Sergeant First Class Otto Vox's Biography
Name: Otto Vox
Callsign: Otto Vox
Rank: Sergeant First Class
Specialty: tba
Awards: tba
Email: [email protected]
AIM: pyrovansman999
TIS: tba
TIG: tba
Background I have just begun my 5th year in the Empire, I joined the Imperial academy a week after my 18th birthday. My older brother Valin, oldest of three boys, had been in the Empire for five years, I envied him and longed to join him every day. I looked up to him as if he were my father, basically he was, because our father had been killed in a dog fight with a squadron of TIE Advanced's when I was 10 when Valin joined the Empire. He became a squad leader on the first Death Star, 41/2 years after he began his career. Half a year later as he was still assigned to the Death Star, the battle of Yavin took place. He was on board, gunning at the Rebel fighters, when Luke Skywalker blew up the Death Star. I was 15 when he died, and vowed the join the Empire when ever possible. I graduated the Academy, in only two years, and moved up to Corporal in six months. I remained there for a year; do to the lack of activity I ensued after a Dark Jedi Knight murdered my mother and uncle. In inspiration to find this begotten soul, I joined the Dark Jedi Order. I am moving my way up in order to find him and have my revenge. Recently I passed my Journeyman Exam and am moving on to take my Krath Adept Exam to then move on to become a Dark Jedi Knight. In a few short months of my promotion to Gunnery Sergeant, my SL, Snake was moved up to a higher position in the Army. The XO of Raiders, Rizzit was moved up to SL, and made me XO, I doubt I will ever know of how to thank him. A few months later, due to extreme activity, and good work as the XO, I was promoted to Sergeant First Class, though Fury wished to bump higher, he couldn't due to regulations. In the Dark Jedi Order, I built my lightsabre and was deemed the position of Dark Jedi Knight Family Affairs My younger brother Kam Vox, aka Denethor, joined the Vast Empire Navy a year and a half after I did, he is a very exceptional pilot, he graduated the academy also in two years, and was approached by CWO Gravin to help form Nazgul squadron, and moved up to PO1 in two months. Then WO2 in a year. I am very proud of him, and hope to someday work with him on a ground assault with his squadron flying air support. My mother was a nurse at the General Hospital of planet Kuat. My father was a trader on the Corellian Trade run. We did not see him much, so Valin and mother raised Kam and I until father died, when mother had to take a second job to support us, as a stripper. Not the proudest I was of her, but it brought in the money. Valin went off to the army and my uncle Remis, father's brother, came to live with us and raise us.