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Thrackan Sal-Solo.jpg
Thrackan Sal-Solo
Military Information

Corellian League, Human League, Bloodstripe Conspirators

Physical Description



1.8 meters

Hair Color:

Brown, with some grey



Biographical Information

Corellia, though born on Tralus

Birth date:

35 BBY




47 in 12 ABY


Galactic Basic


Diktat of the Corellian League


Han Solo

He is not a nice man, to put it mildly.

—Han Solo's character assessment of his cousin.

Thrackan Sal-Solo was a Human male who was the son of Randil Sal and Tiion Solo and the first cousin of Han Solo. He was a few years older than Han and bore a striking resemblance to his cousin. Thrackan even had a voice which corresponded to Han's. Known to the galaxy as a felonious criminal, Sal-Solo, despite his vicious crimes, came into power as Diktat of the independent Corellian League at the conclusion of the coup now called the Bloodstripe Conspiracy.


Although thought of as Corellian, Thrackan was actually born and raised on the sparsely-inhabited planet Tralus, which with its twin Talus formed the Federation of the Double Worlds on the edge of the Corellian system. His father died when he was very young, and his mother was a reclusive, distrustful woman, who surrounded herself with a staff of droid servants. The family was apparently descended from the ancient emperors of Corellia, and while his lonely childhood left him arrogant and domineering, Tiion Sal-Solo nevertheless raised her son to think of himself as a gentleman.

In 18 BBY, Thrackan encountered his cousin Han, who would later remember him as a violent bully who would torture animals or insects for fun, doing it more frequently once he realized how much it unsettled Han to have to watch.

Later, Thrackan attempted to pursue a career in the Imperial Navy, but Han's smuggling career and fighting with the Rebellion thwarted his designs, and confined him to a bureaucratic role within the Corellian Sector. Nevertheless, Thrackan's ruthless ambition and his family connections enabled him to prosper in the Imperial administration, and when Daclif Gallamby became Diktat in 2 BBY, Thrackan was appointed as his deputy. He found himself frustrated in his romantic ambitions, however, as women often tended to think of him not on his own terms, but merely as Han Solo's cousin. His sense that his cousin disrupted every aspect of his life was further compounded when the Imperial government on Corellia was undermined by the Battle of Endor and the subsequent rise of the New Republic — with Han, of course, playing a vital role in the Rebel victory.

Eventually, when the New Republic took control of Corellia, Thrackan disappeared. He formed a speciesist underground movement known as the Human League, and allied himself with the Sacorrian Triad, who had control of Centerpoint Station.

At the end of the Bloodstripe Conspiracy, the New-Republic-appointed Governor-General of Corellia was dead, and Thrackan Sal-Solo had been declared Diktat of an independent Corellian League.

Personality and traits[edit]

Thrackan Sal-Solo was widely known for his firm Humanocentrism, love of Corellia, and support of the Empire's New Order. However, his pro-Empire leanings had a limit, and the speciesism professed was more akin to xenophobia and isolationism. He also tried to portray himself as a Corellian nationalist and a proponent of the Corellian Independence cause. Once in power, he used bullying tactics to get his way. Sal-Solo was traumatized as a child since his father, Randil Sal, died when he was one year old his mother, Tiion, never recovered, and constantly wept. This made Thrackan angry and sad, as his mother was full of life when his father was alive. This lead to him developing an aggressive and mean-spirited personality that would characterize him later in life. He was unpopular with his peers, although he remained well loved by the people of Corellia.

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Behind the scenes[edit]

Thrackan's name is frequently misspelled.

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