly fast, expensive... and always in need of repairs. They can travel for about four years until they need to be decomissioned in place for the new engines, Bacredi dreads the day that he will need to replace his Girangofold Ter58 high-output ion turbine engines. These engines were manufactured by the Girangofold Ter Company and then sold through the Imperial Center Store in the Core (under a shell name) to the trading flotilla.
  • Weapon Complement: Bacredi hasn't modified the weapons on the Devonshire (except for them to fit under the AWTS system). There is still 12 Turbolaser cannons, 10 Laser cannons and 6 Proton torpedo launchers.

The Devonshire boasts a multitude of starfighters:

  • V-19 Torrents: The Devonshire boasts twelve V-19 Torrents (Steel Squadron). Steel Squadron is commanded by Ron Tamas, they fly into battle when needed, but they don't fly into battle that often. They have a few formations, but nothing from that.


Geoffrey Roebuck.
  • Captain of the Ship: Geoffrey Roebuck, captain of the Somerset is a stubborn, impatient, womanizing, and most of all—genius. He was born on Somerset III fifty-five years ago to two parents that raised him in their apartment. He later attended the University of Charblix VI and joined the Vast Empire Navy. Eventually working his way up to Lieutenant Commander, Roebuck was way past the retiring age for his type (squadron commander). He retired at age fourty five. He then joined Bacredi's little flotilla and was given the chance to name his very on ship. He named the ship Somerset in honor of his homeworld.
  • Captain of the Watch: The Captain of the Watch is one Mystiq Rangerford. He is currently thirty three and was raised on Denon (even though he was born on Hecter III). He attended the University of Tadath, and like Roebuck joined the Vast Empire Navy. He moved up to the rank of Warrant Officer and was forced to retire after a crash landing rendered his piloting skills obsolete. He later joined Zhar Bacredi's little trading flotilla under Roebuck.
  • Head of Security: Al Tanner was born on Coruscant forty years ago with his brother, Bill Tanner. He currently has one of the best shots with a Mynock Q33 in the flotilla. Though he has never discharged it while he has been with the flotilla, he always keeps it at his side. Tanner is rumored to have some of the tightest security in the flotilla, not leaving a stone un-turned in every inspection they have to do on all transport crates. He is able to fly a starfighter, but barely.
  • Head of Starfighter Control: The Somerset has 12 spaceworthy and battleworthy TIE Fighters. along with this, two shuttles come in and out of the Somerset delivering supplies, trading down to the surface, etc. And to monitor this, is Kidon Pitt. He is a smart man with Denonian descendency, he is a good friend of Roebuck and the rest of his command cabinet.
  • Head of A.W.T.S.: The AWTS on the Somerset is headed by Etan Grangerford. He is a shallow, shy, and inconsiderate man with a knack for battle and navigation.

The Duke-Class (Type 23) Somerset is a ship part of the trading flotilla of Zhar Bacredi. The Somerset is currently commanded by Geoffrey Roebuck and his command cabinet. The Somerset makes port in Somerset III of the Somersetshire System, they were named for Somerset, a gas giant.

  • Girangofold Ter58: The Girangofold Ter58 high-output ion turbine engines are incredibly fast, expensive... and always in need of repairs. They can travel for about four years until they need to be decomissioned in place for the new engines, Bacredi dreads the day that he will need to replace his Girangofold Ter58 high-output ion turbine engines. These engines were manufactured by the Girangofold Ter Company and then sold through the Imperial Center Store in the Core (under a shell name) to the trading flotilla.
  • Weapon Complement: Roebuck hasn't modified the weapons on the Somerset (except for them to fit under the AWTS system). There is still 12 Turbolaser cannons, 10 Laser cannons and 6 Proton torpedo launchers.

The Somerset has a multitude of starfighters:

  • TIE Fighters: The Somerset boasts twelve TIE Fighters (Avenger Squadron). Avenger Squadron is commanded by Reese Grangerford, they fly into battle when needed, but they don't fly into battle that often. They have a few formations, but nothing from that.

St. Albans:

  • Captain of the Ship: The Captain of the Ship is Adeon Roebuck, who is the youngest of three boys. He is a cousin of Geoffrey Roebuck and was born on Taris fifty seven years ago. He learned flying from his cousin but never really was interested in such things. He was always interested in the sound of a capital ship, so he took his family honor with him and applied for a scholarship at the University of Tadath. They accepted him with a full ride and he learned the logistics division. He was later approached by his cousin to be the captain of the St. Albans

The St. Albans is a CR90 Corellian Corvette that is in service with the flottila of BacCo. Made some ten years ago by the Denonian Engineering Corporation, the St. Albans was imediately bought by Zhar Bacredi and put into service with his father's flotilla. After his father's demise at the hands of the Empire, Zhar took over the St. Albans as a ship.

The St. Albans.
The blueprints.
  • Deck 1:
    • Stateroom suite
  • Deck 2:
    • Cockpit
    • Officers' quarters
    • Officers' common room
    • Formal state conference chamber
    • Formal dining room
    • Escape pod access tunnel (circumnavigates the whole deck)
    • Library
    • Airlocks port and starboard
  • Deck 3:
    • Captain's quarters
    • Computer power substation
    • Tech station
    • Airlock
    • Main computer room
    • Main sensor room
    • Sensor power substation
    • Engine room
    • Crew quarters
    • Droid maintenance room

The St. Albans was constructed so a small hangar could fit in it. It is filled with three NTB-630 Naval Bombers, nicknamed "Ice Flight".


  • Captain of the Ship: The captain of the Invincible is John Devon. John Devon was once the captain of the Bedford, before the RAF had bought the Invincible. Once the RAF bought the Invincible, Devon was chosen for the command and his XO, Donald Rumpfeld took his place as Bedford's commander. Devon made the Invincible's hangar bay—which only fit 12 fighters—to be modified to fit 24. Once that was finished, the Invincible set out of drydock which was at Epsilon, and headed for the unknown.
  • Executive Officer: The only ship that actually calls for an executive officer because of it's size, the XO of the Invincible is James Davenport. Davenport was born thirty years ago on Tadath, and was recruited by Roebuck.
    The Invincible nearing Taris.
  • Captain of the Watch: The captain of the watch for the Invincible is Hunter Williams.

The Invincible is a Hammerhead-Class Carrier / Cruiser, and the tenth version of such. The carrier has been modified with better weapons, but still retains the four tractor beams that helps the Invincible pull in stray starfighters and starships. The hangar bay of the Invincible can fit 24 fighters (in racks) comfortably. There is also room for one shuttle, or airspeeders.

The Invincible has a multitude of starfighters:

  • TIE Fighters: The Invincible has 12 battleworthy TIE Fighters. The TIE Fighter squadron is named Banshee Squadron, and is commanded by Cole Mancuso.
  • Preybird-Class: The Invincible has 12 Preybird-Class Attack Starfighters, they are used with the Invincible's defences, and also with Rorran Gorma. They are known as Scimitar Squadron. But the Preybirds are usually out on a mission, and if the Zebra-Class Attack Snubfighters are in, they'd be out of the ship and cruising.
  • Zebra-Class Snubfighters: Sentinel Squadron is the name for the squadron of Zebra-Class Attack Snubfighters. The snubfighters have been modified to have a hyperdrive, and the laser cannons are more powerful now as well. Sentinel Squadron is fit to take on many targets. Sentinel has 6 formations: Arrow, upside-V, double-line, moving-and-connecting V, attack formation, and defensive formation.

Iron Duke:

  • Captain of the Ship: First Lieutenant (Ret.) Jonathan "Jack" Priors is a stubborn, genius, book smart, and imposing man. Born Jonathan Priors to Jack and Jennifer Priors on Coruscant 43 years ago, Priors has learned to blend in on many worlds such as Coruscant. After spending multiple years in the tactical section of Naval Intelligence, Priors transferred to the navy and accepted the lowly rank of Senior Crewman. He stayed in the Vast Imperial Navy for seven more years, eventually commanding the 67th Offensive Squadron. After retiring from the Vast Imperial Navy, he was replaced by the late Lieutenant Commander Jones, who died in the 67th (and who was eventually replaced by Zhar Bacredi).
  • Captain of the Watch: Celte Helran.
  • Head of Security: Tyrran Risturus.
  • Head of Starfighter Control: Skymi Nabloinne.
  • Head of A.W.T.S.: Ardreen Helkin.

The Duke-Class (Type 23) Iron Duke is a ship part of the trading flotilla of Zhar Bacredi. The Iron Duke is currently commanded by Jack Priors and his command cabinet. The Iron Duke makes port in Reach III of the Rhaegent System, they were named for Dorset, a gas giant.

  • Girangofold Ter58: The Girangofold Ter58 high-output ion turbine engines are incredibly fast, expensive... and always in need of repairs. They can travel for about four years until they need to be decomissioned in place for the new engines, Bacredi dreads the day that he will need to replace his Girangofold Ter58 high-output ion turbine engines. These engines were manufactured by the Girangofold Ter Company and then sold through the Imperial Center Store in the Core (under a shell name) to the trading flotilla.
  • Weapon Complement: Priors hasn't modified the weapons on the Iron Duke (except for them to fit under the AWTS system). There is still 12 Turbolaser cannons, 10 Laser cannons and 6 Proton torpedo launchers.

The Iron Duke has a multitude of starfighters:

  • TIE Fighters: The Iron Duke boasts twelve TIE Fighters (Agile Squadron). Agile Squadron is commanded by Tamas Flier, they fly into battle when needed, but they don't fly into battle that often. They have a few formations, but nothing from that.

Bedford: The Duke-Class (Type 23) Bedford is a ship part of the trading flotilla of Zhar Bacredi. The Bedford is currently commanded by Donald Rumpfeld and his command cabinet. The Bedford makes port in Rais of the Rais System, they were named for Bedford, a gas giant.

  • Girangofold Ter58: The Girangofold Ter58 high-output ion turbine engines are incredibly fast, expensive... and always in need of repairs. They can travel for about four years until they need to be decomissioned in place for the new engines, Bacredi dreads the day that he will need to replace his Girangofold Ter58 high-output ion turbine engines. These engines were manufactured by the Girangofold Ter Company and then sold through the Imperial Center Store in the Core (under a shell name) to the trading flotilla.
  • Weapon Complement: Rumpfeld hasn't modified the weapons on the Bedford (except for them to fit under the AWTS system). There is still 12 Turbolaser cannons, 10 Laser cannons and 6 Proton torpedo launchers.

The Bedford has a multitude of starfighters:

  • TIE Fighters: The Bedford boasts twelve TIE Fighters (Crusader Squadron). Crusader Squadron is commanded by Ron Tamas, they fly into battle when needed, but they don't fly into battle that often. They have a few formations, but nothing from that.

Other ships[edit]

R-Series, FireFly-Class Transports:

  • Royal Oak: (R-1) The RAF Royal Oak is one of the five FireFly-Class MidBulk Transports in use by Zhar Bacredi. Ever since purchasing these ships, Bacredi has modified the FireFlys so much that you can't even recognize them anymore. He added a good 10 meters to the ship(s), added three mini chainguns on the front of the ship for full frontal attack, and two swivel chainguns on the top and bottom of the ship, along with ten auto-laser turrets all around the ship, and five missile launchers. The Royal Oak's non-existent shield generator has been replaced by a larger, and more powerful shield generator. The Oak's shuttlecraft have been replaced with small snubfighters. The ship has 40 B-1 Battle droids and 4 B-2 Battle Droids in folded racks.
  • Royal Sovereign: (R-2) The RAF Royal Sovereign is one of the five FireFly-Class MidBulk Transports in use by Zhar Bacredi. Ever since purchasing these ships, Bacredi has modified the FireFlys so much that you can't even recognize them anymore. He added a good 10 meters to the ship(s), added three mini chainguns on the front of the ship for full frontal attack, and two swivel chainguns on the top and bottom of the ship, along with ten auto-laser turrets all around the ship, and five missile launchers. The Royal Sovereign's non-existent shield generator has been replaced by a larger, and more powerful shield generator. The Sovereign's shuttlecraft have been replaced with small snubfighters. The ship has 40 B-1 Battle droids and 4 B-2 Battle Droids in folded racks.
  • Resolution: (R-3) The RAF Resolution is one of the five FireFly-Class MidBulk Transports in use by Zhar Bacredi. Ever since purchasing these ships, Bacredi has modified the FireFlys so much that you can't even recognize them anymore. He added a good 10 meters to the ship(s), added three mini chainguns on the front of the ship for full frontal attack, and two swivel chainguns on the top and bottom of the ship, along with ten auto-laser turrets all around the ship, and five missile launchers. The Resolution's non-existent shield generator has been replaced by a larger, and more powerful shield generator. The Resolution's shuttlecraft have been replaced with small snubfighters. The ship has 40 B-1 Battle droids and 4 B-2 Battle Droids in folded racks.
  • Revenge: (R-4) The RAF Revenge is one of the five FireFly-Class MidBulk Transports in use by Zhar Bacredi. Ever since purchasing these ships, Bacredi has modified the FireFlys so much that you can't even recognize them anymore. He added a good 10 meters to the ship(s), added three mini chainguns on the front of the ship for full frontal attack, and two swivel chainguns on the top and bottom of the ship, along with ten auto-laser turrets all around the ship, and five missile launchers. The Revenge's non-existent shield generator has been replaced by a larger, and more powerful shield generator. The Revenge's shuttlecraft have been replaced with small snubfighters. The ship has 40 B-1 Battle droids and 4 B-2 Battle Droids in folded racks.
  • Royal Ark: (R-5) The RAF Royal Ark is one of the five FireFly-Class MidBulk Transports in use by Zhar Bacredi. Ever since purchasing these ships, Bacredi has modified the FireFlys so much that you can't even recognize them anymore. He added a good 10 meters to the ship(s), added three mini chainguns on the front of the ship for full frontal attack, and two swivel chainguns on the top and bottom of the ship, along with ten auto-laser turrets all around the ship, and five missile launchers. The Royal Ark's non-existent shield generator has been replaced by a larger, and more powerful shield generator. The Ark's shuttlecraft have been replaced with small snubfighters. The ship has 40 B-1 Battle droids and 4 B-2 Battle Droids in folded racks.

Iron Duke Freighter Complement:

  • Midsummer Night: The YV-100 Midsummer Night is part of the strange complement of starships that sits in the Iron Duke's hangar bay. It has been modified to an extent, and has the words "Midsummer Night—Power and Peace" painted in red on the side of the Night. The Night takes the place of annual defenders for the Iron Duke.
  • Vostok: The YV-100 Vostok is part of the strange complement of random YV (and starfighter) models in the Iron Duke. The Vostok has been modified to an extent, and has the words "Vostok... what the hell are you looking at?" painted in red on the side of the ship. The Vostok takes the place of the annual defenders of the Iron Duke.
  • Trafalgar: The YV-330 Trafalgar is part of the strange compelement of random YV models in the Iron Duke's modified and large hangar bay. It has been modified extensively, and has the words "What are we named after again?" painted in red on the side of the ship.

Refueling Ships, "Harper Cluster":

  • Lancelot: The RAF Lancelot is a GR-75, refueling modified, transport captained by Captain Harper, RAF. This is a ship that helps the RAF refuel continuously. The Lancelot carries the First Defence Squadron, a squadron composed of 12 TIE Fighters.
  • Marathon: The RAF Marathon is a GR-75, refueling modified, transport captained by one Captain Cairo, RAF. This is a ship that helps refuel the RAF from around the galaxy. The Marathon carries the Second Defence Squadron, a squadron composed of 12 TIE Fighters.
  • Hercules: The RAF Hercules is a Trawler-Class transport that has been modified to fit thousands of gallons of fuel for the small flotilla. The Hercules roams around the Vast Empire.

Intelligence Cruiser:

  • Surprise: The Gozanti-Class (Intelligence modified) Cruiser Surprise is the intelligence vessel in the flotilla. The Surprise is able to drop into a system for close to a minute (max.) and take satellite photos of every planet in such system. The Surprise's elegant communications suite would then send a message back to the flotilla with the planet's images. While the Surprise is a very "hi-tech" and "cool" ship, it suffers a lack in speed. The captain is Preston D. Kole.

Escort Ships:

  • Aegis Fate: The Gozanti-Class (Intelligence modified) Cruiser Aegis Fate is the escort vessel in the flotilla. The Fate is able to drop into a system for close to a minute (max.) and take satellite photos of every planet in such system. The Fate's elegant communications suite would then send a message back to the flotilla with the planet's images. Also, the Aegis Fate is a escort vessel within the flotilla.
  • Euphrates: The Gozanti-Class (Intelligence modified) Cruiser Euphrates is the escort vessel in the flotilla. The Euphrates is able to drop into a system for close to a minute (max.) and take satellite photos of every planet in such system. The Euphrates's elegant communications suite would then send a message back to the flotilla with the planet's images. The Euphrates escorts some of the capital ships.
  • Red Liason: the Firespray-Class Patrol Ship Red Liason is an escort vessel in the flotilla.

Patrol ships:

  • Aegis: The RAF Aegis is an Arwed-Class Freighter in service as a patrol ship.
  • Blockader: The RAF Blockader is an Arwed-Class Freighter in service as a patrol ship.
  • Crestshire: The RAF Crestshire is an B-7 light freighter that is in service as a patrol ship armed with 4 double laser cannons.
  • Lincolnshire: The RAF Lincolnshire is a B-7 light freighter that is in service as a patrol ship. It has 4 double laser cannons.
  • Crestford: The RAF Crestford is a Guardian Light Cruiser that is in service as both a patrol and transport ship. It has four laser cannons.
  • Defender: The RAF Defender is a Guardian Light Cruiser that is a patrol ship. The Defender carries the Fourth Defence Squadron, a squadron composed of 12 TIE Fighters.
  • Bedwealth: The RAF Bedwealth is a Guardian Light Cruiser that is in service as both an armed transport ship (for random exports) and a patrol ship. It has four laser cannons. The Bedwealth carries the Fifth Defence Squadron, a squadron composed of 12 TIE Fighters.

Escort Gunboats:

  • Starry Citadel: The Starry Citadel is a Ye-4 Gunboat that is in service with. The Citadel is captained by Jeff Homechick. The Citadel carriers half of the Third Defence Squadron, 6 C-73 Trackers.
  • Cruising Speed: The Cruising Speed is a Ye-4 Gunboat that is in service with Bacredi, it is captained by Leroy Alivs. The Speed carriers half of the Third Defence Squadron, 6 C-73 Tracker Starfighters.

Ground Assault Squadrons:

  • Spitfire Squadron: Spitfire Squadron is the first ground assault squadron of the RAF. The inventory is 12 K-222 Airspeeders. Spitfire's current roster: Rabatt Norant, Kardge Zarant, Shilla Terrturus, Jolena Andross, Lesh Zarezsh, Aegent Leegana, Weos Horria, Beka Selrus, Mokef Sania, Joodia Zartrayn, Mortrian Zarik, and Jeen Wolfilles.
  • Admiralty Squadron: Admiralty Squadron is the second ground assault squadron of the RAF. The inventory is 12 T-47 Combat Airspeeders. Their roster is as follows (pilot then gunner): Tyrka Nabprin, Len Mothon, Jotrian Dryus, Oosati Andon, Tyreema Oles, Melia Skyus, Weric Tavkin, Tennah Tarkria, Jaran Navold, Srihuff Anddine, Pakos Terrus, Dakine Arddine, Trrax Talma, Morric Kraloinne, Zaos Sarria, Skyria Logana, Moin Talia, Dakte Quelma, Trria Antkin, Lannah Soran, Rhylis Lorcken, Elen Kraross, Corlis Orcin, and Numel Cynerus.

Bacredi's Personal Space Transports:

  • Wake of Valor: The Wake of Valor is a Citadel-Class Cruiser owned by Bacredi and is used by Bacredi for most smaller personal ventures. The Wake of Valor is furnished with state-of-the-art Denonian furniture, has a full drink bar with the finest whiskey, and a class 2 hyperdrive. The three staterooms in the ship are placed on one side of the ship, and on the other is a spacious lounge. In the front of the ship, the two pilots fly the Wake of Valor every time they are needed. When the Wake of Valor is not needed, it is usually docked with a stationary frigate above Taris.

Courier vessels:

  • Illustrious: The Illustrious is a SC-19 Florian Scout that is used when Bacredi needs some time alone. He operates the Illustrious alone, with one random guard/pilot. The Illustrious is currently the only ship that is not on the roster of the RAF.

Security Transport Detail:

  • Dauntless: The Dauntless is an Etti Lighter in service with the RAF as a Security and Transport detail. It can defend itself and transport 881,849 pounds of cargo with it.


Bacredi's fighter, on the rainy world of Jashad with Bacredi standing outside.

Delta-Class Aeithisphere:

Bacredi bought his Delta fighter a year ago, and it has show little use. But half a year ago Bacredi found some reason in the fighter's capability, adding a hyperdrive and upgrading the fighter beyond the maximum. The rear Ion Engines were upgraded with a power cell that could move as fast as a standard TIE Interceptor, and then the two front blaster cannons were upgraded with Xe-918B Blaster Cells. Then during Sovern's Grandma's Crisis the fighter showed continued use, and it even helped Bacredi when he escpaed the planet of Denon.

Bacredi flying his Eta-2 Inteceptor over Coruscant.

Eta-2 Interceptor:

Bacredi's Eta-2 Interceptor is a remnant ship from the Clone Wars. Bacredi at the Imperial Center in the Core Worlds bought it. Bacredi has upgraded it with a hyperdrive which made it a bit heavier than it should be, but it also gives Bacredi a hyperdrive. Bacredi flew it to Nar Shaddaa to with R4-P16 and down to the Imperial Wing of Nar Shaddaa, that is were he met Jost Jati for the first time. During a fight Bacredi was pinned down by two Zabraks, and his two guards and his personal banker was killed by blaster fire. This lead to Sicario being there and helping Bacredi get out of a tough spot. Bacredi then went on to fight in Operation: Iron Sweep with Kaph Squadron and then transferred to Viper Squadron to meet up with Sicario and some other friends in the First Vast Imperial Fleet. Bacredi would later go on to fly this beautiful ship on many occasions, the Delta-7 and the Eta-2 would be used on many occasions, and they would be on many missions for the Tarisien Navy and other mercenary groups.

R5-D3, Bacredi's droid.


The Bacredi family has a huge selection of astromech and protocol droids, somewhere around 200 droids combined. Bacredi's favorite droids are R4-P9, a simple R4 unit that he uses with his Eta-Class Starfighter, R5-D9, a droid that he uses to repair his luxury speeder, R6-D2, a droid that he brings on his transports when he is flying them alone, R3-O3, a droid he uses in the Devonshire's hangar bays. All of his droids are stationed in the Bacredi Family Compound on Sheffield Island, Lianna, and all have their own charging stations and receive scheduled maintenance every week.

TC-5K8, dubbed Teecee is a silver TC Protocol Droid owned by Zhar and is accompanied by R5-D3.

R5-D3 is a R-5 Series astromech, owned by Zhar Bacredi. R5 is accompanied by TC-5K8. Manufactured on Unglium's Droid Manufacturing plants R5 is about 4 years old, and has served in countless battles since his 'birth'.

Weapon of Choice:

Bacredi's weapon of choice is the Mynock Q33 Slugthrower. Firing metal rounds, he was able to modify the gun with an extended silencer and a few other quirks. Carrying it in a shoulder holster most times, it would come on the winning side of a battle any time.
The Q33.


  • Bacredi obtained this weapon when he entered the Vast Empire Naval Intelligence.
  • Many of Bacredi's companions used this weapon, such as members of the:

When Bacredi is unable to have his Mynock Q33, he uses a backup weapon that is usually in his briefcase.

Modified Tropov:

The modified Tropov.
The StA-55.
The StA-67.
Bacredi's field com.
Bacredi's M66.
"Heavier and less powerful than traditional semi-automatics and the other IvP-18, the modified version of the IvP-18 Tropov machine pistol compensates with an additional burst fire mode and a drum magazine for increased [yet at the same time, decreased] ammo capacity."
―Weapons manufacturer, Denon[src]

Bacredi picked up a modified IvP-18 Tropov Machine Pistol on Denon. He had ordered five Mynock Q33 Silent Slugthrowers for his ship but in return he got these pistols. The company that made the weapons had modified the weapons and they were military grade, but the gun has a few defects as well. The gun is able to take a silencer, and can use one well, hushing almost every noise that comes out of the pistol. Bacredi's fellow former agent, Andar "Cursed" Bacardi uses a modified Tropov as well. This weapon had never come into full production, as there were a few flaws in it.

The modified IvP-18 Tropov has a clip of 190, while the average Tropov has a clip of 200. This was modified for a better feeling on the grip of the handgun so you could easily aim.

Modified StA-55 LAR:

The modified (barely, just the stock) StA-55 LAR Assault Rifle is the main rifle used by Zhar Bacredi. The weapon has semi, single, and full automatic modes. The StA-55 can also hold a silencer and a grenade launcher, even though Bacredi barely ever uses the grenade launcher, the silencer is constantly in use. While this weapon doesn't fit in Bacredi's suitcase, it is commonly found in Bacredi's luxury speeder.

The StA-55 LAR has a clip of 320, a slightly decreased amount.

StA-67 Submachine Gun:

The StA-67 Submachine Gun is currently a weapon that Bacredi barely ever uses. The submachine gun currently has three modes: single shot, semi-automatic, or full automatic. The StA-67 submachine gun currently has a clip of 300, and can fire at a heavy rate for a long time. The StA is currently in use by the security forces of Reach II. Bacredi acquired the rifle when he joined the Vast Empire Intelligence.

Field Com:

Bacredi's field com is a wireless device capable of communicating with planets hundreds of thousands of light years away. The field com was commissioned to him by Vast Empire Intelligence. It is capable of reading fingerprints (from the Vast Empire Intelligence database), shocking a human being with 2,000 volts of energy, controlling a local Vast Empire Intelligence field camera, and practically pick locks. The field com can be seen on Bacredi's waist in his holster.

Bacredi's M66:

"An effective assassination and CQB (Close-Quarters Battle) weapon, the M66-SD submachine gun is fitted with a sound suppressor and a telescopic sight. The high-temperature alloy construction of the suppressor keeps the weapon silent in full-auto fire mode, although single shots allow for better cooling and increased accuracy."
―Imperial Center Store.

Bacredi—along with RAIDERS Squad—constantly uses a M66 "Silent Death" Submachine gun. Bacredi, who had overcome his dislike for such small and versatile weapons, loves this gun for it's ability to kill a man silently.

Lung Blasters:

Lung Blasters are mild narcotics that can be ignited and smoked for the purposes of relaxation. The Navy supplies Lung Blasters that contain chemically treated portions of dried vegetation rolled inside of a slender paper shaft. Typically, smokers place one end of the cigarra at the tip of his or her mouth and ignite the opposing end. From there, they inhale the burning substance directly into their lungs and exhale a cloud of smoke. Lung Blasters are extremely popular in in the Stormtrooper Corps, and less in the Navy. Zhar barely ever smokes, though.


A man with many things to carry: pistols, credit chips, body parts, ammo, paperwork, and many other vital things to Zhar's survival. And to carry all of that is Bacredi's briefcase. The briefcase sports two molds for Bacredi's pistols (most likely his modified Tropov and his Q33), along with two smaller molds for the silencers. While the molds take up half of one side of the briefcase, the other half has a holo-computer hidden in it. When you open the briefcase and press a small, circular button, the computer will prop up. The computer has many quirks with it. On the other half of the briefcase is many paper holders, document scanners, and fingerprints. There is also a communication receiver inside.

The history behind the briefcase is simple, it was given to him as a gift when entering the Vast Empire Naval Academy. After this, he retrofitted it with the molds, had the techs make the holo-computers, and had some random person make the rest.

Zisparanza Luxury Speeder:

Bacredi has a Zisparanza Luxury Speeder for his own personal use. The driver—either a droid or a government official—is usually going from building to building.


Bacredi wears a crisp gray uniform, and is almost always formal when in the presence of his commanders... at least in uniform.

Bacredi really has nothing special about his uniform, except when the cloth stretches over diagonally over his chest, there is an easy slip for Bacredi to reach into. By move reach, it is a place for Bacredi to easily reach for his pistol. While he also wears suspenders to support the holster. Bacredi wears a shoulder holster almost all the time, his uniform was specialized so.

The S-5 Heavy Blaster Pistol seen with a dart launcher.

S-5 Heavy Blaster Pistol + Ascension Gun:

"Produced by Theed Arms, the S-5 was in use by the Clone Wars by members of the Royal Naboo Security Forces. Since then, it has been developed into a state of the art weapon that will be around for ages."
―S-5 Manual

Bacredi—who doesn't neccesarily have an eye for blasters—found one he liked. The S-5 is an ascension gun equipped with a dart launcher. The blasts it fires are deadly accurate and Bacredi barely uses this, but he probably will in the future. The S-5 heavy blaster pistol is a versatile weapon with a heavy wooden gripstock and twin scopes for sighting and rangefinding. The S-5 also featured a dart launcher underneath the main barrel, able to fire either an anesthetic microdart or a grappling hook tip. The latter was used in conjunction with a liquid-cable shooter attachment; a quick customization that turned the S-5 pistol into a durable ascension gun. The cable reservoir held enough liquid to form twenty meters of cable, and the spike launcher itself cost around 50 Imperial Credits.


Bacredi's datapad.
"Sleek enough to slide under a door and light enough to not float in the air like a piece of paper, the X0-9I datapad is the newest item from Arch-Sektra Technologies, it comes fit with data recognition, two terabytes worth of information, facial recognition software, a camera, navigation tools for over nine hundred thousand planets, and all the travel tips that you would ever need for your datapad."
―Arch-Sektra Spokesman.

The X0-9I datapad is a datapad with facial recognition software and intense navigation abilities. It goes into Bacredi's briefcase or side bag since it doesn't fit in his pocket. It is able to zoom in on almost any land feature on any planet (it has over 900,000 maps of different planets) and it can read the whereabouts of about any public figure that you ask for by monitoring press circles simultaneously. It can also access about any channel you want for your services, required that you have the password and can surf the holonet as well. This item is the future in technology for the datapad and will be selling en masse soon enough.

Family and Other Information[edit]

James Bacredi, Grand Duke.

Grand Duke James Brion Bacredi is Bacredi's brother, born 2 years after Bacredi. James is the former mayor of St. Faol, a Lianna city with a population of 10,000, and currently the Grand Duke of the Duchy of St. Faol. James was born the Brion & Nemo Bacredi two years after his brother, Zhar Bacredi, and four year after Lisa Bacredi's birth. James Bacredi almost immediately went after his great grandfather's path—Politics, he was always interested in current events and when his family moved to St. Faol (he was 18 at the time and Zhar had already left), he vowed to be their mayor. He eventually ran for the City Council of St. Faol—which was held by 10 people, and won with funding from Zhar and his parents. Four years of that led to the Mayorship, another thing he ran for. He—along with Zhar as his deputy—lost by 1,000 votes. Zhar went on to become a pilot while James stayed on the city council, still vowing to become mayor. He eventually became mayor, beating the incumbent by over 2,000 votes.

James is described as "the twin of Zhar Bacredi", as he is egoistical, stubborn, and arrogant. James currently has an estimated net worth of 20.9—30.2 Million Credits, taking after the rest of his family as well. Before becoming a councilor, James was the CEO of ShippLianna and Chief of Staff at Bacredi Family Shipping Company. James currently has a wife—Abby Bacredi (formerly Abby Metacaff)—and two kids—James Bacredi, jr, and Brion Bacredi the IV. He takes resident at the St. Faol Mayor's Mansion, and it constantly briefed by his Chief of Staff—his cousin, George H. Bacredi—and the City Council. His current political alignment with the Lianna "Parties" is the Lianna Party of Conservation of the Government. He is the current chairman of the St. Faol Lianna Party of the Conservation of the Government, and is again, assisted by George H. Bacredi. Bacredi's relationship with the rest of his siblings is lacking, as Zhar is busy with his military assignments and Lisa is busy with her new job. James was given the title of Grand Duke of the Duchy of St. Faol after Chancellor Crawford's most recent Honors List.

Lisa Bacredi-Driscoll, Chief Contractor.

Chief Contractor Lisa Nemo Bacredi-Driscoll is Zhar and James Bacredi's sister, and currently represents the company DuraFlec in the Galactic Market. Lisa is the oldest out of her three other siblings and was born 2 years before Zhar's birth, and four years before James' birth. Lisa—like Zhar—had a passion for getting things done with force as a child, unlike her more diplomatic brother, James. The first time her grandfather took her out to shoot his pistol gave her a thrill like no other. And that thrill led to her working at the company DuraFlec, a private contracting company...an umbrella for their illegal activities. They are involved in smuggling and trafficking along with bounty hunting and providing escapees with illegal merchandise. Lisa—being a spokesman—has no idea about this, however, and really thinks the company sells windows.

Lisa Bacredi-Driscoll is described by her co-workers as "Impatient and untrustworthy", she is known to fire men and women under her in the company's chain of command on a whim. She always carries a pistol—much like her husband, Erin Driscoll. Her husband isn't liked by the rest of the family (James and Zhar in particular), but is loved by Lisa. Erin works as the Chief Operations Officer at DriscollCorp, a manufacturing company and made an unsuccessful run for the Governor of Reed, a small colony on the outer rim. Driscoll (Erin) has close ties with the criminal organizations of Dazeil—a bounty hunting organization that has had many complaints and suits filed against them—and Adapose, a criminal organization that smuggles spice. The Bacredi-Driscoll's (Lisa has formally taken the name Driscoll in person, but is usually referred to as Bacredi anyway) have a net worth of 10 Million to 15 Million credits, and the entire Bacredi-Driscoll family spent close to 10 million credits on Lieutenant Governor Erin Driscoll on his campaign and Governor Granger's campaign as well.

Tyr Bacredi, Duke.

President Tyr James Bacredi is the President of Operations at the Bacredi Family Shipping Company, and ascended to that post when Zhar Bacredi resigned to join the military and become Vice President of Operations. Tyr Bacredi is the wealthiest member of the Bacredi Family by about ten million credits (in conversion rates). Tyr Bacredi is the twin of Brion Bacredi, and is currently sixty-five years old. Tyr Bacredi is in good contact with James Bacredi—who he gave 20 million credits to help his fundraiser—Zhar Bacredi—who has been in good business contact—and Lisa Bacredi—but he still denies the marriage to a complete and "utter asshole". Tyr Bacredi even gave a very demoralizing speech at the two's wedding (Lisa and Erin Driscoll's wedding), denouncing them. This was, of course, after Zhar and Tyr lit one up and then went in for a couple drinks.

Tyr Bacredi is the most diplomatic of the family...and a very good actor for that. He can shuffle his facial expressions and emotions to seal a business deal. He is the most intellectually valued member of the family, getting a full degree in Business from the University of Denon, and a BA in Politics from the University of Alderaan. Tyr is paid 408,000 Credits per year at Bacredi Family Shipping Company, and is married to Jane Bacredi. Tyr has two sons—George H. Bacredi, who is the campaign manager and Chief of Staff for James Bacredi—and his other son—Niel Bacredi, who is a councilman at St. Faol, replacing James Bacredi after he won the mayor election. Tyr Bacredi supports David M. Bacredi's decision to run for the Supreme Court of Lianna in their up and coming elections, and he has already pledged close to 2 million credits to his campaign and hired a campaign manager for him. Tyr also owns a residence on Lianna to look after the political members of his family. Tyr was given the title of the Duke of Devonshire after Chancellor Crawford's most recent Honors List, turning down the title of Chief Steward of the Prince of Esh-Thiel Tan.

George H. Bacredi, Marquis.

Chief of Staff George Hubert Bacredi is the current Chief of Staff to his cousin, James Bacredi—the Mayor of St. Faol. Before being Chief of Staff to James Bacredi, George H. Bacredi was the campaign manager for James and the Vice Executive of Security at Bacredi Family Shipping Company, under his father and cousin, Tyr Bacredi and Zhar Bacredi respectively. George Hubert Bacredi is 39 years of age, but he looks much, much older and his age has been estimated at fifty or so in rumours. Though, these rumours where all dissolved as he produced his birth certificate. George Hubert Bacredi ran for both the offices of Councilor, Legislator of Lianna, and Deputy Mayor but never achieved any of those offices due to the fact that his father—Tyr Bacredi—never pledged any credits to his fund.

The Chief of Staff Bacredi has been described as an arrogant yet diplomatic man with smart business solutions and an easy solution to many problems. He donates his pension (30,510 Credits yearly from the Lianna Government) to Charity, as he has a net worth estimated at 17 to 19 million credits from his trust fund set up by both of his parents. George Hubert Bacredi has had a wife and is currently married—Tina Ericson (divorced) was his first wife, but she was killed in a fatal speeder accident. Bacredi got a divorce afterwards. His current wife is Nemo Coleman-Bacredi, and he has two daughters—Hillary Driscoll Bacredi and Laura Coleman Bacredi. George was given the title of Marquis of Wellington, a small area on the Oxfordshire coast, in Chancellor John Crawford's most recent Honors List. He was subsequently knighted by the King.

Erin Driscoll, Chief Operations Officer.

Chief Operations Officer and former Lieutenant Governor Erin Driscoll was born forty-three years ago to his parents, Hillary Driscoll and Norm Driscoll. He was raised on the planet Reed, where he first met his childhood sweetheart. She (the childhood sweetheart) was later killed in a car accident that tore Driscoll apart, but he later bounced back after a year of exile. He came back wearing a new and nice black suit with blue tie, a new haircut, and he opened DriscollCorp with the money that his parents gave him from his trust fund and their will. His parents had died while he had been in exile of unknown causes. He opened the first store on Reed, and after four years eventually met and married Lisa Bacredi. Bacredi chose to lose her name of 'Bacredi' and changed it to 'Driscoll', though she is commonly referred to as Bacredi.

After being married to Lisa for eight years and accumulating a large net worth in the Imperial Credits, Erin thought it was time to run for an office that would eventually help the planet Reed (Which was falling into decay). He registered under the Conservative Party of Reed and ran for Lieutenant Governor along with James Granger. They won their nomination from the Conservative Party and eventually won a landslide against the incumbent (who let the economy fail). The Granger/Driscoll ticket went on to help stop the economy from faltering and keep the planet in line. They attempted to make the government much smaller, and for the six years (three year terms) that they were in office together, they helped to that. Term limits barred Granger from running again, so it was fit for Driscoll to take his place and run against him. He lost, however, by 350 votes.

Donald Bacredi, Representative.

Representative Donald Bacredi is Zhar Bacredi's uncle, and Brion Bacredi's older brother. He is also Tyr Bacredi's older brother. Donald Bacredi, unlike his brother, was born on the remote world of Bastion—a large center of Imperial Culture at that time. His parents, however, moved to a more ... democratic, so to speak, world—Lianna. Bacredi, who was fifteen at the time, saw his grand-father elected to the Lianna Representative Congress, which represented to the entire planet. There were 350 seats at the time, but it has since been expanded into over 2,000—to make sure the entire population has a representative and is represented fairly. Donald, at age twenty, started working for the business Merr-Sonn, with connections from his father. By the time Donald reached age forty, he had become a millionaire for working with Merr-Sonn and became a registered member of the Lianna Conservative Party.

Bacredi had been asked by the party chairman to run for the open seat for the district Lona Cranith—which represented Lianna City and the Lianna City metro area. Bacredi was glad to run, and was given funds by his brothers—Brion and Tyr. Bacredi ran on the platform that the conservatives had helped Lianna City in the past (the past eight representatives that represented Lona Cranith were conservative), and that Lianna City had the highest GDP because of it. Donald continued this campaign and eventually won by a large margin over his Imperial opponent. His first three-year term was the easiest of Lianna's history, as it produced prosperity for the planet and many other agriculture and economic advances. Donald eventually considered running for the position of Leader of the Opposition, but thought against it—and instead served as minority whip. But he thought against it, however, and has stayed as a representative for 20 years. After the Conservatives were given control of the congress, Donald became the Speaker of the House of Commons, after replacing old Speaker Stennbrack.

David Bacredi, Baron.

Former two-term Representative David Bacredi is Brion, Tyr, and Donald Bacredi's cousin and was born twenty years after Tyr Bacredi and Brion Bacredi were born. David Bacredi, commonly referred to as "Dave" or "Dave ma boy" was born on Coruscant, during his parent's honeymoon. They later left and went back to Lianna—where they lived. Bacredi's father was a three-term city council member for St. Faol, and his mother was a family-woman. Bacredi's mother was killed in a fire to their home along with her husband, David was out of town. David was twenty-three at the time, he is forty now. David had received close to 20 million credits and the family estate...which had a large insurance policy on it. The insurance policy built Dave a new, 7,000 square foot home. Bacredi was also given a small position within the Shipping Corporation that his cousins owned. He also spoke out against Zhar Bacredi being placed in a position of power within the corporation.

Bacredi ran for a term with the island district known as "San Hea Island Ring", which has a population of about 10,000 souls. He easily won with no opposition and represented the district for two terms, after which he went back to the shipping corporation. David Bacredi was genuinely disliked by the people he represented as he kept a large social gap between the poor and the upper class. During his two-year terms, the "middle-class" basically dissolved. He was given a large amount of money by lobbyists and many other people, unions practically hated him. At the time, David Bacredi was the only member of the lowest house to be related to another active and serving member of the lowest house of Lianna. He is related to Donald Bacredi, as a cousin, who was representing the Lianna City district. James Bacredi described the representation of the district as a "Complete failure...an embarrassment to the family." While Tyr Bacredi chose different words, citing that he "Gave the Bacredi family some balls in the upper-classes." David was given the title of Baron of Queensberry in Chancellor Crawford's most recent Honors List.

Norm Bacredi, Governor.

Governor Norman Bacredi is the Governor of Lancaster, the smallest state in all of Lianna, only have two Representatives for the Lianna House of Commons. Norman was formerly a member of the Lianna House of Commons from one of Lancaster’s seat, and was the Senate Majority Leader in the Lancaster Senate. Norm was born on Dantooine to the Bacredi family’s estate there, his parents kept the farm on Dantooine and sold their farm on Handooine, giving them enough funding to buy a home on Lianna. As soon as they got on Lianna, Norm’s father, who is Tyr Bacredi’s brother, received a job at the Bacredi Family Shipping Company as a freighter captain. Norm went to Junior School, and then passed through Lancaster University—where he earned a Master in Political Science. Norman Bacredi's brother was attempting to overshadow him by getting a Master in Mathematics, but Norman Bacredi decided that he should get a head start in his political career and it worked! His parents gave him a much larger sum of money in their will.

When he was only twenty four, Norm ran for the Lancaster Senate. He was easily elected by a supermajority in his district and re-elected three times in a row. When he was thirty-two, he was elected by his peers as Senate Majority Leader—leader of the Lancaster Senate and leader of the Senate Moderate group of Conservatives. A year after his position as Senate Majority Leader ended, when he was thirty-three, he ran for the Lianna House of Commons and won election there, and then five re-elections later, he ran for Governor of Lancaster. He was forty four by that time and a man in all respects, he ran for the smallest state in Lianna and won election. He chose his executive branch and Board of Governors extremely easily and the people of Lancaster graced him with another term. He is Zhar Bacredi's second cousin. Norman Bacredi's home consists of a thirty acre plot of land and a huge mansion surrounded by thirty different houses. Norman Bacredi's estates on other planets include Handooine, Dantooine, Coruscant, and Tadath. Norm is slated to be given the title Earl of Donoughmore if he wishes when his term expires, and Chancellor Crawford is expected to ask him to take over the title of the Duke of Lancaster, a title of life peerage.

Dorset Bacredi, Oxford Senator.

Senator Dorset Bacredi is the brother of Norman Bacredi, being born three years after him and always living in his shadow. Dorset Bacredi is a member of the Oxford Senate, and ran for Senate Majority Leader three times for his current term. Dorset Bacredi was born to wealthy parents in their estate on Lianna, which was located in Lancaster, a nearby state by Oxford. He and his brother both went to Lancaster University, but while his brother got a Master in Political Science he got a Master in Law and moved on to get another degree from the University of Central Oxford. He struggled at Central Oxford but eventually passed in flying colors, earning himself a Master in Mathematics. He ran for the Oxford Senate a year later and was elected by his district with 56% of the vote. He was a hard-line conservative on many different stances but had a very liberal view on immigration, saying "Immigration will help the growth of Lianna if we have extremely qualified immigrants while emigrating more out..." which made absolutely no sense.

His parents died ten years after his election and by that time he was a hard line conservative, unlike his brother and his second cousin, Zhar Bacredi, both of whom were moderates. He always vowed to prove his parents wrong about him, as they always said how much better his brother was. He still received millions of credits from his parents and built himself a huge mansion on the Coast of Oxford Hashwood Lake. He and his brother barely ever convene because of his resentment of him. He has already donated 5 million of his own money to his campaign for Lianna Senate, which he hopes to win and prove his brother wrong. He ran for the Supreme Court of Lianna ten years ago and lost by thirty thousand votes, being considerably patronized by the Liberal media for his views on the Lianna work-force. He once even proposed the use of slaves as a Lianna work force, but it was after found out that he was drunk. Bacredi seems to always have spills with alcohol and says things that he never usually means to actually say.

Tiger Bacredi, Supreme Justice.

Former Territorial Governor and Supreme Justice Bill “Tiger” Bacredi, jr. is the former Territorial Governor of the Territories of Grain and Saint Vincent Islands and a current member of the Lianna Supreme Court. Tiger Bacredi was born on Trottervick, a outer-rim planet where his father was investing in a local business. They all moved back to Lianna as the business went south and they started a business there, Tiger and Company (Tiger’s dad, Tiger, had the same name). The Tiger and Company was a shipping company and it merged with Bacredi Family Shipping Co., which Tiger’s uncle, Brion Bacredi, founded with two of his other uncles. Tiger got a job with the Shipping Company after he had passed through Saint Vincent University, gaining an 3.9/4 ratings on his entire school rating card. A year later he was taken as an intern for a capital hill congressmen and after that he ran for Governor of the Territory Grain.

The Grain Territory, which was all on the mainland, soon merged with 10,000 or so islands known as Saint Vincent. Bacredi ran for the territorial governor during this time and won election in the largely conservative district, he promised change and a new governor that could continue their legacy as a largely resort territory. Ten years after that he left his third term as Territorial Governor and was given a position on the Supreme Court of Lianna, being placed by the Chancellor of Lianna—who at the time was Jorje Lanson. He became the leader of the conservative wing of the supreme court, helping give many decisions to the Supreme Court. During his first tenure they helped quell uprisings in Lancaster Minor, a state in Lianna, with the decision People vs. Lancaster Rebels which challenged the rebels decision to rebel against their government and kill three senators of Lancaster Minor’s Senate.

Jay Bacredi, Chief Justice.

Chief Justice Jay Bacredi is the Chief Justice of the Lancaster Supreme Court and second Uncle of Zhar Bacredi. Jay Bacredi was born on Handooine, were he still has his birth house, to his mother and father. They soon moved back to their Lianna Estate, which was in Lancaster Minor. His father worked for the Bacredi Family Shipping Co. and before that he worked for Tiger and Co. until the eventual merge with the Bacredi Family Shipping Company. Jay Bacredi went to the University of Frekh-Lancaster-Oxford. He stayed ten years and earned a Master in Mathematics, Master in Political Sciences, and graduated with flying colors and got a Bachelor in Law. He is certified by the Government of Lianna to practice law in every single public and federal courtroom of the state. His parents after they died in a tragic airspace accident and left him their entire estate. He used the money well and inherited three homes.

He ran for Chief Justice of the state of Lancaster, moving in from Lancaster Minor and selling his home there and buying a larger home in Lancaster. He was setting himself up for an eventual Lancaster Supreme Court run, which requires you to live in the state you would be serving on. He had been given close to nine hundred thousand credits and ran as un-affiliated, as the Lancaster State Constitution required. He had no money at the time, and he still barely has any capital to spend on anything. He is poor, but his father—who was a hard worker—left him his entire estate which he lives in. a 10,000 Square Foot piece of property and he really loves it, and he is married to Jan Bacredi, who he married seventeen years ago. After he won election to the Supreme Court of Lancaster he was elected by his peers on the court as Chief Supreme Justice of the Lancaster Supreme Court by a vote of 10-0 due to his degrees and constant practice of the law and the constitution.

Brion Bacredi, former-President, deceased.

President and Pilot Brion Wilson Bacredi was the President of the Bacredi Family Shipping Company and a Rebel Alliance Pilot, who fought in the Battle of Endor. Brion Bacredi was born to Wilson Bacredi and Gabby Bacredi (Zhar's grandparents) on the planet Lianna. Wilson Bacredi was a member of the Parliament of Lianna at the time, representing the Lianna City Metro Area and the districts surrounding it (Since the Parliament represents larger districts and can veto the representatives below them). While Gabby Bacredi was having an affair one night with another man who turned out to be Wilson's best friend, Wilson, overcome with grief, killed himself. Gabby Bacredi went on to leave Brion with the help (as she had recieved a large Life Insurance policy) and left with her boy-toy. Brion hated her for that, and would one day deny her medical help, in which she died. Brion was never investigated for such. Brion enrolled himself at the Lianna Boarding School for Junior Students, which was basically a High School.

Bacredi excelled in his studyies and became Class President, saying that he would help the students become more popular in the Lianna world. There was no way to achieve this, but he was loved by everyone in the school—especially Nemo Bacredi. Nemo and Brion began dating, and they went on to University together. After that, Bacredi started his business—Bacredi Family Shipping Company. They moved to Kuat where they began to start a family—and it started with Lisa Bacredi. Zhar was their second child, and after that was James Bacredi. The company started to grow bigger, and Tyr and Donald (the Vice Executives) began to expand it farther and farther. Donald moved away to Lianna, where he became a Representative. Tyr became President when Brion left, and joined the Rebel Alliance. The Rebel Alliance welcomed him and he flew his X-Wing into the Battle of the Endor. Brion was killed in battle during the Battle of Endor.

Nemo Bacredi, pilot, deceased.

Pilot and Housewife Nemo Hoover Bacredi was the wife of Brion Bacredi and the mother of Lisa, James, Zhar, and Laura Bacredi. She was born to a Diplomat and his wife on the planet Lianna, where she soon attended the Lianna Boardng School for Junior Students. Here, she participated in many activities with her future husband, Brion Bacredi. Brion went on to become the Class President, while Nemo was the Class Treasurer. They both went on to the University of Lianna, where they each received a degree in Computer Sciences and Business (Brion and Nemo's degrees, respectively.). Nemo watched as Donald Bacredi (a future representative), Tyr Bacredi (future BacCo President), and Brion (then-founder) founded the Bacredi Family Shipping Company. The Company had a jump-start as it used many techniques by the former shipping companies that were shut down in the Empire's reign. As a convoy of twenty ships left Lianna, Nemo couldn't be happier—ten days later, she wasn't. The transports had been stopped by the Empire and blasted apart by them as well, this pushed both of the Bacredi's to join the Rebel Alliance and put the money in a trust for their children.

They joined the Rebel Alliance and Brion went into frontline action while Nemo stayed back on transports such as Bright Hope. She had a large knowledge in these ships since the Shipping Company had a huge amount of the cheap and fast transports, which helped her weave her way up the command line. She eventually made the rank of Chief Warrant Officer. She flew her first mission, however, during the Battle of Endor. She was part of Yellow Squadron, and as they approached the the Death Star II, she was blasted apart by a huge squadron of TIE Bombers, Interceptors, and Fighters. She was remembered in the ending ceremony along with the rest of the Rebel team, and was never given a full burial with her family due to the fact that her remains were never recovered.

Collin Heathrow, Financial Director.

Financial Director Collin Heathrow is the youngest brother of Nemo Bacredi, and the current director of finance at Lord, Shaw, & Beckett Banking Center. Heathrow, like his sister and older brother, attended the Lianna Boarding School for Junior Students. He, after three out of four years that he was supposed to attend, was given permission by the Lianna Schooling Board to skip the final junior year. He was sent off to the University of Denon, were he attended classes in economics, accounting, and finance. His family bought an apartment on Denon for him at the time. He majored in Finance and Accounting at the University, and when he came out of the university he was hired as an intern by Lord Finance Center. Over the next year he began to make drastic changes to the way Lord Finance Center was run, and almost all of the proposals were approved by Jackson Lord IV, the CEO of the company. Heathrow became Deputy Director of Bond Trading Operations soon thereafter. During this time he met his soon-to-be wife, Audrey Stern. After the merger of three firms he became the Financial Director for the Interior Services.

Heathrow lives on a four floor apartment in the Canary Wharf Resident Center. The four floor apartment building is filled with over thirty rooms that complement his family extremely well. There is a four spot garage in the apartment, which holds a Hotrod Style Speeder, the families large speeder, and a Theta-Class Speeder which takes up two spots. Heathrow has two children, James and Alec, 14 and 17 respectively, both of which go to private and prestigious schools on Denon. Heathrow is a devout centrist, and is a strong supporter of the Labour Party—which is a center-left party. His views conflict with that of his brother-in-law's brothers, and his brother-in-law, because they are extremely conservative. The banking center that he works at gives him a lease on another house, which is on Lianna, right next to his nephew, Zhar Bacredi, and is about the same size.

Andrew Heathrow, Ambassador.

Business Ambassador Andrew Charles Heathrow is the senior business ambassador for the planet of Denon to the Business Administration of the Inner Rim. He, like his siblings, went to the Lianna Boarding School for Junior Students. He went late into his freshman year and graduated early into his senior year, moving onto a gap year where he became an intern at a local magistrate's office. He then attended the University of Lianna, Bedford, and soon began to major in Diplomacy and Technology, both separate subjects. He spent eight years at the university and eventually moved on, and was given a job at the real estate firm Flinn Ferguson (for Daniel Flinn and Parker Ferguson, both managing executives). He began to show his extroverted personality by sealing deal after deal on small time properties, and eventually moved onto mid-sized property stakes. After leaving Flinn Ferguson, he was given a job at the high level firm XenoState, where he eventually rose to the rank of Chief Financial Officer. He was placed as the Business Ambassador soon thereafter by the monarch of Denon.

Heathrow lives in a "neighborhood" of Denon, which is the top of a huge, wide building that is grassy and has one or two homes on it. His home is a huge, five bedroom, three speeder underground garage, and it is also fit with a starfighter landing pad that is covered. His first wife is named Michelle Reppond, and they divorced after talk of adultery. His current wife is Bryn Heathrow, and they have three children: Sam Heathrow, Alex Heathrow, and Will Heathrow (18 years old, 13 years old, and 12 years old respectively). Heathrow is also an advisor at his former Lianna Boarding School, and is on the Board of Alumni for the University of Lianna, Bedford. He is extremely supportive of Donald Bacredi, Zhar Bacredi, and James Bacredi and is an avid conservative supporter, much to the ire of his brother, who is a devout centrist. He has donated much to each of those candidates in many different races. Heathrow was given the title of Earl of Bellevue, which is a subsidiary title of the Grand Duke of St. Faol, and was gifted by James Bacredi.

Hans Heathrow, Duke and Earl.

Duke Hans Heathrow is the second uncle of Zhar Bacredi and his siblings, and the cousin of Nemo Bacredi and the Heathrow Brothers. Heathrow was born into a low key Royal Denonian and Lianna Family—his father being the Earl of Stockton and his mother being a Countess in the Lianna House of Lords. The family at the time was worth an estimated 190 million credits in hard currency, not counting their other houses and stock investments (with estimates that is ranged around 300 million). Hans attended Heathrow Academy, a school that was set up by his family to tutor the rich and spoiled. Hans was considered a brat by his peers and well liked by his inner group. Hans was known for spending thousands of his parents credits on shopping sprees and high end material. On his eighteenth birthday, his father awarded him with a brand new starfighter and a capitol ship—Heathrow's Legacy, a Bothan Assault Frigate. Heathrow edited the Bothan Assault Frigates colors and changed them to an all black look to blend in with the surroundings of space.

Hans parents fortunes didn't fare well with the stock market, however, and his father and mother soon lost an estimated 20 million credits in the stock market in a space of thirty minutes in the most recent crash. His fathers next business venture was to sell multiple other houses around the galaxy—in Stockhokton, Devonshire, Somersetshire, Tadath, and Leston, along with two time shares in Nubia and Corellia. Hans "took it hard"—however hard it could be to lose 5 houses out of your family's 18—and after he went to college at the College of Denon, he began to develop a drinking problem, which was unfortunately hereditary. After he had graduated from his college and passed into the Denon House of Commons at the age of 25, for which he was the "Baby of the House", but his father and mother soon passed on after they were both exposed to high doses of radiation. Hans had to, by the Royal Law of Denon, retire his House seat and take up his father's seat as the Earl of Stockton and his mother's seat in the House of Lords for Lianna. Hans continues both of those duties today, and is married to Jenny Heathrow. Heathrow was given the title of Duke of York after Crawford's most recent honors list.

Edward Callosity, Ambassador.

Ambassador Edward "Ted" Callosity (born Jackson Heathrow) is the second uncle of Zhar Bacredi and the brother of Hans Heathrow, Earl of Stockton. Callosity, much like his brother, went on to the Heathrow Academy where he excelled, and soon joined the Liberal Party of Heathrow Academy—which was, for a lack of a better word, small. The Conservative Party of Heathrow Academy had thirty or so more members than the Liberal Party did. His political views conflicted with his brother's views and his parent's views, both of whom were devout Conservatives. Callosity then left the academy to pursue a college career at the University of Oxfordshire, a college that was on the planet of Lianna. After passing through the college and being offered a job by a high profile law firm, he cut off all ties with his family and legally changed his name from Jackson Heathrow to Edward Callosity. Callosity went on to become Chief of Staff to the Deputy Director of Advertisement at the law firm.

By the time his parents passed on, Ted was a high profile lawyer in the Lianna scene, making an estimated 1.9 million credits a year. He was approached multiple times by Liberal and Labour Party leaders to run for Parliament—which he vehemently denied. He continued to work harder and harder, until he became addicted to pills—which has never been disclosed to the public. He was given a hefty severance package from the law firm once they learned of his addiction, and they also paid for rehab—which he soon attended. After attending rehab and getting clean, Callosity petitioned the Liberal Party to allow him to run for a seat in the Lianna Senate. He was elected to the Lianna Senate in a stunning victory in the former "safe" Conservative Seat. He was subsequently looked at by Chancellor John Crawford, a former Senator himself, to become Ambassador to Denon from Lianna for his Chancellorship. He petitioned Ted to accept, which he eventually did, and Ted was confirmed by a full senate hearing.

David Strathclyde, Senator.

Senator David Strathclyde is the second cousin of Zhar, James, and Lisa Bacredi and the second nephew of Tyr Bacredi and his brothers. David Strathclyde was born in the Bacredi Compound forty-one years ago to parents Mames and Millicent Strathclyde—Secretary of State for Northessex and Chief of Staff to the Chancellor respectively. His parents were both notable Conservative politicians and pundits in later life, his mother—Millicent—worked for LBC, the Lianna Broadcasting Company. Strathclyde went to the local Lianna school of 45 students, and was not sheltered like his second cousins were in their early stages. Strathclyde's father and mother both resigned their leadership positions in the Ministry of Lianna to focus of Strathclyde's nomination by ninety other representatives and half the Senate to become Chancellor, he was an early favorite, but was soon beat out by an out-of-the-blue representative: David Portillo. Portillo was able to secure 58% of the House of Commons, and swayed a fourth of the Senators to vote for him. He became the nominee from the Conservative Party, but soon after the Conservatives lost their slight majority in the house became Leader of His Majesty's Opposition—otherwise known was Minority Leader. Strathclyde's father became Deputy Minority Leader.

Strathclyde's family had been dishonored by his loss, and his parents had lessened their trust fund hold on the family. David by this time had enrolled in high school, and soon passed with flying colors. He enrolled at the Lianna City Military Academy, and was given a degree in Military Science and Technology. He didn't end up going into the military, and instead served in the National Guard of Oxfordshire, a Lianna state. He soon was pushed by his father to run for a Lockton City Council seat, which is a city of about 10 million souls. He ran against the Liberal Party opponent (he was registered as a conservative), and was easily elected. His father soon resigned from the Senate from Oxfordshire, and Strathclyde lobbied to replace him. He was given the party's nomination and was soon elected. Within his first ten years in the Senate, he had been granted the position of Senate Historian and Senate Treasurer, along with the Head of the Senate Ethics Committee and is a former Foreign Minister.

Abby Bacredi, First Lady.

First Lady Abigail Bacredi (born Abigail Metcaff) is the First Lady of St. Faol, Lianna, and the husband of mayor James Bacredi—a Conservative. Abby Metcaff was born to the Earl of Northcalf and Snowbowl in the Royal Rotunda of the Royal Lianna Palace. She grew up amongst royalty, and her father had meetings with the Prince of Esh-Thiel Tan every week to discuss the position of Earl and what the people that he serves (or, in a better explanation, serve him). Metcaff went to the Royal School of the Arts, where she aspired to become a painter and an artist. Her dreams were smashed, however, when her brother moved off the planet to escape prosecution for tax evasion—something a royal title couldn't even stop. She had to watch after the family name and one day let her, or if she was ever married, her husband become Earl of Northcalf and Snowbowl. This buckled a huge amount of pressure under Metcaff, as her previously luxurious and stress-free life had been turned upside down, and now she was moving up and down, worrying about her image and the family's image.

Abby met James Bacredi at a local Conservative Party fundraiser held by her father and the Earl of Westfold Pierton. She described seeing James as "Love at first site—we both kinda clicked, and while he was looking after his little brother [Zhar Bacredi], he was also being extremely kind to me and we ended up seeing each other constantly after that." She ended up marrying James Bacredi and moving to the resort town of St. Faol. James Bacredi was elected councilor under the allied banner of the Conservative Party, which he chose last minute after originally running with the National Congress Party (a farther right-wing party than the Conservative Party). Abby Bacredi—she had just changed her name—convinced her father and her father's friends to donate enough funds to James campaign so he would be able to be easily elected. He was soon elected councilor, and then after failing at a run for mayor, he was elected councilor again. He was elected mayor two years later.

Mark Metcaff, Governor.

Governor Mark Metcaff is the current Governor of the Central Bank of Thradshon, and the sister of Abby Metcaff, along with the brother-in-law of James Bacredi. Metcaff was born into privilege, as his father was Earl of Northcalf and Snowbowl, something Metcaff never really enjoyed. Metcaff constantly milled around with his family's servants, something his father described as "ridiculous and embarrassing to the family, thank the Lord no one has found out yet", as he wrote in his personal diary. Metcaff went to a prestigious academy in his younger years, and did modestly—being overshadowed by his sister, Abby, who was two years younger than Mark. Mark received constant B-grade marks, while Abby constantly received A-grade or even above that marks. Mark's father wished to knock some sense in him after he passed through high school, so he made his son attend his Alma matter: the ultra-difficult University of Maffordshire, which accepted about 1,000 students every year. The average cost to go to the school was around 300,000 credits, something his father was more than happy to pay.

Metcaff actually did something good with his life at the University, and still received C to B-grade marks at the university, but those marks were still modestly good for the university. Metcaff graduated a trimester early, where he went on to work at a Lianna Accounting Firm, and then was promoted to a full accountant. He was making minimum wage, and when the tax season came around, he literally refused, up front, to the Lianna Revenue Service, to pay his taxes: in which he was given a warning that if he didn't pay his taxes in 20 days, he would be audited. Absolutely no one knows why he didn't just pay his moderate taxes of 10,000 credits out of his 110,000 credit paycheck, and instead he booked a flight to Thradshon—where his parents had a home—and then set off the next day, emptying out his rented apartment. Thradshon went increasingly well for Metcaff, and he, when he became Director of a major accounting firm, helped steer the government's tax rates down. Thradshon was soon after appointed to the Governors post of the Central Bank.

Nick Strathclyde, Marquis and Chief of Staff.

Marquis Nick Amadeus Strathclyde is the current Chief of Staff to his nephew, Senator David Srathclyde, and a Conservative Party affiliated President of Lianna City, which he withdrew after a series of expense scandals. Strathclyde is also the Marquis of Evremonde. Nick Strathclyde was born into a family of privilege 58 years ago—his father was a high ranked military official and his mother was a Lianna City Councilwoman, and their family was helped financially by Strathclyde's uncle, who was a Senator in the Lianna Senate and former banking executive. Strathclyde had a rather uneventful early life—he was mildly popular in school, never had any trouble with the ladies, and got modest-enough grades to eventually be accepted into the University of Archite. He performed shoddy in the school, having a 2.015 grade point average, but eventually graduated with full honors and a degree in Political Science—following the long line of people in his family that have received degrees from varying universities for PS.

Strathclyde's father offered no help for him to get a job, saying that "I found one on my own—now you have to!" He forbid his family from offering Nick any financial help, and basically cut him off from the family funds. It was rather strange since his father just signed a piece of paper and was let into the army, so he never really found a job. Nick also immediately found a job, but this time at the Political Consulting Firm Lianna Defense Consult. He quickly moved up the ranks, and within 20 years he had established himself as a master of congressional races and the way to change the races tide quickly. He was chosen by the campaign of Lianna City President Aaron Bloomfield to be a campaign manager. Bloomfield, a Liberal himself, was denied by the Conservative Strathclyde, who instead opted to run for the position himself. Lianna City voters denied Bloomfield another term and granted the next term to Strathclyde. Strathclyde served out a period of unrest in Lianna, and after his resignation was given a spot as his cousins Chief of Staff. Strathclyde was given the title Marquis of Evremonde by a distant uncle who died out and left the title to him.

Cole Strathclyde, Leader of the Loyal Opposition.

Leader of the Loyal Opposition Cole Strathclyde is the leader of the Liberal Party caucus in the Auburn House of Commons. He is also a Member of Parliament for Kentcastle. Strathclyde was born on Rhodesia, where his father—Jackson D. Strathclyde—was serving as the Royal Governor of Rhodesia and the Minister of Rhodesia, two positions which are intertwined. The Liberal Party was ousted from office eight years after Strathclyde was born. Strathclyde's father lost his seat as a representative for one of Auburn's districts, and right before the Chancellor's successor was inaugurated, Strathclyde was given a seat in the Chamber of Earls. The earldom of Kentwick and Kentcastle was newly create just for Jackson Strathclyde. At this time, Cole Strathclyde went to the University of Auburn, Kentcastle, where he performed well and majored in political science. He immediately came into conflict with his cousin, David Strathclyde, whom he met when he was visiting Kentcastle, as David Strathclyde was raising money for a Conservative Party fundraiser. Cole immediately joined the Liberal Party after graduating college, and with his father's help, he ran for a seat on the Kentcastle City Council.

Cole was elected by a plurality, and he was elected by the rest of the council as the City Manager—a purely honorific position. The manager was seen as the leader of the city, but the legislature of Auburn soon passed a bill adding a "Lord President of Council" to the city, and Jackson Strathclyde became the Lord President of Council. Resigning from the council, he ran for the position of MP for Kentcastle. He won easily, and became the whip of the socialist caucus of the house of commons. Five years later, he became the whip of the Liberal MPs, and ten years after that he became the Leader of the Opposition, as the Conservative's hold on the legislature of Auburn is over 65% of all the seats in the House of Lords (the upper house in the Auburn legislature) and the House of Commons. The Liberal Party, however, made a significant gain in the House of Commons, while a net loss in the House of Lords. Cole lives in the Kentcastle neighborhood of Highcastle, where he owns a 50,000 square foot home that he inherited from his uncle.

Alexander Thurmond, Lord.

Lord Alexander James Hoover Wilson Bacredi Thurmond is the Lord Governor of the Kingdom of Lianna colony of Rothesay, and the third cousin of Donald Bacredi. The position of Lord Governor is a purely ceremonial title which was purchased by Thurmond for 200 million Croussins. Thurmond was born on the planet of New Alexandria, where his father owned a 10 million acre plantation that employed 20,000 farmers and workers. Thurmond's father was eventually the Lord Governor of New Alexandria, and then eventually put his farm into the range of 40 million acres. 40,000 more workers were hired for the farm's 30 million extra acres. Thurmond grew up on the farm, but at the age of 13 moved to the family's penthouse apartment on Lianna, in Lianna City. He passed through school and attended the University of Rhodesia, a few systems away. His family also owned a house there. There, Thurmond majored in environmental law.

He became a leading environmental attorney in his time, and within twenty years he was a partner at the leading law firm "Rhodesia's Sterling, Cooper, Dryer, Pross, Thurmond." His father soon passed at the age of 102, and Thurmond became a member of the Lianna House of Lords and inherited nearly 400 million ICs, already adding to his own mass of wealth. He resigned from his post at the Rhodesian law firm, and immediately began attending meetings at the House of Lords. He became the Lord Governor of Rothesay after he paid the massive sum to the Lianna government for the Lord Governor's mansion: which was 66,000 square feet itself. He adopted the title of "Lord Governor and Viceroy." He took almost all the powers out of the position of Viceroy and transferred it to the Rhodesian Ministry, which is a part of the Chancellor of Lianna's cabinet. On Lianna, he inherited the titles of the Duke of Westford in Gloucestershire and Earl of Derby in Northessex.

The BacCo Tower.

The Bacredi Family Shipping Company is a subsidiary company of Merr-Lek. It was started many years ago by Brion, Donald, and Tyr Bacredi. The BacCo Tower (Building label B1) is the main building for the shipping company. The building has an underground subway transit system, guards patrolling constantly, and many other quirks. The building has many floors, and at the top of the building is were the executives meet. The tower was built close to four hundred years ago, and it was one of the most modern-looking buildings of it's time. But it fell into the pit with the economy, and BacCo was able to buy it for 50 million. They then retrofitted the building with more offices for the executives and cubicles for the others. They then added the subway and moved it around the complex and into other towers. The building came out of despair, and is now prospering to this day.

Bacredi Family Shipping Company also sponsors a rider of Bacredi's choice. The swoop racer goes by the name of 'Claire'. Jeff 'Claire' Jefferson. The rider has a personal four room suite on the Iron Duke, and has a small section of the hangar given to his swoop bike and it's repair crew. Claire is a cocky man that usually has a good record in races, he also pod races when needed. Jeff 'Claire' Jefferson was found by Bacredi when the Devonshire ported into the Raegent System for the first time, he then asked if he could join the crew. He was with the crew for some time until they found out his ability. The chair, or what used to be a respectable one, is headed by Mr. Tyr Bacredi. While Bacredi used to be the overall chairman, Tyr took over after Zhar left. The chair calls the shots on most other things such as building purchases. As Bacredi has the civilian fleet at his disposal, he attempts to keep it hidden. But when he is off duty, he uses the civilian fleet as much as he wants. Since the fleet is practically in his blood, the men are loyal to him as long as he keeps their paychecks high and their worries low.

The compound.

The Bacredi Family owns a home on Dantooine, commonly called the Bacredi Family Compound. The house is located on Sheffield Island, the location of the compound and the compound alone. The house is on a one hundred and seven thousand acre plot of land. One parcel of the land is devoted to an underground power source – which in turn is matched with an underground complex, fully equipped with a hangar bay and a 12-seat holo chamber, a room for meditation, sleeping arrangements (in small rooms that are part of a large room that is for recreational activities), a prisoner-chamber, and an intelligence-gathering sect.

The original Bacredi Park (not the present Compound, visible on the public road at the entrance to the drive) was built between 42 BBY and 41 BBY as one of a series of small Compounds designed for Brion Bacredi II by Tyr Bacredi I. It was remodeled between 39 BBY and 38 BBY according to designs of Gregory Keppel. It was altered in 37 BBY by Sir John Soane for Duke Clarence Bacredi (later Head of the House), who lived there until 36 BBY. Bacredi Park was subsequently used by Brion Bacredi II, Head of the Bacredi House (which was disbanded), nephew of Governor Masion. The Head added pieces of property between the estate and Dantooine farms; his wife, Mary, continued to live there after his death until she moved out in the middle of 34 BBY. The original house was demolished in 32 BBY.

A new building with 120 rooms was completed in 30 BBY. The 30 BBY census records an equerry and 26 servants living in the main house: a butler, two valets, a cook, three kitchen maids, a page, a porter, a scullery maid, two other junior posts and a soldier. The other domestic staff lived in one of the Compounds. From 29 BBY this was the principal residence of Brion Bacredi III. The house was thereafter the regimental headquarters and depot of the Arthur Family, which it had been sold to by the Bacredi’s who were undergoing a financial crisis. The house was later bought by the Bacredi family. Under the rotunda is the sublevel: the sublevel is where storage chambers are, bedrooms for people the family has invited but doesn’t like, and hologram rooms. At the end of the sublevel is the family archives—it shows everything about BacCo and the family’s holdings, everywhere. The sublevel also holds the protocol and astromech fleet of the family, the droids are usually seen patrolling the area of the sublevel. The sublevel is the largest visible part of Bacredi’s manor, and it also holds an entrance to the underground complexes of the manor.

The underground complexes of the manor—formally known as the “Stronghold”, is where the Bacredi family’s ideals were created. First sought out three hundred years ago by family architect, Liam Bacredi, the plans were buried into the archives after Liam died a few days later in an accident. Tragic. The plans were brought up a couple years later by Mr. Tyr Bacredi the Fourth, and he used his own funds to build it. The stronghold had an underground hangar that was able to open up on the grass plains (where there was turf that looked like grass) and had a freighter for escape, along with close to seventy other rooms and contraptions. Zhar Bacredi lived here as a child up until he joined the military, where he since bought a four room apartment on Tadath.

The Bacredi's Naboo home, shared by Donald and Tyr.

The Bacredi's Lake Retreat is a joint venture filled by Tyr Bacredi and Donald Bacredi. The island that it is on—Varkyino—was purchased for industrialization by the two as an effort to commercialize Naboo, but brought outright protests from the Naboo people. As a treaty between the two, the Lord of Naboo paid for them to have a full manor constructed on the island under the agreement they wouldn't build anything obtrusive on it. They both accepted, but in the end their idea did not give them a profit and they lost quite a bit of money in the entire circle. They continued to use the area, however, and they each began to donate to the areas surrounding the retreat. The nearby city of Hammerfold has a middle school named after Donald Bacredi, being the Donald Bacredi School of the Performing Arts due to the fact he donated for its development. The home is considered to be a marvel of modern architecture on both Bacredi's home planet of Lianna and many representatives and business leaders are extremely jealous of this home. Tyr and Donald Bacredi are the "Surrounding Lords" of Hammerfold due to their involvement with the area.

The house is lavish in its nature, but most large Naboo homes are. It has Naboo architecture, and under the lake that they occupy there is a small docking bay for a submersible. The inside of the house has wide, open windows and its own staff to accompany anyone and accommodate anything. Shortly after two failed attempts at Minority Leader in the House of Commons on Lianna, Donald Bacredi used it as a sanctuary. During this retreat, he was accompanied by fellow representatives Matthis (C-Cheshire's 1st) and Georgetown (C-Bedford's 2nd), where they began hatching plans at the Conservative takeover of the House. The three of them came back with the Lianna Signing, something that all Conservative representatives signed and pledged for there to be a large amount of legislation regarding health, tourism, development in rural and urban areas, population, and food shortages in the House if they were elected to majority. They won majority two years later on the coattails of the Lianna Signing and Bacredi was placed as Majority Leader.

Norm Bacredi's Lancaster Manor.

The Rentmore Manor is the largest home in Cortha City, Lancaster, Lianna, and is owned by Norm Bacredi. The home was originally built three hundred and fifty years ago right after the entirety of Cortha City—all 6,000 homes and all—burned to the ground. Before the fire, the plot of land that the manor stands on today used to be a prosperous farm. Gustaf Bacredi, at the time a middle-class entrepreneur, immediately bought the land and most of the land around it (including 1/4 of the city's area). He immediately began to sweep the debris off of the land and make it arid once more. After two years of restoration to the acquired land, he built his prize jewel: the Rentmore Manor, named after the Chancellor of Lianna at the time, James Rentmore. The Rentmore manor was a spacious 11,000 square feet, and began to be the seat of Bacredi's farming operations. Gustaf Bacredi turned the entire area around the manor into farmland, and built five sets of barrack-style buildings to accommodate his 400 man workforce.

The manor eventually turned into a seat of power for that side of the Bacredi family, but soon after Gustaf passed on, the family turned into more business and political based work, instead of watching over the farmland. The farm-business soon ended completely with the family when Norm Bacredi IV (Norm Bacredi's, the current owner, great-great grandfather) sold the farmland and its barracks for an estimated 1 to 200 million credits. The estate was simultaneously handed down to Norm Bacredi V, VI, VII, and VIII. Norm Bacredi operates all operations of his gubernatorial administration out of the Rentmore Manor, which has been named by the staff as "Norman's Crash Shack". Norm Bacredi reacted harshly about the name that the staff gave the manor, and suspended anyone that he heard use the phrase.

The house.

Jackson House is Bacredi's home. Bacredi bought a four room apartment on Lianna as soon as he was given his first National Guard of the Army assignment—to defend the magistrate. He sold the apartment as soon as the ocean city of Preston Hollow's home sales went into the gutter, and they had just built an entire new neighborhood. Bacredi bought one of the houses for 25,000 ICs and then received a large amount of furniture from his old apartment. He had to buy a lot more furniture, however. The house came equipped with a speeder garage, where Bacredi keeps his AV-21 Landspeeder and his hoverbike. There is also a small array of droids and other computers in the garage as well to help with the maintenance of both vehicles, and they both are plugged into the database to check for malfunctions and have weekly / monthly check ups for any tweaks.

The outside of the house is made of lavish marble and stone, making the house price be somewhere above 200,000 ICs when you add in all the materials—something that was taken out of fact when the city lost value. The outside of the house has the Bacredi family emblem placed on the front deck, and the deck is barred with a metal railing. The hills that it looks over has a beautiful view of the ocean (the house is on the ocean, practically) and there is a staircase down to the beaches. Down at the beaches, Bacredi has his hoverboat and a repulsor sled. The beach is considered private, however, and there is a few people on it a day. Rowen Hollow is known for it's beaches, and Bacredi's house has a kind of "beach" look to it, which was put into factor by the architect.

The inside of the house is lavishly decorated, and it all starts with a black-and-white checkered entryway. The entryway is lined with portraits of the Bacredi family, starting with Tyr Bacredi I and Tyr Bacredi III, closely followed at the end of the hall by Brion and Nemo Bacredi (in separate portraits). On the ceiling is the Bacredi Family Emblem, and a chandelier under it. Past there is the living room, which has old furniture that looks fine and a mahogany sitting table. His office and kitchen are spread into two rooms next to that, both being furnished the same. The rest of the house is almost the same, with fine furniture and portaits of many people that have had a large influence in Bacredi's life (such as Senator Aldrete and his family members), and the Bacredi family emblem is spread out all around there as well.

A year after Bacredi bought the house and thirty days after he was placed as Chancellor of the Exchequer he added a lavish pool and two smaller buildings near the home (to the northwest and northeast sides of the houses). The home to the northwest is a room with a large jacuzzi and spa for all of the guests that Bacredi would entertain for a long period of time during his re-election campaigns (he had to treat some people of course...). The northeast building has a full office (one of the two in the entire house) and a video conference center. The office also has an entrance into the sublevel of the home which is an underground bunker full of food, drink, a dining room, pool, darts, a target range, a theater, and a backup kitchen. It also has a communication bunker in case of some type of planet-wide war.

Preston's Hollow is just outside of Sky City (just about fifteen minutes away) and is the home of many of Sky City's workers, as homes in Sky City are sparse and are mainly apartments. Sky City outsizes Preston's Hollow 100 to 1, having a population of 20 Million People.

Heathrow Castle.

Heathrow Castle, sometimes referred to as its historical name of Sterling Castle, is the largest and most valuable home in the territory of Stockton. Heathrow Castle is inhabited by Earl and Lord Hans Heathrow, who inherited the house after his father and mother passed on. The homes surrounding area is owned by Heathrow, who owns all 100,028 acres around the home, and also a huge portion of the waterfront. Heathrow’s personal Bothan Assault Frigate is docked in the skies above Heathrow Castle. Heathrow has renovated the home extensively since he entered the home, adding the homes first ever landing pad, along with an underground train network that goes on for forty miles and cost over 30,000,000 credits to construct. The train network reaches three places: the city of Cork, the city of Stocktown Reach, and Heathrow’s second home on Denon.

The castle is equipped with fifteen bedrooms above ground, while in the newly installed sublevels (based on original plans from the Bacredi Compound) have over thirty bedrooms and bathrooms. The sublevels go about a mile deep, with about eighteen levels and five or six rooms per level. The train network is marveled by almost all residents of Stocktown Reach and Cork. The train is also able to divulge into a small safehouse of Heathrows, and the train follows a circular track that goes around three times (each time going down a ring) and then under the main tracks, and finally landing Heathrow into a safehouse full of food and weapons. The safehouse has the ability to lockdown for up to twenty years. The train can hold up to fifty passengers, but it is usually operated by a droid and used by Heathrow and his four guard security escort. The train can also hold speeders.

Speaker House.

Speaker House is the current home of Donald Bacredi, the Speaker of the House of Commons of Lianna. The House was built by the inaugural Chancellor, Reginald de Bouef, in his attempt to win over the Lianna people and the Lianna leaders. The first Speaker, Jegora James, added to the house by passing House Bill 101, the 101st bill to reach through Congress, which put a train link from the Parliament offices to Chancellor House, to Speaker House and President House, along with all the houses of cabinet ministers. The railway has since been updated and more security has been added. The house is considered one of the oldest “homes’ (that is on the ground, instead of on a rooftop) in Lianna. The house had guided tours for civilians and tourists up until 12 BBY, when the Imperial puppet government of Jack van der Vodsen closed all tourist acitivties due to terrorist threats.

The house has three bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms. The house is commonly identified as “Speaker House” or “His Majesty’s Speaker’s Official Residence”. The King is allowed to stay within the building whenever he pleases, and the King has also banned tourists from visiting Speaker House. The Speaker house resembles Chancellor House in almost every single way. This house only serves Donald Bacredi for his official purposes, and in reality he and his wife own a luxurious 12,000 square foot apartment in downtown Lianna City. The house is plastered with four emblems: the Royal Emblem, the emblem of the Speaker’s office, Donald Bacredi’s family crest, and the crest of the Royal Lianna Government. Even though Donald Bacredi doesn’t inhabit the house, it is still staffed with over 10 men and women that are set to keep the house clean and tidy. It even has a cook, even though no one lives there. The house is estimated as 91 and a half million credits for immediate sale, something the government would never do.

Jay Bacredi's official home.

Palisca Household is the official residence of the Chief Justice of Lancaster State Supreme Court. Jay Bacredi currently resides there, as he barely has any other money to purchase another, more private home. The home was built by the Lancaster State Masons, on order from the Lancaster State Senate—which, at the same time, built five other official residences: Speaker of the Lancaster House's home, Governor's residence, President pro Tempore residence, Leader of the Opposition (of both houses, which is combined) residence, and the Chancellor's official residence in Palisca, the state's capital. At the same time, the inaugural holder of Chief Justice—Johanns Barker—built an underground hangar and garage, along with adding fifteen rooms to the house. The building (like almost every other center of a congressional or political leader) had a train added to it, which brought the Chief Justice to the "Temple of Justice"—the building of the Supreme Court—and the Congressional Offices. All of these prices were thumbed by Johanns Parker, who was a self-made millionaire.

The house is made up of three levels in the main home: the top level is made up of five rooms, one of the rooms being a bedroom, another a study, one more a holo-chamber, a bathroom, and one storage closet. On the middle floor (the ground floor), there is two bedrooms, two more studies, two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living quarter, a formal dining room, and a holo-suite (a vamped up version of a holo-chamber). The basement is more elaborate, half the floor being composed of Jay Bacredi's personal library (the basement is commonly the area that each new Justice changes in the house) that is mainly his own personal collection, but also contains some sections on Lianna and Lancaster law. The other half is considered by Jay to be his comfort zone, the room is decked out with over ten screens on one side of the room, a small bed, a huge couch in the other, a tiny bar near that, along with a huge, mahogany desk in the middle of the room. The gardens on Palisca Household are exceptionally beautiful, and are maintained by a Coruscanti-style gardening staff at 500,000 ICs per year.

Strathclyde Manor.

Strathclyde Manor is the current home of David Strathclyde, Senator in the Lianna Senate. The house was built five hundred years ago, at the time by Strathclyde's ancestor—Chancellor Mark Strathclyde—as a private estate outside of Lianna City. The house, at the time, was 105,000 square feet, while today it is 219,000 square feet. The home, in its first years, was used as a hunting estate with the 1.4 million acres of land space. That area has since been dwindled down to 500,000 acres. Two hundred years ago the house was drastically expanded by Senator James Strathclyde, who was President Pro Tempore of the Senate at the time, in which he decided to build an entire wing devoted to him and his political achievements. His son, James Strathclyde, jr., became Speaker of the House of Commons soon after his father resigned from the Senate, and he added a wing to the house himself, also marking his political achievements. Currently, Senate David Strathclyde is constructing his own wing to add on to the house for his own achievements.

The House is divided up into five "wings", with two main wings: the east and the west wing, with three wings coming off of that. The east wing is for James Strathclyde's political achievements, while the west wing is of James Strathclyde, jr.'s wing—which is considered the most picturesque—is the largest and vastest of the wings. Two wings go off of the senior's wing: Mark Strathclyde IV's wing, which is marked by his near-ascent to Chancellor, but is almost always avoided due to the fact that Mark was a Lord and near elected to the Chancellorship, and also due to the fact he was one of the few members of the Liberal Democrats, while most of the Strathclyde family is far-right. The other wing that branches off of Mark's wing is the soon to be constructed David Strathclyde's wing. One wing branches off of the junior's wing, and that is Pethton Strathclyde, Leader of the Opposition for the Conservatives for a huge span of time (about 40 years). Pethton Strathclyde was a member of the House of Commons for fifteen years, a Senator for five, a Earl for eight, and finally, a member of the House of Lords for 17 years.

The R.A.F. logo.

The Royal and Allied Flotilla is the successor to the CMF, and is a shipping flotilla that receives crates upon crates of shipping material and ships them to their destination under heavy protection. The R.A.F. has a large reputation for working with BacCo and other organizations that do not have such protections. The R.A.F.'s board has Zhar Bacredi (CEO), Geoffrey Roebuck (CFO), and Jack Priors (CSO) — along with many other men that formerly worked with the CMF. The R.A.F. has thirty-plus ships, and over one hundred fighter-escorts.

All ships under the R.A.F. banner has the designation of "RAF" in front of the ship's name (Example: RAF John Doe). The R.A.F.'s fleet is composed into two forces: Main Escort Force and Main Assault Force, led by the Invincible and Devonshire respectively. The fleet has a large number of Assault Frigates (Devonshire, Bedford, Somerset, and Iron Duke) which are used to search areas of destination for the Main Escort Force. The Main Escort Force uses gunships and corvettes for protection. Subdivisions of both forces are the Intelligence Task Force and the Fleet Air Arm (FAA).

The R.A.F.'s predecessor — the Controlling Manifest Force — was created two years before the Battle of Yavin. And it was dissolved (as per Brion's will) after the Battle of Endor, due to Brion's death. After this, Zhar Bacredi (the inheritance of all the ships) created the R.A.F. with an old friend — Geoffrey Roebuck — and Roebuck's assistant, Jack Priors. Roebuck became the Chief Financial Officer, in charge of the vast holdings of the company. Priors was put as Chief Shipping Officer, who was in charge of the shipping arrangements of the company.

The flotilla quickly became larger as it attracted more ships with a higher value than other corporations. Roebuck used the funds available to him and began to liquidate the funds and put them largely into stocks. Roebuck — a former banker — was able to calculate the stocks and they soon peaked over 50 percent. He sold half of the stocks and showed Bacredi the progress — they had reached the amount of credits that they had started with. Bacredi was busy with others things, however, and he congratulated Roebuck without realizing the importance of what he had done.

The stocks soon peaked 100 percent and Roebuck sold them all, and as Bacredi noticed this he thanked Roebuck immensely (with 50,000 ICs) and soon began to purchase more ships. At this time, the R.A.F. had the Devonshire and seventeen other transports with two squadrons. He moved the squadrons out into three wings: Red, Gold, and Blue Wings with many squadrons. Red Wing — Red, Gray, and Yellow Squadrons. Blue Wing — Blue, Green, and Coral Squadrons. Gold Wing — Gold, Opaque, and Royal Squadrons. They were able to purcahse a large amount of freighters at this time as well.

The Bacredi Family Crest.

The Bacredi Family Crest is the symbol of the Bacredi family structure and two families: the Bacredis and the Jamentons, who came together 900 years ago to create this crest. The Bacredis represent the unicorn, while the Jamentons represent the lion. The crown in the middle was represented by Lord Ello "Bronzebuckle" Bacredi, who was Speaker of the House of Lords and a member of Lianna royalty. Lord Bacredi was the Head of House at the time. The two tails crossing represent a marriage between Lord Bacredi and Baroness Emily Jamenton, both of Royal blood. The symbol was soon drafted by Jamenton's cousin, a lonely artist who had a knack for crests. The "Head of House" position was soon created, and was purely honorific in most statures—except for the fact that they served as the owners for houses in Handooine, Dantooine, Lianna, Taris, Coruscant, Tadath, and Denon, along with the financial head of Bacredi Trust, Inc.—an trust-based company managed purely for the purpose of maintaining the Bacredi family's well placed assets in the stock market, real estate, housing, starships, etc.

The crest continued use in almost all of the homes that were mentioned above, except for the Handooine and Tadath homes, both of which were sold. The Bacredi Family Crest also serves as a lapel pin for almost all clothing the family wears. The crest represents former Lianna and Denonian royalty, who have since evolved into politics and business. The title of Baron and Lord were abandoned by Zhar Bacredi's great-grandfather, and are still up-for-grabs in the Bacredi family for anyone descending directly from Wilson and Gabby Bacredi. Wilson considered becoming "Baron Wilson Bacredi" and making his wife "Lord Peeress Gabby Bacredi", but he killed himself before he had the chance to do anything. Zhar Bacredi has supposedly taken up the title of "Baron Zhar Bacredi" after his appointment to the House of Lords. He has also supposedly sent in a letter recommending that his Earl of Sheffield Island title be changed to earl of Sheffield Island and Bagshot Park (Bagshot Park was the area that the former earldom was).

Bacredi Family Trust building in Kentshire, Lianna.

The Bacredi Family Trust is a privately held company held mainly by members of the Bacredi family and their chosen trustees. The Bacredi Family Trust is headed by a Trade Minister, who currently is James Latterly. The Bacredi Family Trust is entitled to all holdings owned by the Bacredi Family through the House of Bacredi's domain. Such things being Rentmore Manor, the Bacredi Family Compound, numerous homes around the galaxy, the Royal and Allied Flotilla fleet, the entire asset of the House of Bacredi (which stands at 300 million credits), and the Bacredi Family Shipping Company. The grand total price tag of all the Bacredi Family Trust holdings stand at 1.4 billion credits, and is commonly associated with the Bacredi Family Shipping Corporation. The House of Bacredi has suggested that the Bacredi Family Trust become a publicly traded company, with Hans Heathrow and Tyr Bacredi offering to buy up to 90% of the stock. Heathrow, related to the Bacredi's through Nemo Bacredi, is a close friend of the Bacredi Family. The trusts purpose it to finance the Bacredi family's operations and investments, to cover family debt, and to maintain all House estates.

The Bacredi Family Trust was founded circa 553 BBY by the Head of House at the time, Baron James Bacredi of New Wales, who had donated most of his entire net worth to the Trust instead of his descendants. James Bacredi encouraged all of his relatives to do the same with their estates, in which the family members would have to lease out estates for a certain amount of time if they wanted to reside in it. This made most descendants of the family angry due to the fact that they would not just be given their estates, but they did the same with their descendants. In the year 302 BBY, the Bacredi Family Trust held 12 estates on Lianna, 2 on Handooine, 1 on Dantooine, 3 on Coruscant, 1 on Taris, 2 on Klatooine, 1 each on Prescott, Trottervick, Trafalagar, Hindur, and Mesa, along with countless others. The BFT had the largest surplus of funds that it ever had on record at the time, with a surplus of 3.4 billion credits to freely spend on the entire family. The BFT outfitted the family with an entire fleet of speeders and transports to freely take to any planet they wished. By the year 40 BBY, the Head of House Duke Sax-Courg of Hanover set the tradition of keeping a personal estate instead of donating it to the trust, something that has continued ever since the dissolution of the House—however, after Zhar and James Bacredi's decision to re-create the House of Bacredi, they both have donated their private residences and a large amount to the family fund.

Suffolk Tower, the tallest tower in the picture.

Suffolk Tower, formerly known as Suffolk Seafirst Tower, is a residential/office building located on the outskirts of Sky City, just overlooking the Oxfordshire Sound. The building was purchased by Zhar, Norm, James, George, Dorset, David, and Donald Bacredi for 300 million credits, a fraction of the original asking price. The building was built by famed architect John Rawling, of Kentmore, Lianna. The tower was designed to host 1,000 speeders in an underground garage, two shuttles (which are complimentary with apartment dues) on the roof, a personal driver for VIP residents, along with 26 hours a day 8 days a week service to your room or office. Norm Bacredi, after purchasing a ownership stake in the building, decided to make the garage hold 2,000 speeders, have four shuttles on the room, and also have the building turn into room for 30 floors of office space and 20 floors of residential area. The building was built in under six months, and the personalized shuttles came after a month of vacancy. Norm Bacredi brought his relatives on the deal a short while after its completion, in which each took one of the condominiums.

The building's condominiums are all of the same standard, each having four bedrooms, four and half bathrooms, a chef (who works for 2 floors), and three maids (who also work for 2 floors). The garage underneath the building is fit for 2,104 speeders, and every office and condo holder gets their own personal garage. Zhar Bacredi uses the garage that was allotted to him as a bunker type of thing, with a bed, a speeder, a few weapons, rations for three standard years, etc. The office space is state of the art, and every office has attached bathrooms, and every section of an office has their own kitchen and stairwell, along with personalized turbolifts. Most offices are given small living arrangements for employees that need to stay overnight, and given huge storage space below the parking garage. The Bacredi Family Trust was granted Suffolk Tower through Norm, Donald, and George Bacredi donating their shares—which basically mandated Zhar, James, Dorset, and David to donate their own stakes.

Windsor Manor.

Windsor Manor is the largest government owned home in the territory of Windsor, and is currently the official residence of Zhar Bacredi, but not his personal residence. Windsor Manor was formerly the residence of the Lord Governor of Windsor, but that residence was moved to more affordable housing. Windsor Manor was built in 2,844 BBY for the Duchess of Windsor, and was in use until 503 BBY, when the Duchess's line ended and the title of Duchess/Duke of Windsor ended as well. The house cost over 20 million credits to build and was footed by the Lianna government in thanks for the Duchess's support for the Chancellor at the time. It is fit with over 29 bedrooms, 38 bathrooms, and four kitchens. The family that the manor was built for, the Bathhurts, had their family crest splattered all around the place. After the Dukes of Windsor had left the manor, it fell into the hands of the Baron of Hartlepool, and then Viscount Severn. After Viscount Severn died and his family moved to another location, the manor was put into the hands of the Lord Governor of Windsor, who held it until Bacredi was given the home by the Lianna government as a gift.

The island that the manor is situated on is equipped with a full ferry system, which has recently been replaced by an underground tunnel system that connects the island to the mainland. Most of the bedrooms and rooms of interest are underground, while the actual manor portion of the place has eighty other rooms, most of which are commemorative, and all the rooms eventually lead into a passageway underground and into the main part of the manor. When underground, the outside rooms have full glass walls that allow them to see all of the wildlife that is under the sea. The dock, known by the Lianna government as Glenn's Ferry, houses every member of the work staff except the Chief Butler, Chief Hunter, and Chief Doctor, all of whom stay in the manor. Windsor Manor also is littered with emblems of the House of Bacredi and emblems of the seal of Windsor.

Wellington Castle.

Wellington Castle is a castle just north of St. Faol, Lianna, in the municipality of Wellington. George Bacredi was granted Wellington Castle after he was made Marquis of Wellington. The previous Marquis of Wellington, whose line went extinct in 101 BBY, had been passed down the house through fifteen generations of family members. The fifth Marquis had built underground sections of the house, most of which have passageways (which today are unknown to the residents of the manor) that lead to the mayors manor. This was because the fifth Marquis was also the Lord Mayor of St. Faol, whose office was thereafter abolished. The passageways require a code, which George Bacredi posses, and they are never actually in use unless in times of emergency. The seventh Marquis established a sublevel, and the seventh Marquis—being good friends with the Baron Bacredi at the time—used the same plans as they were in the Bacredi Family Compound. The sixteenth and last Marquis added huge amounts of art and fine furniture to the castle, all of which was watched by the family's Chief Steward after his death.

The visible part of Wellington Castle has ten bedrooms and twelve bathrooms, along with two sitting rooms, three holo chambers, a hangar, and two kitchens along with two living rooms. The visible part of the castle has five floors, and in the middle of each floor there is a turbolift that reaches all ten levels of the sublevel. Each sublevel has four rooms, and the top five each are living quarters: two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom, all of them having an alternate reality windows (which shows images from the outside when they are really underground). The last five levels all have ten rooms each, and they are an array of offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, etc. The bottom floor is all storage, and is over 20,000 square feet of it. Most of the storage space is taken up by spare fighters. George Bacredi lives in the visible part of the castle, and hardly ever ventures down.

Queensberry House.

Queensberry House is the residence of David Bacredi, 1st Baron of Queensberry, and is located in the San Hea Island Ring. The house was built specifically for David Bacredi when he became the Baron of Queensberry, and the site of the house was previously a farm that was purchased by the Lianna government. The house was built to fit David's standards, and the final cost was 20.4 million Crossuins. Unlike his two nephews, Zhar and George Bacredi, and his cousin, Tyr Bacredi, he had to have his house built for him because there had been no previous peerage in the San Hea Island Ring, and therefore no previous dwellings. However, like Hans Heathrow, he had to have a building built for him, and his was much less grand than Heathrow's building. The city of Queensberry footed the entire bill, and the building is tax exempt. The subsidary titles of the Baron of Queensberry—the Baronet of Winchestershire and Baronet of Irelintorn—are also seated in Queensberry House.

Queensberry House is built much like David's birth home, being built to the exact specifications of his fathers original plans. The first three floors are built with ten bedrooms and twelve bathrooms, along with a servant house about a mile off of the property and a farm house two miles away from the home. The basement is merely storage. David Bacredi has outfitted the east wing of the house with a hangar, where he keeps his very own shuttle and speeders, along with two personal fighters for security. The real thing that David invested in was his work staff, there are over thirty members of the work staff for Queensberry House. The Chief Butler was brought in from Coruscant, while the gardening staff from the Korinian Academy, and the kitchen staff from the kitchens of Corellia. Dave even imports 1 million credits worth of Corellian Ale into the House for both him and his workstaff every year.

Kent House.

Kent House is the residence of James Bacredi, who is the current Grand Duke of St. Faol, and has the subsidiary title of Duke of Kent, which enables him to live in Kent House. Kent House was occupied by the first through seventeenth Dukes of Kent, and for the last point of its inhabitance the Earl of Kentshire. From 100 BBY to 9 ABY, the house was occupied by the Governors of Kent or the Member of Parliament from Newcastle. James Bacredi was given the house in his name when he became the Grand Duke of St. Faol. The house was actually built before the Dukes lived in it, and was built by the Lord Governor of Rothesay at the time, who wanted to build a hunting home for himself on Lianna. Eventually, the Lord Governor of Rothesay lost his position and eventually moved back to Lianna, where his line eventually turned into the Earl of Norfolk, then the Viscount of Norfolk, then the Marquis of Norfolk, and then finally the Duke of Kent. Kent encompasses the area of Norfolk.

The house has a whopping 64 bedrooms, 83 bathrooms, and 32 living rooms. It has an entire room that measures 6,000 square feet that has all the portraits of the Grand Dukes of St. Faol and his children's titles—the Earl of Westchester and Baron of Rochester—and the Dukes of Kent and their children's titles—Viscount of Severend and Marquis of Norfolk—along with the original Marquises of Norfolk, the original Viscounts of Norfolk, and the original Earls of Norfolk. The house, which should technically be styled palace, has a hangar that fits James Bacredi's personal craft, an old GR-75, which was given to him by Zhar Bacredi. The work staff is made up of 190 people—most of them human—and 100 of them are devoted to cleaning and dusting the entire house. Bacredi is never really elegant with how he works, and he only lives in about 20 rooms of the house. James Bacredi has altered the crests in the house—which were formerly the Dukes of Norfolk—and changed it to the Bacredi Family Crest.

The Yorkshire Apartments.

The Yorkshire Apartments, otherwise known as the Ducal Apartments, are the apartments that the government of Lianna purchased for Hans Heathrow after he became the Duke of York. The apartments were remodeled and then combined to suit Heathrow's requirements, and had previously been high end apartments in the city of Yorkshire. The apartments were bought from their residents, most notably a wealthy senator and the Speaker of the Auburn State House of Commons, and many wealthy businessmen and businesswomen. The apartments are located right next to Heathrow's one son's apartments, as he is the Baron of Newcastle, while his other son is the Earl of Norfolk East. Heathrow commonly calls the apartments the "Ducal" apartments because his brother-in-law, Tyr Bacredi, and his nephews, Zhar Bacredi and James Bacredi, all commonly meet in the apartments, and they are all dukes of some sort.

The decorations of the apartments are arranged by floor: the first floor, which has the garage and two spare bedrooms, is set up with a Corellian-esque style. The second floor, which has two bedrooms as well and also a bathroom, along with a sitting room, living room, a kitchen, two libraries, and the Imperial staircase are all in the Coruscanti-esque style floor. The third floor is separated into two halves, each half being connected by each side of the Imperial staircase, has an office, a library, a bedroom, a sitting room, and a bathroom on each side and is decorated in a Denonian-esque style. The fourth floor has the master bedroom, a master bathroom, Heathrow's personal office (which is five rooms in and of itself), and a sitting room, all in the essence of the planet of Lianna's style. Heathrow has emphasized the Imperial staircase throughout the entire house.

Blenfield Estate.

Blenfield Estate is the ancestral residence of the Duke of Devonshire, who currently is Tyr Bacredi. The last Duke of Devonshire actually as a Bacredi (unilke all other titles held within the Bacredi famiy), and was Jameson Bacredi, and 19th Duke of Devonshire, the Marquis of Evremonde, the Earl of Manchester, the Baron of Dorcestershire, the Baron of Northshire, the Baronet of Irefolk, the Baronet of Enterson, and the Baronet of Blenfield, and Tyr only asked to be styled the Duke of Devonshire, but is still unofficially titled as all of those titles (7 in total). Jameson Bacredi was the Duke from 486 BBY to 472 BBY, and after that his line was only of female heir, and therefore became extinct, with his two daughters taking the titles of Baroness of Dorcestershire and Marquess of Evremonde, who both also lost their titles once they decided to abidacte from their titles.

The estate is made up of 34 bedrooms, 42 bathrooms, 10 sitting rooms, 6 living rooms, 4 kitchens, 2 barns, 2 hangars, and 2 imperial staircases. The house is built in the style of the age that it was built in, and by the famed architect, James Hall, who has a knack for making houses seem bigger than they actually are. The imperial staircase is made out of pure marble mined from Blatheim Mines in Derbyshire, and the gold finish on the grand front doors and on the staircase steps were crafted and mined from Lothlein Fort in Craftonston. The huge master bedrooms and bathrooms are furnished with Tarisien furniture and Coruscanti styled beds. The silk came from the Tarisien offices of a distant Bacredi, and came at a near record low price. The crest of the family of Bacredi, slightly modified for the Duke of Devonshire's former crests, is placed all around the estate.

Council Tower in Windsor, Lianna, Bacredi Leyland's headquarters.

Bacredi Leyland Group is a conglomerate group of companies formed out of Bacredi Petrol and Leyland Shipping eighty nine years ago, with the Baron of Sheffield Island at the time, St. Edward "Edward" Bacredi, formed the group and bought out other companies and put it under its oversight, most notably Mandelson Transport and the entire MG Rover Group, which Edward wanted to rename "The Bacredi-Rover Group." Edinburgh Transport came soon after, with Jackson Investments coming with it. The structure of Bacredi Leyland started with the Chief Executive Officer, then the next echelon was the Chief Investment Officer and the Chief Information Officer, and then there are a lot more chiefs and finally a Board of Governors. Edward then bought ten floors on the Council Tower in Windsor, Lianna, and was able to secure a deal for manufacturing plants in Windsor, Queensberry, and Devonshire, all near each other. There were landing pads and storage locations for Edinburgh and Mandelson Transport (which were merged) in Windsor, along with oil fields in the northern Lianna islands for Bacredi Petrol.

The companies that the Bacredi Leyland Group own are numerous, and many do not directly relate to each other. The largest company is Barclays Bank, which is headed by the Lord David Bacredi. Barclays Bank specializes in high profile investment, and currently has 51% ownership in Alfa Concourse Company (a transport company based in Leicester) and Spyder Motors (based in Katacana), along with high profile clients of the Lord Cantor and James May, who has a net worth of 60 billion credits. MG Rover Group, which was never renamed as the Bacredi-Rover Group, is headed by the Lord Alexander Thurmound and is a profitable cheap speeder brand based in Norfolk, Lianna. Zeger and Hebl Investments is an investment bank that used to be owned by Barclays. Austin-Healey Motors is a speeder company that produces very high end speeders in Methal, Lianna, and is a very profitable marque.


Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
CRWSFC.JPG Crewman April 14, 2008 April 16, 2008 Joined the Vast Empire
LCRWSFC.JPG Leading Crewman April 16, 2008 June 15, 2008 Passed the AE
SCRWSFC.JPG Senior Crewman June 15, 2008 July 9, 2008 Activity, devotion to the Squadron
PO2SFC.JPG Petty Officer, Second Class July 9, 2008 July 9, 2008 Activity, and Hard Work
PO1SFC.JPG Petty Officer, First Class July 9, 2008 October 22, 2008 Took SA
CPOSFC.JPG Chief Petty Officer October 22, 2008 November 16, 2008 Activity
SCPOSFC.JPG Senior Chief Petty Officer November 16, 2008 December 11, 2008 Took ME
MCPOSFC.JPG Master Chief Petty Officer December 11, 2008 January 14, 2009 Meritorious service
ESNSFC.JPG Ensign January 14, 2009 May 21, 2009 Naval Training Officer position.
2LTSFC.JPG 2nd Lieutenant May 21, 2009 June 21, 2009 Activity within the Academy.
1SG.png First Sergeant June 21, 2009 October 20, 2010 Transfer into the army.
CPTSFC.JPG Captain October 20, 2010 Present Transfer back into the VEN.


Naval Positions[edit]

Position Start Until Reason
Trainee April 14, 2008 April 16, 2008 Joined the Vast Empire
Flight Member—Kaph 2 April 16 2008 June 25, 2008 Passed Basic Training
Flight Member—Viper 7 June 25, 2008 August 9, 2008 Requested Transfer
Flight Leader—Nazgul 9 August 9, 2008 January 8, 2009 Hard Work
Executive Officer—Nazgul 9 January 8, 2009 January 14, 2009 Epicness
Operator: Level 1 June 9, 2008 September 7, 2008 Applied—Accepted
Trainer, Level 2 September 7, 2008 October 27, 2008 Hard Work
Lead Operator October 22, 2008 October 27, 2008 VENA Activity
VENA Executive Officer October 27, 2008 January 14, 2009 Firing of previous VXO.
Special Agent—Reaper November 30, 2008 April 29, 2009 Applied; later accepted by LTCM Arturus.
Naval Training Officer January 14, 2009 June 21, 2009 Previous NTO's retirement.
Training Executive Officer July 30, 2010 October 23, 2010 Return to the VEN.
Chief of Vast Imperial Intelligence October 26, 2010 March 20, 2011 Promotion

Army Positions[edit]

Position Start Until Reason
Special Agent in Charge June 18, 2009 June 30, 2009 Placed there as a backwash from the navy.
Trooper—RAIDERS Squad June 30, 2009 October 4, 2009 Transferred out of the VEI.
Trooper—Wraith Squad October 4, 2009 January 8, 2010 Transferred to help Wraith.

Awards and Certifications[edit]


Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason
MC1rib.gif [MC:1] Merit Cross, First Class June 1, 2008 Won Kaph Squadron Competition.
CL4rib.gif [EER] Exhausted Efforts Reward July 5, 2008 Activity, hard work, and loyalty
SOVrib.gif [SoV] Star of Valor August 17, 2008 Nazgul website work
BWC.gif [BWC] Bronze Writing Commendation August 20, 2008 Achieved 25 Story Posts (Award Late)
SWC.gif [SWC] Silver Writing Commendation August 20, 2008 Achieved 50 Story Posts (Award Late)
MC1rib.gif [MC:1] Merit Cross, First Class September 8, 2008 Phoenix Wing Website Work
NS H.gif [NSR:H] Naval Service Ribbon, Half Year October 22, 2008 Half a year of service
NSR.gif [NSM] Noble Service Medal November 16, 2008 VENA work
Nazgul6months.gif [NST:1] Nazgul Squadron: 6 Months December 5, 2008 Amount of time in Nazgul (Award Late)
Nazgul6monthsCO.gif *[NST:1]* Nazgul Squadron CO: 6 Months December 5, 2008 Amount of time in Nazgul (Award Late)
BRC.gif [BRC] Bronze Recruting Medal December 10, 2008 Recruiting efforts (Award Late)
SRC.gif [SWC] Silver Recruiting Medal December 10, 2008 Recruiting efforts (Award Late)
LOMrib.gif [LoM] Legion of Merit November 16, 2008 12 posts on the Naval Competition (Award Late)
GWC.gif [GWC] Gold Writing Commendation February 6, 2009 100 posts
SOArib.gif [SoA] Star of the Academy December 10, 2008 Completion of Razor Training Course.
NS 1.gif [NSR1] Naval Service Ribbon, One Year April 12, 2009 1 year in the Vast Empire Navy.
NS 2.gif [NSR2] Naval Service Ribbon, Two Years. Unknown 2 years in the navy.
CBVrib.gif [CBV] Cross of Bravery Unknown Extreme dedication and loyalty to the navy.
SoLrib.gif SoL Shadow of Lehon Unknown For participating in the Battle of Lehon.

Certification Exams[edit]

Certification Exams
Symbol Exam Exam Name Date Passed Score Received
Aepass.gif (=AE=) Aviator's Exam April 19, 2008 74%-
Sapass.gif (=SAE=) Senior Aviator's Exam July 9, 2008 85%-
Medis.gif (=^ME^=) Minor Exams November 16, 2008 98%-
Madis.gif (=*MAE*=) Master Aviator's Exam January 15, 2009 100%-
FOCEdis.gif (=*FOCE*=) Fleet Officer Candidate Exam January 20, 2009 0/0

Story Participation[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Atticus IV April 14, 2008  ? Squadron Story 5
Operation: Iron Sweep May 1, 2008  ? Squadron Story 21
Ruins of the Tarisien People April 26, 2008  ? Personal Story 17
Skirmish Above Tekeos IV April 11, 2008  ? Personal Story 1
Escort to Erzic II April 17, 2008  ? Personal Story 2
Grand Ma Needs Help June 13, 2008  ? Personal 3
Operation: Typhus July 5, 2008  ? Squadron Story 1
Blue Sickness May 20, 2008  ? Personal Story 4
Uprising July 12, 2008  ? Squadron Story 7
The 17th Fast Attack Group July 12, 2008  ? Personal Story 1
Betrayal At Roku Tan October 22, 2008  ? Naval Competition 12
Personal December 10, 2008  ? Squadron Story 3
Escort and Encounter November 26, 2008  ? Squadron 3
Reaper Story December 8, 2008  ? Reaper 3
Sith Story Unkown  ? Personal Group 2
Hunting for Gifts December 24, 2008  ? Personal 5
SRPotF June 16, 2008  ? Group 3
Escort Mission January 4, 2009  ? Group 4
Second Chance on Gralli January 24, 2009  ? Agency 1
Convoy 240 February 4, 2009  ? Personal 2
Aeronautica Imperialis February 21, 2009  ? Group 2
Alliance February 25, 2009  ? Group 3
Time to Shine January 29, 2009  ? Agency 4
The Manor March 6, 2009  ? Non-Canon 1
Above Taris... March 12, 2009  ? Personal 1
Shipping Run March 13, 20009  ? Group 2
When the Past Catches Up to You March 20, 2009  ? Non-Canon 2
The Second Uprising March 22, 2009  ? Personal 1
Bacredi's Personal Stories April 5, 2009  ? Personal 3
A New Day Dawns April 5, 2009  ? Group 1
Rhysati Lightrott April 26, 2009  ? Bounty 2
CC April 30, 2009  ? Group 3
War Games May 5, 2009  ? Sim. 4
Ykntola Foundation June 8, 2009  ? Group 3
Praexus II: Looks Like It's Going to Rain March 27, 2009  ? Squad (RAIDERS) 4
RAIDERS Squad June 13, 2009  ? In-squad competition 1
Bacredi: Heavy Weapons Specialist June 13, 2009  ? Specialty 1
RAIDERS: Rest and Relaxation June 11, 2009  ? Squad 1
A Hard Time April 4, 2009  ? Group 2
Total: 141