Private First Class Sniping101's Biography
Name: Matthias Snipes
Callsign: Sniping101
Rank: Private First Class
Specialty: Combat Engineer, for now
Awards: Do I look like some1 that gets awards?
Email: [email protected]
TIS: tba
TIG: 4months
Snipes was born on Corrilia, son of a vinyard owner. as he grew he helped his father on the vinyard. in the summer Snipes and his friends would go on hunting trips on and off world and Snipes became a talented marksman and began to compete. when Snipes was 18 he entered one such contest, he lost that one and later thatnight on his way to his friends YT a man in black snuck up behind him with a vibrobayonet and sliced Snipes back, Snipes fell down and when he got back up the guy was yelling at Snipes because the man had lost money betting on him, while the man was yelling Snipes quikly picked up his gun an Shot the man in the forehead, just then the police came and instead of asking Snipes what happened they went to arrest him, Snipes kicked the closest one over and ran for it. After that he knew he could never go home again so he joined the first ppl he saw a banner for, the VE