Platoon Sergeant (pretty in pink) Rizzit's Biography
Name: Rizzit BlackHeart
Callsign: (pretty in pink) Rizzit
Rank: Platoon Sergeant
Specialty: tba
Awards: tba
Email: [email protected]
AIM: gannondorf15
TIS: tba
TIG: tba
Ever since Rizzit was a boy, he felt left out because he was not all soft-hearted and loving like the rest of them. There was a darkness in his soul. He always hated seeing a Rebel on Tatooine, because he knew they fought for good. He dreamed of joining the Empire, and killing them all, but there was an age requirement of 18. Once Rizzit became an Adult, he immediately joined the Empire and has been fighting Rebels ever since. Now, a respected member of the DJO, and SL in the Raiders Squad, Rizzit no longer feels left out as he once did as a boy. Instead, he feels like he belongs here, and wonders why he never joined sooner.