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Victory I SD.jpg
General Information

capital ship


Victory II-class Star Destroyer


Kuat Drive Yards


50,000,000+ credits


Vast Empire



Current XO:



Taskforce Aurek


Second Vast Imperial Fleet

Technical Information

900 meters


578 meters


248 meters

Engine Units:

Hoersch-Kessel Drive

Hyperspace Rating:
  • Class 1.0
  • Back-up class 15.0

rated at 2880 SBD


rated at 1660 RU

  • 20 quad turbolaser batteries
  • 40 double heavy turbolaser batteries
  • 20 ion cannons
  • 10 tractor beam projectors
Starfighter Complement:
  • 2 squadrons of TIE variants (Shock Squadron and Awe Squadron)
  • 5 Lambda-class shuttles (Aurodium, Derillium, Meleenium, Thoranium, Turminium)


Minimum Crew:



1600 troops


8,100 metric tons


4 years

History & Usage

19 BBY

  • Peacekeeping battleship
  • Star Destroyer
  • Heavy Frigate
  • Planetary Assault
Past Commanders:

Wyl Trykon Pherik Zail

Brilliant, on the day it was launched in 19 BBY, above Kuat.

The Brilliant is one of the most venerable and decorated vessels in the Vast Empire's Navy. Built at the Kuat Drive Yards orbital ring in 19 BBY, the 900-meters-long Victory II-class Star Destroyer was launched within a month of the Galactic Empire's founding, and served Palpatine's regime nobly and well for 23 years, until the Emperor was assassinated at Endor. In 5 ABY, fed up with the sexism and uncaring attitude towards her crew displayed by the Sector Moff who'd claimed Brilliant in the chaotic aftermath of Endor, Captain Irisi Jon defected to the Vast Empire faction. A charismatic, capable, and persuasive leader, Jon not only convinced the crew of the Brilliant to join the VE with her, she also brought along another Vic-Star Deuce named the Superb, and no fewer than twelve of the supporting ships from her task force. The twin star destroyers may have been old, but they were still formidable warships; Naval High Command eagerly welcomed the experienced Imperial personnel, and consolidated the "donated" vessels into the VEN.

Service History with the Vast Empire's Navy[edit]

Brilliant in orbit above Cepany.

Wyl Trykon commanded the vessel during the initial stages of the Counterpunch operation against the Imperial Dominion, but was later transferred away from the Brilliant.

In his place, the new Executive Officer of the Second Fleet, Pherik Zail, took command as the ship saw continued action in the Counterpunch campaign. On the eve of the offensive, he began a tradition of reciting an old Azure Imperium prayer before battle. Over the coming months, the ritual of reciting this poem began to catch on among the crew.

We, the brave, who sail the stars, In the black of space we roam, Travelling both near and far, To defend our Empire and our home.

Our faith we place in ship and crew, Brothers and sisters throughout the Fleet, Our strength together will see us through, And our many challenges in victory meet.

Now we go, the galaxy calls, And our enemies shall surely fall!

Since then, Pherik Zail moved on to lead the Second Fleet and took command of a new vessel.

Squadron Name Squadron No. Starfighter Type Squadron Commander
Shock 323rd TIE Interceptor [[]]
Awe 323rd TIE Bomber [[]]

Watch Schedule and Crew Roster[edit]

The Brilliant runs on a rotating shift schedule of three watches (each watch lasts eight standard hours), with the entire crew reporting to duty stations during General Quarters. The only senior officer not on a specific watch schedule is the ship's Chief Medical Officer, who is on-call and available for consultation at all times, but only has an assigned duty station during General Quarters. The Watch Rotation is as follows:

First Watch[edit]

    • Deck Officer:
    • Communications:
    • Helmsman:
    • Co-pilot:
    • Astrogator:
    • Sensors:
    • Weapons Control:
    • Defense:
    • Engineer:
    • Medical:

Second Watch[edit]

    • Deck Officer:
    • Communications:
    • Helmsman:
    • Co-pilot:
    • Astrogator:
    • Sensors:
    • Weapons Control:
    • Defense:
    • Engineer:
    • Medical:

Third Watch[edit]

    • Deck Officer:
    • Communications:
    • Helmsman:
    • Co-pilot:
    • Astrogator:
    • Sensors:
    • Weapons Control:
    • Defense:
    • Engineer:
    • Medical:

General Quarters[edit]

    • CO: Lieutenant Commander
    • XO: Warrant Officer 1st Class
    • Operations:
    • Helmsman:
    • Co-Pilot:
    • Astrogator:
    • Sensors:
    • Communications:
    • Weapons Chief:
    • Chief Engineer:
    • Engineer:
    • Engineer:
    • Damage Control Team Leader:
    • Damage Control:
    • Damage Control:
    • Triage Surgeon:
    • Marine detachment (Dread Squad) CO:
    • Marine detachment (Dread Squad) XO:

Combat Log[edit]

Mission Designation Mission Type Damage Inflicted Damage Taken & Casualties Notes Mission Began Mission Ended
Tuk'ata: Counterpunch: Pestilence Strike into Imperial Dominion territory
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • First and only battle under the command of Wyl Trykon
  • After the Battle of Abrae, the Vast Empire wanted to strike back against the Imperial Dominion. Intelligence found a secret route into their space, and the Brilliant went to investigate.
September 28, 2012 November 30, 2012
VEN: Counterpunch: War Strike at an Imperial Dominion Weapons lab
  • Led a two-pronged attack that destroyed the Nebulon-B Frigate Howling Hydra
  • Damaged the Victory Star Destroyer Ravisher
  • Destroyed the Enforcer-Class Cruiser Cyclonus
  • Minor damage to multiple decks
  • Several starfighters lost
  • First battle under the command of Pherik Zail
  • The Brilliant bore the Fleet XO's flag during this pivitol battle in the war against the Imperial Dominion. The battle was a resounding success, beating the last major Dominion fleet and opening the invasion route into the heart of their space.
  • For actions in this battle the 'Brilliant' and her crew were awarded the Admiral’s Own.
December 4, 2012 February 8, 2013
Serpent: Bridge Officer Tier 3 Certification Strike against the CR-30c Cruiser Redeemer
  • Several enemy starfighters destroyed
  • Major damage to the hyperdrive
  • Several starfighters lost
  • Joint mission with the Venator Star Destroyer Blazing Crown
  • The Brilliant suffered a major hyperdrive malfunction, keeping it out of the main fight. Its TIE Squadrons did engage the enemy, however.
January 19, 2013 January 19, 2013
VEN: Counterpunch: Death First and Second Battle of the Sollamens System
  • Destroyed numerous Imperial Dominion TIEs
  • Destroyed the Dominion's VSD Ravisher
  • Moderate damage
  • Several TIEs lost
  • Loss of fully one third of the Stormtrooper complement
  • Loss of several crewmen, including XO, Vagen Eosel
  • The Brilliant fought in both Battles, distinguishing itself in both and earning the Admiral's Own
  • Prior to the First Battle, Admiral Krazanr was conducting a tour of the vessel, but was kidnapped by Dominion infiltrators. The Brilliant`s crew fought extra hard to atone for this embarassment.
February 9, 2013 May 10, 2013
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