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Imperial Center
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Imperial Center is the largest corporate venture in the Outer Rim territories, particularly at the edge of the Unknown Regions. It provides consumer products and military technology to the Imperial Fringe, and connects the loyal planets of the Outer Rim to the Imperial Remnant.


The original Vast Empire store was a venture of VE members TJ and Talon. From those roots, the over-eager and (at the time) under-worked member Fury dreamed of a monster. Kadann built the interface, Fury added an obnoxious level of goods and Imperial Center was born. After an initial shot of investment funds by high ranking club members, the store became mostly self-sufficient with the construction and sale of the Eclipse-class SSD Mustang. A few other significant ship purchases followed. Sales have been moderate and steady, with a few comic items bearing the majority of sales, if not profit.


Imperial Center is an affiliated enterprise of the Vast Empire. While an independent corporation, it retains close ties to this Imperial faction which allow it leeway to operate in Imperial space with the assurance that it will often comply and assist with implementing Imperial policy as long as it does not violate the corporate charter.

Recently, Imperial Center has offered positions to some retired division members who wish to participate in the club but not at the accelerated pace of being in the Corps or Navy. These positions are offered by existing Imperial Center staff in a "don't comm us, we'll comm you" environment. At the moment, we are filling out our corporate officer structure as well as recruiting Company Agents. Check the official roster for further info on who's who.

For Agents and Staff, we will endeavor to structure some guidelines here in the near future.

As the structure is created, we will enlist volunteers who wish to help manage the Store. Stay tuned for recruitment options that allow you to maintain a full-time division membership as well as aid our efforts to make Imperial Center the finest commercial venture in the galaxy.


As of today Imperial Center has dozens of locations:

  • 96 in Vast Empire controlled worlds,
  • 47 in various Outer Rim planets,
  • 16 in the Middle Rim/Expansion Region,
  • 4 in the Thilidian Sector, and
  • 3 in the Core (under shell corporations).

Imperial Center has sold more than 4 billion credits in items, leaving a pure profit of over 600,000 credits. Much of the profit has been folded back to fund research and development, as well as to provide funding for additional manufacturing licenses.

Offices and Facilities[edit]

Imperial Center has multiple facilities throughout Vast Empire space, as well as in outlying areas when the situation requires.

Vast Empire Space Facilities[edit]

  • Corporate Headquarters – Cepany, Rheagant System
  • Vehicle Factory – Tadath (Nodriss B), Sian System
  • Weapons Armory – Nodriss D, Sian System (Standard-class starport constructed)
  • Consumer Goods/Personal Items – Etchik, Vectra System (Stellar-class starport constructed)
  • Orbital Shipyards – Etchik, Vectra System & Pribe, Rheagent System
  • Baron Fel Advanced Starfighter Assembly Plant - Etchik Orbital Shipyards, Vectra System
  • Orbital Starfighter/Freighter Factory – Pribe, Rheagent System
  • Shipyard Consultant Office – Mangol, Rheagant System

Outlying Facilities[edit]

  • Orbital Shipyards – Serek, Zerek 456 System
  • Vehicle Factory – Bestine IV, Bestine System
  • Consumer Goods/Personal Items – Moorja, Moorja System


If you can think of it, we likely carry it...or will try to do if possible. That said, there are a few items we do not foresee selling. Obviously, slavery of sentient beings is out. The old Empire may have tacitly endorsed this barbaric practice, but the Vast Empire does not. More importantly, neither does the ICS corporate board.

We also do not carry - primarily because we cannot guarantee volume stock - lightsabers, Mandalorian armor, and Spaarti cloning cylinders. If it is rare and highly dangerous to the extreme, you won't find it here. Basically, the item must be somewhat practical and within reason. For example, you can buy a Star Destroyer if you can find a crew for it; but you won't be buying a one-man Sun Crusher.

All that said, you can ask for a special item for yourself. We call these items Infinities and produce only one or just a few. You pay a premium price, but you also own a rare item in return.

Auxiliary Services[edit]

Imperial Center has branched out into smaller client support services through the years, to better provide for our customers' needs. Among the ventures we have started are the following:

  • TBD Microloan Services
  • TBD Security Training
  • TBD Repair/Modification Services

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