Anival Velasquez

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Anival Velasquez
Military Information

vehicle Crewman


Senior Sergeant




Wild Card Platoon


Phoenix Company


Dragon Battalion


Osiris Regiment


Stormtrooper Corps

  • Vast Empire
  • Stormtrooper Corps
  • Y.F.S
Physical Description


Skin color:

Light Brown




187 lbs


Left: Grey, Right: Hazel

Biographical Information




Early Life[edit]

Anival was born on Pilar the capital of Yosefin. As a child Anival was by himself being the only boy, until he got a brother. Anival and his little brother grew closer and closer as the years progressed. Anival showed great promise as a boy in the Royal Yoseifn academy. The royal army kept track of his record as he progresed through his educational career. He was quickly assigned a sub category were he to fail the trainng all Yosefin males went through. His other carrer field was to be piloting Vehciles, as he showed great knowledge for Yoseifn walkers, lifts and the like. Anival was out going until the death of his mom. After the incident Anival tried to take care of his little brother an his sisters, being the oldest he felt the responsibility to help his father.

Anival was trained in Tiedo a form of martial art that uses kinetic energy along with quck blows that can be retracted before impact to defend the user, it also uses lethal blows targeting the 1vital organs, it quickly render an enemy unconscious or cause immediate death. He was trained to use a blaster as his father was in the Imperial Army, and he came from a long line of militant males and females. Anival’s hatred for the NR was always there, and threw time was fed.


Anival is a really moral person, the soldiers fundamentalism was drilled into his head by the Educators in the academy, Respect, Integrity, Loyalty, Bravery, Self-discipline. Restraint. He won’t hesitate to kill a man that is unarmed or injured, even though he prefers to avoid the situation. He is extremely loyal to his comrades, and bodies of power. He won’t leave a man in battle , and gives fierce dedication to his team, and he in turns expects the same. He is very wary at new people, but in time if they prove worthy, Anival will place an ludicrous amount of respect. He tries to satisfy his teams need before his own.

Anival is the type of person you want behind you in a storm of blaster fire. He is trustworthy, and is afraid of letting people down. He is brilliant when it comes to tactics. He prefers a easy solution, and almost always finds one, but if he cant the determination that drives him takes over.


Since he has come form a high gravity planet his isn't as tall as most beings, however, for his planet he is tall.

Anival is Bigoted, and as such tends to undermine or mistrust non-humans, although he will listen to a senior officer either human or non-human, he will find a way to undermine the authority indirectly.

Anival has a vision problem, although he won't admit it, he can't see colors in incredible detail, they seem luster-less. this in no way hinders his aim or depth perception.

Enrollment in the Military[edit]

Anival started his militant career in the Yosefin Military academy. He was quickly recognized as Military capable. Anival did basic training and in his early career was called to action several times. Although his first three years he only did scout duty in the system. When the Imperial Army, brought the NR to the system the Yosefin empire did everything they could to assist the Empire. Anival was given a squad to command until the emergency was over. Anival lost many men, and was thought incapable to lead. The Yosefin empire was about to take away his squad but seeing as all capable tacticians were needed they left it to the members of the squad to chose. Anival was only kept in command by one vote.

In the three years of the NR occupation, Anival assisted in countless battles and save the lives of many Imperial troopers. Until his disappearance in a shoot out between the NR, The Empire and the Yosefin Army. Witnesses state that he was helping out a couple of storm troopers when, one of his sub-ordinates got into a fight with a storm trooper, one of them by the name of "Slake" took out a thermal detonator. Anival got in front of the blast and that was the last time he was seen on Yosefin.

He later woke up on a distant planet called Couruscant apparently he was taken off world because Slakes family was seeking revenge for the murder of their only male. Anival saw this as a chance to do greater good, so he quickly decided to join the empire, he was quickly taken into the ranks, when a trooper whom Anival had save countless time remembered and vouched for him.

Yosefin Fieghting Service[edit]

Anival along with Joamer, have founded a small freighting company. They have just received their first order. Anival has infested heavily upon this company, and has been one of his ambitions next to being a soldier.

Military Carrer[edit]

Anival started out as a Private in Iron Horse, it had just been re-opened, Anival served for a while, then it was shut down, no one knows why, but some people speculate it was the Sqaud Leader, he went AWOL. Afterward Anival was transferred into wraith, he quickly befriended a trooper by the name of Ryan Karrax, commonly known as RK. They served in many missions, and after a while, Anival met Jaomer, he was a cyborg who Anival admired, the only person who wasn't fully human, that he grew fond of, Anival started to look up to Joamer as a father figure.


Great with machines, brilliant tactician, and moderate aim. Knows Tiedo. Increased Stamina due to the heavier atmosphere of his homeworld.






Shiri'Wok (Wookie Laungage.)


Weight: 84.3 kilos Hieght: 1.8 meters Eye colour: one eye Hazel, other eye grey. Hair colour: Brown Skin colour: Brown

Anival is tall athletic build, he has a scar from the explosion running from his upper cheek bone to his jaw line.

Velasquez Manor[edit]

Recently acquired by Anival, this property has fully automated turret security program. The house is staffed by a total of ten people, five groundskeepers, and the rest a mixed assortment, as well as droids. There is also a half acre sparing ground. Most5 of the property was zoned in order to make a hangar, as well as the Y.F.S headquarters.


Ships & Vehicles[edit]

-YOV-Y.F.S Isis


-YOV-Y.F.SNerf Herder

- YOV-Y.F.SThe Reistlin

-YOV-Y.F.SHermis I

-YOV-Y.F.SHermis II

-YOV-Y.F.SIntruder I -YOV-Y.F.SIntruder II



Armor & Uniforms[edit]


Miscellaneous Tools[edit]

Explosive Weapons[edit]

Blasters & Melee Weapons[edit]

Entertainment & Personal Items[edit]

Consumer Items[edit]

VE Service History[edit]


Position Start Until Reason
Trainee N/A N/A N/A
Trooper assigned to wraith N/A N/A N/A
Trooper assigned to Wraith Sqaud N/A  ? n/a
Assistant Squad Leader  ? NA n/a
Squad Leader N/A N/A n/a
Trooper assigned to Eclipse April 25, 2011 n/a


Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
PRTA.JPG Private October 1st 2007 October 20, 2007 Graduated Academy.
PFC.png Private First Class October 20, 2007 October 12, 2008 CLASSIFIED
LCP.png Corporal October 12, 2008 October 12, 2008 n/a
CPL.png Corporal October 12, 2008 July 7, 2009 CLASSIFIED
SGT.png Sergeant July 7, 2009 N/A Military Service
SSG.png Senior Sergeant NA Present Just 'cause


Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason [AS-H] Army serviceribbon (half year) May 5 Army Service half year in STC [AS-1] Arny service ribbon (One year) October 5 Army Service 1 year in STC
EW2rib.gif EW:2C Emperor's Will Second Class January 11, 2009 Participation in HSC'08
SCArib.gif SCA Sapphire Crystal of Anteevy For Participation of HSC '08
BCrib.gif BC Bronze Cross Nov 15, 2009 Presented to stormtroopers who have posted over 75 Army sanctioned posts.
DOH.jpg DoH Dust of Hrail Participation in Platoon wide story.
BoTrib.gif BoT Bastion of Tadath September 7, 2009 Participation in ESC'09

Story Participation[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
A New Beginning October 3rd, 2007  ? Squad (Iron Horse) 2
In At The Deep End November 21, 2007  ? Squad (Iron Horse) 7
Alderaan strikes Back February 13, 2008  ? Squad (Iron Horse) 2
Vacation on Endor or is it...? May 19, 2008  ? Squad (Iron Horse) & (Paladin) 4
QW IIINever Gonna Give You Up October 6, 2008  ? Quick Write Competition 5
Into Talon's Den August 19, 2008  ? Squad (Iron Horse) 8
Wraith are Legend October 12, 2008  ? Squad (Wraith) 5
My true enemy gave to me December 1, 2008  ? HSC Competition. 3
Land Of Mild Inconvenaince February 11, 2009  ? Squad (Wraith)and (Raiders)
A Trip to Nowhere March 13, 2009  ? personal 10
Tessa Turnaround June 30, 2009  ? Squad story 3
Undying May 2, 2009  ? Squad (Iron Horse) 27
ESC wraith July 23, 2009  ? Elite Squad Competition 5
Search and....What the hell is that? September 12, 2009  ? Squad Story 11
Macabre Machines October 9, 2009  ? Squad 1
Wraith Halloween story October 26, 2009  ? Experimental Comp. 3
Blood and Brandy October 26, 2009  ? Squad 4
HSC '09 December 7, 2009  ? Holiday Squad Competition 8
We remain unrevenged January 19, 2010  ? Squad 4
Extraordinary Circumstances March 22, 2010  ? Platoon 4
It's Nova Enough  ? Squad 4
Trojan Ghost  ? Squad 11
Showdown at Tesska  ? Squad 12
Among the Ruins  ? Squad 2
Together we fight  ? Squad 3
Pre-Thyveck Leave  ? Other 1
Among the Ruins  ? HSC 5
Together we fight  ? squad 3
New Blood  ? squad 1
Thyveck+Street Running+ Battle Scars  ? multi 3
Shades of Death  ? Squad 5
Extraordinary Circumstances  ? Platoon 4
Total: 170

Leaves of Absence[edit]