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Now you see us; Now you don't.

—Ghost Motto

The Squad Emblem.



Created shortly after the founding of the Vast Empire. We were among the first groups labeled as Special Forces. Activated for the soul purpose of extracting high value targets, or the rescue of comrades when their missions turn south.

Our squad has some of the lowest Rookie survival rate of any team currently on roster within the Empire. Many attempts have been made to keep a higher number alive, but so far nothing has been successful.


We, the Ghost Squad of the Vast Empire, are one of the top Special Forces units. We are sent in to appear and disappear in front of the enemies faces without them even realizing we were there in the first place.

We phase into the enemy lines and take out anybody in our way. We Ghosts are usually called on for a rescue job. Who's better for a rescue than somebody who can never die? Somebody who can phase in with the shadows and reappear out of nowhere. Somebody who can fly from place to place with ease, taking out the enemy with no more than a simple touch from Death himself.

That's right. We are the entities, we are the spirits, we are the Ghosts of the Empire.

Known Missions

We have a saying, "If anyone ever knew what we did, we failed."

Our missions do not go on any report, because we do not exist. If word gets out that we had been activated then a group somewhere is in trouble, or a high value target needs to be grabbed. When asked what we do for a living we simply say, "Our jobs."

As of late report, rumors has it that a squad in the Wild Card platoon was in trouble. No one has seen nor heard from Ghost Squad in four days. It is believed they were sent in to rescue the squad, but no one knows.

Official reports do not exist that activated the Ghosts. When asked members of High Command that even have the security clearance to know if the squad exists or not will not confirm or deny in orders sent, or not sent.

Reports are now coming in calling for another squad to be sent in rescue of Ghost squad. No communications have been received or sent to them in six days. One lone night guard saw two repulsor trucks leaving the command center last night. His report follows.

"I was making my usually rounds, and I saw these two trucks pull out from the back area of one of the buildings." The Night Guard said. "I thought it unusual because these trucks are only used when transporting, or picking up the remains deceased individuals."

No new reports have been received, and no one else is coming forward. In a small update, the squad known as RAIDERS, was found in the secondary medical facility receiving treatment for bad burns, broken bones, blood poisoning, and numerous other injuries.

The disappearance of Ghost Squad remains a mystery.

Current Roster

A list of the current roster within Ghost Squad

Ghost Squad
Position Rank Name Specialty
Squad Leader Sergeant First Class Doronson "Wisp" Talley Slicer|- Assistant Squad Leader Gunnery Sergeant Drake "Seven" Kent Medic|- Commando Gunnery Sergeant Marcus "Reaper" Cole Scout|- Commando Lance Corporal Bertal Morrin Communications Technician|- Commando Corporal Danica "Snarl" Kael Combat Engineer|- Commando Gunnery Sergeant An'Owyn "Buster" Fairbreeze Heavy Weapons Specialist|- Commando Rookie Does not have the right. - Commando Rookie Does not have the right. - Commando Rookie Does not have the right. Heavy Weapons Specialist

Acceptance Within the Squad.

It has been asked before why the newest members are only called Rookie, or some form of that title. The answer is simple.

When you first join the squad you are nothing to us. Sure we have a hand in picking who gets in, but you have not earned our respect. Therefore you do not have a name, or a rank. You are called Rook, Rookie, or any other word we think of.

When addressed at formal gatherings, your name and rank are never mentioned. You must earn the right to be one of us, simply being accepted is not enough. Most Rooks do not make it, our ratio of surviving Rooks is only twenty percent.

No one ever said this job was easy.

Weapon Loadout

Weapons used are often dependent on the mission. This is only the basic set new members receive without them having to buy anything. The grenades are obviously at the Troopers discretion, this was only meant to give an idea of what they might carry. If the squad exists at all.

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