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Kami Sharpe
Military Information





1st Lietenant




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Jet Black

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Osk skull

Personal Information

Vast Empire

  • Father: Axis Sharpe (Deceased)
  • Mother: Maya Sharpe (Deceased)
  • Sister: Paige Sharpe (Twin, Deceased, Former New Republic Officer)
  • Fiance: Jikkyo 'Angel' Nimiichi (Location: Unknown)

That girl is insane.

—Hashi Shiyun

Notable Skills

  • Adept diplomat
  • Highly proficient in the use of a wide variety of Imperial/Kuati weapons and vehicles
  • Competent in several forms of hand-to-hand combat




A far cry from the driven and idealistic soldier that once fought within the ranks of the Vast Empire, Kami has since embraced the chaotic life of a pirate and allowed her less desirable traits to flourish. Suspicious to the point of being paranoid, she is slow to trust and trigger happy if she feels the situation requires it. Whilst she remains utterly loyal to her friends and proven comrades, she smiles less and is prone to bouts of melancholy that ultimately see her turn to the bottle for support.

Pre-Empire Days

Open your eyes Kami! Followers of the Empire are not saviors, they're subjugators! Look past the lies they've planted in your head and see the truth for once in your life.

—Paige Sharpe

Kami was raised alongside her twin sister, Paige, under the strict rule of her Kuati parents, both high-ranking members of the Kuati Defense Force. Taught from an early age that Imperial ideals and policies ensured a secure and safe life for citizens throughout the galaxy, Kami displayed an impressive aptitude for politics in her early teens, becoming heavily involved with local support networks whilst working closely with her father to hone her military skills.

Having graduated from the Kuati Academy with honors at 18, Kami was abruptly faced with the betrayal of her closest friend and ally Paige, who left Kuat to join the increasingly menacing New Republic movement. Utterly devastated by the loss of her twin, Kami fled Kuat with her parents who feared persecution at the hands of once loyal friends.

Forced to wear the guise of a farmer for the next 18 months on the backwater planet of Sulon, within the Sullust system, Kami struggled to deal with her increasingly violent father until his untimely death at the hands of the local Grave Tuskens. Left with only her stricken mother to aid her in the excessive everyday workload, Kami battled a severe bout of depression until crossing paths with a wayward Sergeant named Jikkyo Nimiichi.

Convinced by Jikkyo that the Vast Empire organisation offered her a path free from the harshness of Sulon, Kami accepted his offer of transportation and relocated to Tadath, where she would eventually sign her life away to the Vast Empire Army.

The Vast Empire

Dark Dragoons

She's a damn good trooper, she can hold her own.

—Afyon Hargraves

Following enlistment, Kami found herself within the ranks of the Dark Dragoons. Eager to prove herself despite her relative youth and assumed inexperience, Kami quickly established herself as a stalwart comrade on the field.

Leaping quickly through the ranks, Kami inadvertently assumed an unofficial leadership role within the tight knit squad. Mentoring fresh faced privates that would eventually become life long friends and hardened soldiers in their own right, she was torn following an offer by High Command to share command in the newly re-established Iron Horse Squad. Eventually convinced by her need to serve the Empire where it was required, Kami bade her friends farewell and left to pursue her career.

Iron Horse

Kams, I think you're having more fun than you're supposed too.”

—Frank "Virius" Carter

Kami's placement in Iron Horse proved to the change needed to facilitate her transition from trooper to commanding officer. After only a few short months serving under Frank Carter, the IH squad leader, Kami found herself at the reins as Carter stood down from service to deal with increasingly distracting personal issues. Unsure as to how well she would cope with the sudden immense responsibility of leading the squad, Kami contacted Jikkyo, who agreed to return to the Army as assistant squad leader to aid his close friend.

Despite their intention to ensure their relationship remained strictly professional, Kami and Jikkyo became romantically involved during the year that followed. Struggling to ensure that their feelings for each other did not place their squad mates in peril, the two led Iron Horse to success throughout a number of exceptionally difficult missions.

It was during this time that the duo uncovered an intricate, destructive plot by select high ranking members of the Vast Empire that threatened to tear the entire organization to pieces. Iron Horse managed to prevent the plot from reaching fruition, although half the squad was killed in the process.

Disillusioned by the betrayal of trusted VE officials, and ridden with guilt after the loss of so many of her squad, Kami continued to lead Iron Horse for another few missions before making the difficult decision to retire and attempt to regain her passion for service. With Jikkyo at her side, the two bowed out from the limelight, Iron Horse closing in their wake.

The Return of the Dragoons

This has been hard on all of us. I'm just glad that you're back.

—Sam 'Eeth Zur' McSandwich

Months after her retirement Kami gained word that her old Dragoon squad mate, and close friend Zafo had been ordered to stand down from his position as squad leader following signs that he was cracking under the psychological pressure of military service. Leaving Jikkyo, she returned to Tadath, re-enlisting in the Army to regain her place in her old squad. The company commander, Rizzit Blackheart, agreed to accept her application on the condition that she also served part-time as the Adjutant for Wildcard Platoon. Originally unenthusiastic about the administrative position, Kami rediscovered her love for politics, settling well into her role as an assistant and aiding in the development of several new projects.

Kami juggled both her assistant squad leader and her PA position well for a short period of time, regaining her fervor for military life whilst enjoying the company of her new Dark Dragoon squad mates. Eventually, however, the strain of both roles began to effect Kami's ability to focus. Thankfully, her decision to once again draw away from active on field service coincided with Zafo's return. Unsure that she had made the right choice, Kami pushed her doubts into the background and forced herself into her PA role with a degree of feigned enthusiasm.

A New Era - Jester Squad

I know a bored soldier when I see one. You took leave because you couldn't stand pushing papers, and you'll work for me now because you don't want to go back. You want action. And I'm offering it to you.

—Skyalin 'Merrick' Tel'sha

Unsatisfied with the direction her career had suddenly taken, Kami turned to alcohol for release. Her increasingly lethargic demeanor saw the usually reliable trooper reprimanded severely for the first time in her service history. Forced to take leave without pay until her alcoholism was successfully dealt with, Kami drowned her sorrows in local cantinas until she crossed paths with Colonel Merrick Tel'sha.

Offered a chance to redeem herself in the eyes of her superiors, and to once again fight on the field, Kami accepted a commission as Jester Squad's new squad leader. It was here that she met Fleur 'Aeos' Tadres, an up and coming soldier with whom she immediately bonded. Aeos would ultimately take Kami's place as SL as she continued her battle with alcoholism, withdrawing completely from her friends and squad as she sought to cope with the possibility of remaining sober.

Threatened with dishonorable discharge for her sporadic behavior, Kami finally gained control of her emotions, emphasizing her suitability for leadership once again after a long and dangerous stint undercover on the planet of Da Soocha. Given a second chance at running Jester, Kami finally embraced the role, slipping back easily into a position which had become second nature over time.


My family has always dictated my way of life. And now they're gone. Now I have to decide what it is I really want to do with myself.

—Kami Sharpe

Kami continued to serve exceptionally within the ranks for many months until she was abruptly informed that her mother, her only remaining relative, had fallen violently ill and was unlikely to recover. Dropping all of her military responsibilities, she left mid-mission to return to Tadath where she was forced to make the decision to end her own mother’s life in the face of her quickly debilitating medical condition.

Feeling completely and utterly purposeless without the directional guidance of her family, Kami turned once again to the soothing caress of alcohol for comfort. In the space of 24 hours after her mother’s death, she resigned from her multiple positions within the Vast Empire Army despite a series of protests from High Command, and fled into the bleak nothingness of space.

Osk Company

A Pirate's Life

Strange. A renown and well decorated soldier. And yet here you are, within the ranks of psychos, lunatics and money grubbers.

—Queens of Madness

With the death of her mother Kami had received word from an old friend and comrade, Sniping101, inviting her to join a newly established, supposedly VE endorsed endeavor. Consisting mostly of ex-military members and smugglers of reputable dispute, Osk Company was to work loosely in collaboration with the Vast Empire Imperial Center to aid in the requisition and distribution of goods. Well aware that the group’s methods followed the forms of piracy, Kami was nonetheless curious about the position now that she had cut the ties binding her to military service.

Upon her arrival at Osk 91 Kami found herself cast into a leadership role once again as an overseer and right hand-man to Snipes. Despite her considerable experience she was forced to use a variety of unconventional methods to keep the flock of misfits and murderers of the company in line, including and not limited to threatening, bribery and executions. Despite the ongoing battle with herself about the moral justifications she made in her new profession, Kami participated in a series of successful raids that effectively turned the Osk Company into a very wealthy and prominent force.

Into the Bottle

Kami, there are few people I stand on ceremony for. Help me me burn this world and then, then we rebuild it.

—Sniping101, The Pirate King.

Despite her early success within the ranks of Osk, Kami very quickly began to crumble as she received news that Jikkyo was on his way to Osk 91 to meet her. Unprepared to discuss the drastic changes within herself since her resignation, Kami chose once again to flee, leaving her new friends and responsibilities as swiftly as she had done months prior.

For the next year Kami traversed the outer rim worlds of the galaxy in a drunken stupor, effectively losing herself in a maelstrom of whiskey as she sought to mentally cope with the backlash of the emotion she had so successfully repressed since her childhood. It was on one of these backworlds that she crossed paths with Tanus Solvona, a fellow Osk Company member who immediately recognized her and dragged her kicking and screaming back to his ship, the Iron Victory.

Kami continued to drown herself in liquor until she became aware that Osk 91 had come under attack in her absence and was now under the hold of an invading force. The thought of her abandoned friends on planet, and of potential vengeance succeeded where her friends had not. She finally recovered the strength to lower the bottle and rejoin the fight for her new homeworld.

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