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Rhycus Bandoran
Military Information



Warrant Officer 2nd Class

  • Ship Captain
  • Chief of Naval Training

CR90 Stonewall


1st Vast Imperial Fleet



  • Vast Empire (citizen)
  • VE Navy (active duty service member)
  • VE Naval Academy (Chief of Naval Training)
  • Bandoran Engineering (now defunct)
Physical Description


Skin color:





160 lbs

Hair Color:


Hair Style:



Dark green, with specks of brown

Biographical Information




Birth Date:

11 BBY





  • Ship Captain, Vast Empire Navy
  • Chief of Naval Training, Vast Empire Naval Academy/Naval High Command
  • Naval Engineer, Vast Empire Navy
  • studying

During off duty, Rhycus mainly works as the Chief of Naval Training.


Ech, Finn

  • Llyod Bandoran, father
  • Blodwen Bandoran, mother
Fighting Style:

Rhycus likes to be cunning. Instead of rushing into something, he thinks out the variety of options, calculating each one before choosing.

Naval Certifications
First Certification

Naval Engineer

Cert 1.1:

Engineering Specialist

Cert 1.2:

Engineer's Mate

Cert 1.3:

Naval Engineer

Second Certification
Third Certification
Fourth Certification
Ship Captaincy Certification
Ancillary Skills
Ancillary 1:

Vehicle Mechanic

Ancillary 2:

Starfighter Mechanic

Ancillary 3:

Hyperspace Mechanic

Ancillary 4:


Ancillary 5:

Logistics and Supply

Ancillary 6:

Shuttle Pilot

Ancillary 7:


Rhycus "Echelon" Bandoran is a Ship Captain aboard the CR90_Stonewall, and the VENA Chief of Naval Training.

Current Status[edit]



Rhycus is of average weight and average height, but he stands tall with authority and prose. He likes to keep his uniform clean and crisp, often scolding anyone who disturbs it. Clean shaven and his hair cut short, he accepts the most wide hair style in the galaxy. His eyes, some say, are entrancing with their dark green hue, and they go well with his brown hair.


Rhycus is a humorous but a stern soul. When it comes to his Vast Empire duties, he is stern and authorial, not letting anything or anyone get in his way, and because of this, he is stubborn but yet, determined. Then there is the "casual Rhycus" who isn't afraid to let a joke slip by. He is ambitious in anything he does, and also competitive. One of the most noticeable traits about him is the ability to remain calm in the heat of battle, or at least put on the expression.


Rhycus Bandoran was born in 11 BBY on the planet Byss to his loving mother and father. His father, Llyod Bandoran, owned Bandoran Engineering, a small but productive shipbuilding establishment. Living on Byss, the home of the Emperor, the Galactic Empire contracted his company to make Bandoran Frigates for the Imperial Navy. This allowed a steady stream of money to pour into the company, and eventually the family. The Bandorans were well off, and they lived in a penthouse high above most other structures.

Rhycus started his education early, and he soon proved adept in his academics. While also learning his school studies, his father Felix taught him much about ships and engineering. They looked over blueprints, discussed the science behind the engineering, and he even taught Rhycus how to pilot starfighters. Once Rhycus finished secondary school, he was very knowledgeable in the mechanics of starcraft.

Rhycus left Byss to travel to the University of Kuat where he began to study ships and engineering further. He had just finished up his first degree, intent on getting another, when disaster struck. In the Battle of Byss, the New Republic had accidentally destroyed the surface of the planet, killing billions of people and destroying the planet wide city. His parents were killed, his company was demolished, and his childhood home was lost. Rhycus broke down. He was absolutely devastated by the loss. He wondered how the New Republic could kill billions of innocent lives. Soon, one he got over the loss, he began to feel enraged. He wanted to fight the New Republic, and he wanted to destroy them! He wanted to take revenge for their massacre on Byss, and the best way to do that, he thought, was to join an Imperial faction.

Once he decided he was going into the military life, he went back to the University to receive a doctorate in Naval Tactics and Strategy, writing his thesis on the amazing works of Admiral Piett, his new hero. After a few years of his studies, he flew to Abrae where he joined the Vast Empire, and began his training to join the Navy.

Service History[edit]


Rhycus arrived at the academy platform Cappadocious after receiving his doctorate. Having just spent years of learning, he found that the academy would be easy for him. Entering Starfighter Corps training, he passed his piloting exams with high marks (Raptor: Overwhelming Odds), thanks to his father's teachings. In fact, Rhycus passed most of his courses with high marks, and for his efforts, he was given the Star of the Academy medal.

Leading Crewman/Flight Member[edit]

Soon after graduating, Rhycus was put in Nightshrike Squadron under the command of Senior Chief Petty Officer Seth 'DeepSix' Qorbin. His first mission with his squadron was to travel to the Kooda system and put the local piracy to an end (Nightshrike: The Spread of Corruption). The mission was successful, and Rhycus was proud of himself for his first mission. During his stay on the VSD Dead Gun, he helped fix a broken shuttle in the hangar, giving him more experience in the engineering field (Echelon: Vehicle Mechanic Ancillary Skill). He also helped repair an attached AT-AT in the ship (Echelon: Naval Engineer Tier 1). Not some time later, Rhycus and his squadron were thrown in the Battle of Montita with the rest of Task Force Aurek to once again dispatch pirates and take the planet (Taskforce Aurek: Veni Vidi Vici).

Leading Crewman/Trainee[edit]

After Rhycus's brief tour in the Starfighter Corps, he went back to the VENA to become a bridge officer. He loved to dogfight, but being on a bridge was what he really wanted, and it made his path to becoming a ship's captain all the easier. Training in the helms department, he began his training. As his final test, he was simulated in the Graveyard of Alderaan (Fleet School Trainees: Loyalty, Honor, Courage) as one of the ship's helms officer, passing. For his efforts at the Academy, he was granted a promotion to Senior Crewman and was placed on the ICF Fearless as a helms officer under Captain Rorran 'Slasher' Gorma.

Senior Crewman/Bridge Officer[edit]

Rhycus's first battle aboard his new ship was at the Battle of Coveway, to dispatch a New Republic/pirate force (Task Force Besh: Snatch and Grab). He acted as a helmsman for the Fearless, and to his frustration, he found the job of helmsman extremely difficult. However, for his determination at the task, he was given the Combat Action Ribbon and given a promotion to Petty Officer 2nd Class.

Petty Officer Second Class/Bridge Officer[edit]

Rhycus stayed on the Fearless for another few months until another battle occurred. Being placed second in command of the ship (Captain Rorran Gorma was unable to command the ship due to coordinating the rest of the Task Force), he helped lead the ship to face a three way battle between the Vast Empire, the Imperial Remnant, and the New Republic at the Battle of Belgaroth (2nd Fleet: High Stakes at Belgaroth). The battle raged on, and the Vast Empire was almost crippled until the Atrus Super Star Destroyer showed up and defeated the remaining hostiles. Because of Rhycus's work during the conflict, he was awarded the Merit Cross Second Class and given a promotion to Petty Officer First Class. He was also transferred to the Atrus where he switched to a Damage Control Officer as it fit his personality better.

Petty Officer First Class/Bridge Officer[edit]

The next few months were low for Rhycus. He received a job at the Vast Empire Naval Academy and began to lecture students on a variety of subjects, including naval history, engineering, and fleet command. After a few months, he was awarded a promotion to Chief Petty Officer and given the Merit Cross First Class for his word at the academy. During his time at the academy, a training mission in space went wrong, and his fighter ended up being damaged. While in space, he managed to repair it enough to get him back to Abrae (Echelon: Starfighter Mechanic) Stationed back on his ship, he helped a TIE Fighter pilot repair his starfighter, further gaining experiencing with repairs (Echelon: Naval Engineer Tier 2) Hearing about his ability to fix almost anything, he helped fix a hyperdrive aboard a shuttle (Echelon: Hyperspace Mechanic) Though hating the helms work, he was requested to take the place of the navigator who fell ill, and he reluctantly agreed. Though he found the task difficult, he persevered and finished the shift (Echelon: Ancillary Skill Navigation) Because none of the other command staff wanted to step up to the task, Rhycus decided to do his month's turn resupplying the bridge section of the ship (Echelon: Ancillary Skill Logistics and Supply) As a side job, Rhycus transported several high ranking officials from the Atrus to Tadath, but as he did so, his shuttle was attacked by several rebel fighters (Echelon: Shuttle Pilot) As a week long training program, Rhycus and several others were lightly trained in the skill of gunnery. At the final simulation test, Rhycus had to defend a CR90 from a squadron of Republic fighters (Echelon: Gunnery) Lastly, Rhycus was tasked with a long term initiative with repairing the Atrus's battle damage (Echelon: Naval Engineer Tier 3).

Chief Petty Officer/Bridge Officer[edit]

During one patrol mission in the Vectra system, a sudden fleet of Imperial Dominion ships hyperjumped in, and the Battle of Abrae had begun (VEN: Out of the Invisible). During the battle, Rhycus ferociously tried to control the damage on the mSSD Atrus, but it was hard work. Then, when he didn't think it could get harder, the Chief Defense Officer became ill, and Rhycus was forced to try and coordinate the entire defensive initiative. Through ingenuity and determination, he kept the Atrus from being destroyed, and for his efforts, he was given a triple promotion to Warrant Officer 2nd Class, awarded the Legion of Merit and the Victory Cross. He was also given the opportunity to go through the Ship Captain Training Program, and he took it.

Warrant Officer 2nd Class/Midshipman[edit]

Echelon spent his SCTP aboard the LCR_Duty where he commanded the ship for several weeks. He found the ship's crew completely out of standard, and the ship a complete wreck. He forcefully worked to crew to discipline and cleaned up the ship (Duty: A New Captain). While the Duty was patrolling a hyperspace junction, she came across an enemy ship stopping a freighter. In a fierce battle, the Duty and Rhycus defeated the ship, and saved the freighter (Echelon: SCFE). After that, Rhcyus was awarded command of his own ship, the CR90_Stonewall.

Warrant Officer 2nd Class/Ship Captain[edit]

Rhycus quickly became adjusted to his life as a ship captain. The Stonewall's crew was much better disciplined than the Duty's, and there were several hundred more. One afternoon, while patrolling the outskirts of the Belgaroth system, the Stonewall came upon an enemy ship entering the system. The ship jammed the Stonewall while using its five extra guns to damage it. Luckily, backup arrived in the nick of time to destroy the enemy ship, and save the Stonewall (Stonewall: Echelon: Shakedown Cruise). After the battle, the once previous CNT Trykon became the Chief of Naval Warfare, leaving the Chief of Naval Training slot open. Being the XNT, Rhycus was chosen for the position. He gladly took it, excited for the Naval High Command position.


Insignia Rank Start Until Reason for Promotion
CRWSFC.JPG Crewman May 15, 2011 May 17, 2011 Joined the Vast Empire Navy
LCRWSFC.JPG Leading Crewman May 17, 2011 July 4, 2011 Completed Flight School
SCRWSFC.JPG Senior Crewman July 4, 2011 August 10, 2011 For completing Command School in record time and for consistent activity.
PO2SFC.JPG Petty Officer Second Class August 10, 2011 January 24, 2012 For his effort at the Battle of Coveway.
PO1SFC.JPG Petty Officer First Class January 24, 2012 February 11, 2012 For his effort at the Battle of Belgaroth.
CPOSFC.JPG Chief Petty Officer February 11, 2011 June 30, 2012 For skills activity and contributions to VENA.
SCPOSFC.JPG Senior Chief Petty Officer Skipped

(see next entry)

MCPOSFC.JPG Master Chief Petty Officer Skipped

(see next entry)

WO2SFC.JPG Warrant Officer 2nd Class June 30, 2012 Current For his "superlative efforts over the course of the [battle]", "unrivaled activity and laudable drive to improve", and "went above and beyond the call of duty".

Vast Empire Navy Positions[edit]

Position Start Until Reason
Nightshrike Squadron - Beta 3 May 17, 2011 June 29, 2011 Completed Flight School
ICF II Fearless - Junior Bridge Officer June 29, 2011 August 10, 2011 Completed Command School
ICF II Fearless - Bridge Officer August 10, 2011 October 28, 2011 For effort at the Battle of Coveway.
SSD Atrus - Bridge/Damage Control/Safety Officer October 28, 2011 June 30, 2012 To be transferred to a different ship after the Fearless was destroyed.
Ship LCR Duty - Midshipman June 30, 2012 September 28, 2012 For his "superlative efforts over the course of the [battle]", "unrivaled activity and laudable drive to improve", and "went above and beyond the call of duty".
Ship CR90 Stonewall - Ship Captain September 28, 2012 Current For completing the SCTP.

Vast Empire Naval Academy Positions[edit]

Position Start Until Reason
Training Officer January 9, 2012 August 11, 2012 Completed TO training
Executive Officer of Naval Training August 11, 2012 September 28, 2012 For prolonged service in VENA
Chief of Naval Training September 28, 2012 Current The previous CNT was promoted, and someone was needed to fill his place.

Awards and Certifications[edit]


Ribbon Award Award Name Date Received Reason
SOArib.gif [SoA] Star of the Academy May 17, 2011 "For his enthusiasm and initiative during training"
Naval Achievement Ribbon.jpg [NAR] Naval Achievement Ribbon July 10, 2011 "For [his] diligent work and enthusiasm"
[CAR] Combat Action Ribbon August 10, 2011 For effort at the Battle of Coveway
MC2rib.gif [MC2] Merit Cross 2nd Class January 24, 2012 For quality writing.
BWC.gif [BWC] Bronze Writing Commendation February 5, 2011 For achieving 25 career story posts.
NS H.gif [HNS] Half a Year of Naval Service November 15, 2011 For Naval Service for 6 months.
MC1rib.gif [MC1] Merit Cross 1st Class February 11, 2012 For Skills activity and VENA contributions.
SWC.gif [SWC] Silver Writing Commendation MArch 7, 2012 For reaching 50 career story posts.
NS 1.gif [1NS] One Year of Naval Service May 14, 2012 For Naval Service for One Year
LOMrib.gif [LoM] Legion of Merit June 30, 2012 "...unrivaled activity and laudable drive to improve..."
VCBlurib.gif [VC:B] Victory Cross: Blue Trim June 30, 2012 "...contributions to the story's arc..."

Certification Exams[edit]

Certification Exams
Symbol Exam Exam Name Date Passed Score Received
NA [=ENG=] Naval Engineer, Tier 1 June 15, 2011 Pass-
NA [=^ENG^=] Naval Engineer, Tier 2 January 28, 2012 Pass-
NA [=*ENG*=] Naval Engineer, Tier 3 February 12, 2012 Pass-
(*SCFE*) Ship Captain Fitness Exam August 4, 2012 Pass

Story Participation[edit]

Story Participation
Story Start Date End Date Type Post Count
Raptor: Overwhelming Odds November 24, 2010  ? (Squadron Simulation) 1
Nightshrike: The Spread of Corruption May 14, 2011  ? (Squadron Mission) 2
Taskforce Aurek: Veni Vidi Vici June 6, 2011  ? (Task Force Mission) 1
Echelon: Shot Down! June 23, 2011  ? (Personal Adventure) 5
Task Force Besh: Snatch and Grab! May 17, 2011  ? (Task Force Mission) 2
Zippy and Echelon August 20, 2011  ? (A Personal Two Person Adventure) 3
2nd Fleet: High Stakes at Belgaroth August 8, 2011  ? (A Fleet Mission) 5
Norsedragoon: Dantooine Hilton January 4, 2012  ? (A Two Person Adventure) 1
Blakcwatch: The Fall of Vallock December 13, 2011  ? (A Two Person Adventure) 1
Echelon: Vehicle Mechanic Ancillary Skill June 14, 2011  ? (Ancillary Skill) 1
Echelon: Naval Engineer Tier 1 June 15, 2011  ? (Certification) 1
Echelon: Forgetting The Details July 9, 2011  ? (Squadron Simulation) 2
Echelon: Starfighter Mechanic January 27, 2012  ? (Ancillary Skill) 1
Echelon: Naval Engineer Tier 2 January 28, 2012  ? (Certification) 1
Echelon: Hyperspace Mechanic January 29, 2012  ? (Ancillary Skill) 1
Echelon: Ancillary Skill Navigation January 29, 2012  ? (Ancillary Skill) 1
Echelon: Ancillary Skill Logistics and Supply January 29, 2012  ? (Ancillary Skill) 1
Echelon: Shuttle Pilot January 30, 2012  ? (Ancillary Skill) 1
Echelon: Gunnery January 30, 2012  ? (Ancillary Skill) 1
Atrus: Beginnings February 4, 2012  ? (Character Development Story) 4
VENA: Help Is(n't) on the Way February 4, 2012  ? (VENA Story) 5
Echelon: Naval Engineer Tier 3 February 12, 2012  ? (Certification) 1
Tuk'ata: Welcome to Tuk'ata February 6, 2012  ? (Squadron Story) 1
VEN: Out of the Invisible March 1, 2012  ? (Navy Story) 29
SCFE: Echelon August 4, 2012  ? (Ship Captain Fitness Exam) 3
Duty: A New Captain July 2, 2012  ? (Ship Captain Training Program) 4
Stonewall: Echelon: Shakedown Cruise September 27, 2012  ? (Ship Captain Training Program) 5
Total: 84