Lance Corporal Mara Jade's Biography
Name: Mara Jade
Callsign: Mara Jade
Rank: Lance Corporal
Specialty: Communications Tech
Awards: LoR
Email: [email protected]
AIM: Lqdstardust
TIS: 3 months
TIG: 1 month
When Mara was a young girl her mother died leaving her father alone to raise her, she learned the less feminine arts in life... shooting, archery, knife throwing... never learning to wear a dress or do her hair, she lacked the feminie ways... a slight introvert in school she focused on learning and hiding herself in books, not being much of a social butterfly. She found communications and technical things fascinating, always taking things apart and learning about them. Her father always encouraging her she pursued this hobbie with a passion. Hunting in the fall with her father sharpened her skill with the rifle, archary, and the knife. When coming of age to marry, her father worried that she would not be able to settle down and learn the domestics required of a wife and thought a carrer with the Vast Empire would be best for her. Taking her to the recruiting station she signed up immediatly to join the Army; with her experience she was given the job of communications technician. Mara thrived in the military enviornment, dreaming of making the Army a career for life...possibly one day becoming a Platoon Sergeant.... maybe even a commander.