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The Osk Company
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A Trade Lane Near You

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Private Beings of War

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“To be a pirate is to embrace chaos. You kill or be killed. You live with whatever moral code you choose and if you happen to die by that code then at least you die a true man. If you can’t handle that responsibility then maybe you shouldn’t be here. Go back to your banners and fields and let someone else shoulder the blame when they make the orders.”

—Kami Sharpe

The Osk Company is the name of a band of privateers affiliated with Imperial Center Store. Based out of Eyesore. They make their way through the Galaxy as freelance anythings, willing to undertake everything from high risk escort or assualt missions to mundane delivery missions, so long as the pay is right. They are lead by the somewhat eccentric Snipes, who keeps the small, somewhat insane fleet together.

The Osk Company got it's name when Snipes original small group of sometimes privateers were given the planet of Osk 91 in exchange for services rendered and services to be rendered on the agreement that he be able to provide for protection. As such he sent out a call to privateers across the galaxy, and quickly amassed a small, and somewhat rag-tag, fleet. After that they were dubbed 'The Osk Company', as it sounds more respectable that some of the alternatives.

The group also prefers not to call themselves pirates or privateers but rather "Men of Fortune" or "Enterprising Individuals".

☠The Locker[edit]

A run down and half destroyed military base found nestled part way into a mountain on Eyesore. While the base itself is run down it is still much larger than what is needed by the privateers and has started to become something of a small city. Even with the recent increases in the size of the fleet much of the facility is still left unused, as such some enterprising individuals have set up shops in otherwise unused areas, at the time of writing it holds ten bars, three blaster shops, six brothels and a variety of seedy shops selling any bits of precious that might be useful to a pirate. Some of these shops are run by family members of the pirates, others are run by friends or, in rare cases, simply enterprising individuals from off world.

Snipes and the other leaders of the group turn a blind eye to it, as the presence of such things are extremely good for morale, and because of the remoteness of the planet the fleet can go through long periods without setting foot on a civilized world.

While no hangar exists for the various merchant ships coming to peddle thier wares to pirates with cash in their pockets, there is a hangar that houses Corellian Hound, Queen Tetra's Revenge and Coffin Nail. The various enterprising individuals on the planet have made various attempts, most coming up half finished, to create a shelter or primitive starport for the merchant vessels, however Snipes is unwilling to part with the money to fund such a project.


The Osk Company can trace it's roots all the way back to the CDF, where Visha and most of Corellian Hound's crew (Possibly Snipes aswell, although the exact connection is unknown and possibly coincidence) first served together. They served first on a DP-20 Gunboat before serving of an experimental CR-90 that met a disastrous end during a training exercise. Afterward the crew was spread throughout the fleet, but within months they had all disappeared, Visha going as far as to steal an Assassin Class Corvette.

Typical clothing worn by Osk Company pirates. (Click for larger picture)

The ship and crew then joined up with a large pirate organization before it's untimely destruction, along with their ship. The crew was once again cast to the four winds, however a chance encounter between Snipes and Visha caused the crew to reform, this time on board his own salvaged and modified CR-90. Thus the Corellian Hound was born.

However it was not until Snipes was granted rights to the planet of Osk 91 that he sent forth a call to privateers everywhere and the group became "The Osk Company", a band of rag-tag and loosely aligned pirates, brigands, mercenaries, killers, spacers, spicers, smugglers and other miscreants.

The first venture of the group was brought about by an over abundance of willing people and a rather exasperating shortage of vessels; Snipes demanded that all vessels be loaded full of people and then they jumped randomly into hyperspace. Snipes managed to lead them around the galaxy for three weeks before becoming exasperated himself and finally settling on a rather poor looking space station. The bored and violent privateers fell upon it in full force and it wasn't long before all possessions of consequence fell into their hands. However shortly after the privateers with half a mind had taken all the good loot the New Republic fell upon the fledgling fleet and they were forced to flee.


1 Month Prior to Claim: Snipes leaves the Stormtrooper Corps, working for the ICS as an independent agent. For his work is awarded the planet of Osk 91

Date of Claim: Snipes first steps on Osk91, claims The Locker as his own and gifts the planet with the moniker "Eyesore".

Four Months After Claim: The Osk Company is officially formed, takes on first mission.

Nine Months AC: Snipes dissappears to Unknown Regions.

Ten Months AC: Crusaders invade, take Eyesore and begin "reeducating" the populace.

1 Year AC: Crusaders Decimated in one of the bloodiest battles in galactic history.

13 Months AC: Snipes is kidnapped by Crusader agents.

14 Months AC: Under Kami Sharpe The Osk Company bands together to begin the long task of rebuilding and rescuing their King.


The Osk Company's Fleet

Note: (m) designates a craft that is sufficiently modified as to eschew it's relationship with the base model.


Image Award Name Description
description Osk Doubloon [OD] Much to the dismay of several archaeologists, the Osk Company has set a claim to what a cache of "buried treasure" one might say; more specifically, a vault of many coins of unknown origin and metal, most likely from a previous civilization long lost. The coin is first defaced by carving the figurehead into a skull and the reverse stamped with the Osk symbol, then used to reward the Prospectives whom shine above the rest. A hole is usually punched through the coin and it is worn around the neck on twine.
description Knave's Spirit [KS] Awarded typically by Captains to their Underthings, the Knave's Spirit is actually an ornate mug filled with a strong drink of the Pirate King's secret brew when first awarded. Afterward, most Oskers tend to keep the mug tied to their belt or bandoleer, as one truly never knows when an opportunity will present itself to drink.
description Carouser's Swag [CS] Awarded to the few that manage to impress the Pirate King himself. Usually accompanied by far too many rounds than recommended by seven out of five doctors, followed by a massive hangover.
description Order of the Gilded Cutlass [OGC] Not an award per se, but an honorary title of sorts. Informally, those whom have been declared of this order by the Pirate King are given some of the first picks of plunder after the captain, regardless of their rank or position within the crew. In the extremely rare cases of Osk formal events, the member would be addressed by the following means: "{Rank} {Name} of the Gilded Cutlass." Only the Pirate King knows for sure why this title is granted, although some suspect it's at his own personal whims and fancies. Some holders of this title may actually go out of the way to commission an actual gilded cutlass, but such a thing is not an effective weapon, and simply left on display.
description Corsair's Bounty [CB] Awarded to the most noteworthy participants of an extremely successful and profitable pirating endeavor, this is the highest officialized award that an Osk-fella can hold. From the wreckage of the battle, bits of the target's hull are acquired and polished to soothe the edges. This scrap is then embossed with the Osk symbol, the recipient's name, and the date of the battle and finally employed as a medallion upon a ribbon draped around the neck of it's valiant pirate.




Alcoholics Anonymous


The Osk Company is structured in a haphazard and confusing manner, not entirely understood even by the members. In a sense it is just a very complex social structure with little official basis, structured neither like a military nor like a corporation.

Members are divide primarily into two different castes: One being Freelancers and the other Captains.

Freelancers are, in rough translation, the mercenaries of The Company, they are paid for each job as singular entities; the biggest distinction between them and captains is that they do not command a ship or team, instead they work for themselves carrying out whatever jobs The Company has for them, whether it be as a simple gun-for-hire, starfighter pilot or spy.

Captains form the major part of The Osk Company's revenue generating people; a captain commands a ship and it's crew or, at times, a mercenary group. Only a few ships and crews belong to The Company itself, the majority of the vessels in the rag-tag fleet are privately owned and run by their respective captains. The Captains of these vessels are the only ones who hold any direct association with The Company and, excepting in times of need, operate without direction from Osk. In exchange for the protection of the fleet, the use of Eyesore and the various benefits of maintaining membership in The Company these beings pay a percentage of their earnings to the coffers of The Osk Company.


Snipes' Day
1st and last day of the month. Days of patriotism. And reckless drinking.

Tantrum Day
2nd of each month. Ye who have children, we salute thee!

Asshat Day
3rd of the month. Special day when Osk members down a shot every time someone makes an asshat of themselves in the main channel.

Asploshion Day
4th of the month. Day when things go BOOM!

Jegglypuff Day
5th of the month. Day devoted entirely to the consumption of booze.

Polish Your Hammer Day
6th & 9th of the month. Days when you get your hammer polished.

No Pants Day
7th of the month. Day for celebrating your freedom from PANTS!

Bottom's Up Day
8th of the month. Day for drinking.

Hectic Day
11th of each month. Day of craziness! Also day for discovering creative ways to consume booze.

Giggity Day
13th of the month. Day of inappropriateness and more drinking.

What's Up Doc? Day
15th of the month. Day for boozing. And philosophilizing.

Ronald McBoobies Day
17th of the month. Day devoted to the appreciation of the boobies.

BJ Day
19th of the month. Possibly the best day ever for those who are lucky enough to participate.

20th of the month. Day of teh noob. Also the day for depressed drinking.

Snuggle Day
21st of the month. Day when the snuggles become so numerous they will suffocate you.

Reverse Cowboy Day
22nd of the month. More drinking.

Kinkeh Day
25th of the month. Day of the discussion of all things kinkeh. And booze.

*Note: All holidays are drinking days, some days are set aside to celebrate that fact entirely.

☠Show and Tell Sundays[edit]

Every Sunday is for piraty socializing and showin and tellin.

☠The Osk Compendium of Words[edit]

  • Asplosion; Noun - An explosive force in the most ridiculous possible way.
  • Helplify; Verb - To assist one in some task usually in the form of shifting the mortal coil after its already bent out of shape.
  • Largerest; Adj. - Describes an object that is, indeed, larger than the rest.
  • Osker; Noun - Slang. An individual under the employment of The Osk Company.
  • Philosophilize; Verb - To think deep piratey thoughts.
  • Piratey; Adj. - Identifies pirate like behavior. The spelling may differ depending on individual interpretation.
  • Drunking; Verb - State and/or activity involved with and owing exclusively to drunkenness