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General Information[edit]

The Vast Empire has, over time, diverged from the standard Star Wars plot line, including that of the Expanded Universe. We have our own planets and history that are unique to the club, along with elements that you may be unaware of.

Given that necessity, there are various items, organizations, and resources which you, as a member, should know to better appreciate and participate in club activities.

Timeline and Historical References[edit]

Vast Empire Territory and Other Regions of Space[edit]

Companies, Groups, and Business Services[edit]

In addition, there are details about the Star Wars universe that will help embellish your appreciation and understanding of the worlds we play in. The following links should help you along in fleshing out your character's behavior and likes/dislikes.

Slang, Customs, and Cultural Notes[edit]

Background Information[edit]

Military Information[edit]

Miscellaneous Information[edit]

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